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The End Of Ava
Episode 26
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A POTION To Capture Asch!

Zex: This is a peculiar situation. No doubt these beings a humans, and if that's the case, they're far more valuable than they realize. Conflict must be scarce in this realm; she has her back completely turned to me without worry, she's far too trusting to a person she just met. I could kill her right now, in fact I'm rather tempted to, I've never had prey this easy.

Ava: We're here.

Zex: But I'd prefer a challenge. (Looks at the building) This is yours?

Ava: This is mine? Uh... Well if by that you mean I live here then yeah, I guess. I... I live here with... (Gasps) Uh... Do you think you can wait here? I need to put away my underwear!

Zex: Underwear?

Ava: Look, girls wear them and if guys don't, I don't need to know that. So be right back! (Leaves)

Guy on TV: Next week. Same time, same place.

Socky The Sock Puppet Announcer: And now for the Adventures Of Socky The Sock Puppet! On the same network as an adult crime show, because why not?

(Rhys turns off the TV)

Asch: Hey! We were going to watch that!

Pierce: Yes.

Asch: Stay out of this, Pierce!

Rhys: I love your enthusiasm for the culture of Earth, Asch, but now we need to draw our attention elsewhere.

Asch: To what?

Rhys: Daemos.

Asch: (Sighs) What about it?

Rhys: You need to be enthusiastic about returning, and now more than ever, we need to return.

Asch: What makes you say that?

Leif: I don't see a reason why we need to return.

Rhys: Leif!

Leif: We live a pretty nice life here on Earth.

Noi: I have to agree, it's not like Daemos at all.

Rhys: Listen to what you are all saying!

Leif: No, you listen! You all listen! Have any of you ever EVER had someone on Daemos treat you the way Princess Ava has? Or live without worrying of dying?

Rhys: I'm positive none of us have had that luxury.

Leif: Exactly. And now, here on Earth we have that. Who in their right mind would want to give that up?

Rhys: Are you suggesting treason against Daemos?

Leif: We're as good as dead if we go back there.

Rhys: Leif, just listen to yourself.

Leif: I'm sure I'm not the only 1 who's been thinking this.

Noi: He's right! On Daemos, you all know what would've happened to me! Everyone there considers me weak! I would be dead if it wasn't Asch allowing me to be a knight! I wouldn't even be allowed to bread on Daemos. Here, I actually have a chance with Princess Ava.

Rhys: Listen to you 2! You've gone completely mad.

Leif: Don't try to give us that crap, Rhys, you know you prefer it here too, you're just too proud to admit it.

Rhys: I do concede that Earth is by far better than our living situation on Daemos, but this isn't our world!

Leif: Who says it can't be?

Rhys: There are repercussions for everything, Leif. At the end of the day, someone has to take responsibility for us being here, but you wouldn't know a thing about taking responsibility for anything now, would you?

Pierce: We should calm ourselves before-

Leif: I've atoned for attempting to assassinate, Asch! I betrayed my clan to become a knight! Meanwhile, you get to sit as Lady Grandma's precious pupil!

Rhys: I've faced my own trials and downfalls before ever being her pupil, don't think you 2 are the only 1's who had to struggle to get to where you are. You both forget your place. Regardless of where we come from, our past, all 4 of us get the privilege of being Asch's knights which would allow us to act freely where other Daemos would get punished.

Asch: Silence. Why have you brought this to our attention, Rhys? You're not 1 to get heated as you have in this conversation.

Rhys: (Sighs) I've been communicating with Lady Grandma ever since we arrived here on Earth.

Asch: What?

Pierce: How?

Leif: Why didn't you tell us?

Rhys: It was meant to be discrete. I sincerely apologize for keeping this from you, Your Majesty, however, it was a direct order from Lady Grandma herself that I keep it between her and I.

Asch: (Sighs) Go on.

Rhys: Lady Grandma has her own interests in Earth. She wanted to advocate for human conservation on Daemos, which would involve us bringing back humans to breed them.

Pierce: That isn't possible on Daemos.

Leif: That would be an ideal world. You know the humans would be killed on the spot for what they're worth.

Rhys: Exactly, which is why the operation was to be discrete. My job was to find the best candidates for it.

Asch: Ava!

Pierce: What?

Rhys: Hear me out.

(The rest of them get aggressive)

Asch: We're listening.

Rhys: (Sighs) The exact juvenile response I expected. Listen, when I first saw Ava I cannot deny she was on my list of candidates, but now, I could never ask that of her.

(They lower their aggressiveness)

Noi: Attached?

Rhys: I think we all are, aren't we?

Asch: What does this have to do with anything?

Rhys: I've attempted communication with Lady Grandma since this morning and she has not answered.

Leif: You're making us freak out over that? She's probably just busy.

Noi: (Laughs) Yeah, maybe she's just thinking about Pierce.

Pierce: Ugh.

Rhys: I don't think you all realize this, but time on Daemos and time on Earth are very different. On Daemos it has been 2 days since I called her this morning on Earth.

Asch: What?!

Noi: Time is different?!

Asch: How long have we been gone in Daemos time?

Rhys: More than 4 months has passed on Daemos since we've arrived on Earth.

Pierce: 4 months?

Leif: I thought it was only 25 suns!

Rhys: 1 month? No, more than 121 suns have passed there.

Asch: H-How?! I didn't realize!

Rhys: You're fine, Asch, Lady Grandma has covered for you, but I urge us to consider us going back tonight, Lady Grandma could be in danger and by extension, ourselves. They may send for us here, putting all of Earth in danger of war with Daemos.

Asch: We must head back for Daemos, tonight.

Leif, Noi and Pierce: What?

Asch: I do not want for Earth to become what Daemos is. (Walks away)

Leif: Asch, listen! I...

Ava: Guys! Guys! (Coughs)

Noi: Ava, is something wrong?

Rhys: What has you in a panic?

Ava: I invited someone in without even thinking, in retrospect I really should've told him I'd bring my phone down to him but that's beside the point. I'm fully committed and now I'm afraid to change the subject on it.

Leif: Just take your phone to him then. What's the big deal about that?

Ava: No, you have to change into your human clothes and... You know what? Yeah, I can do that. (Goes into her room)

Rhys: If we wish to protect Ava then we must go back.

(The Daemos silently come to an understanding)

Ava: Heh, I really need to stop overthinking things. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I changed my mind right now. (Leaves)

Pierce: (Senses Zex) Do you sense that?

Noi: (Senses Zex) Huh?

Leif: (Senses Zex) Something's here.

Ava: (Opens the door to Zex but closes it) How did he know what floor I was on? Haha! 1 second, just changing my clothes! I thought that I changed my clothes but I didn't, so if I'm hearing this right now, please do so right now or don't come out. (Opens the door) Hey. Sorry about slamming the door on your face.

Zex: You didn't change your clothes?

Ava: Yes, I did.

Zex: You just yelled to yourself about changing your clothes and you expect me to believe that you did so in such a short time?

Ava: Yes.

Zex: But you didn't.

Ava: I changed what's under my clothes.

Zex: How?

Ava: A girl never tells her secrets.

(Zex glares at Ava)

Ava: Um... So why did you come up here? I asked you to wait downstairs. Kind of creepy.

Zex: I grew tired of waiting for you. (Pushes Ava aside and walks inside)

Ava: Woah! Wait! (Blocks Zex's path) Hey! Where the heck did you learn your manners from?

Zex: Manners?

Ava: Oh god, you really remind me of them now.

Zex: Them?

Ava: You know, I didn't even bother to ask, but how the heck did you get that BA looking scar?

Zex: BA?

Ava: Can you open that eye? Sorry for asking, but...

Zex: No.

Ava: Well, what happened?

Asch: Ava.

(Ava goes around the corner)

Asch: Who are you talking to?

(Zex walks around the corner and all the Daemos get terribly shocked)

Ava: Sorry, I should've told you guys sooner. This is Zex, I met him outside in the alley which sounds pretty terrible now that I think about it.

Leif: You just met him and you let him inside?!

Ava: Yeah, uh, I suppose I really allowed myself to let my guard down ever since I met you guys but I can promise you he seems like a nice person, he's lost and I just wanted to help him. But, um, next time I'll make sure to ignore someone in need.

Pierce: (Whispering) This is bad.

Asch: Ugh.

Ava: (Pulls out her phone) Here Zex, my phone, you can use it to make a call if you need. Oh no. (Tries to turn on her phone) Batteries out. Darn it! Let me charge it real quick. (Goes in her room but comes out) Zex is new so make sure you guys are nice to him. Be right back. (Goes into her room and closes the door)

(All the Daemos pull out their weapons)

Zex: Didn't that human say to play nice?

Asch: How did you manage to get here?

Zex: Lady Bish has her ways.

Rhys: Why are you here?

Zex: To bring back Asch, of course. He still needs to fulfil his destiny to which it's becomes apparent he's been running away from.

Leif: What are you even talking about?

Zex: Oh. (Giggles) You haven't told them, Asch?

(Asch is speechless)

Zex: Well you may not have to worry yet, perhaps she'll take your place. This world is crawling with humans ripe for the picking, and since Lady Bish knows how to get here, I may just make the most of my time here.

Leif: Don't you dare lay a hand on her!

Zex: Leif, so fitting of the low assassin would be here.

Leif: I'm a knight now.

Zex: I did all you want. You know the thrill of the kill will never leave you.

Rhys: Enough! What do you want?

Zex: My mission is simple: I'm here to take back, Asch, and I attend to do so.

Ava: Sorry, it took me a while to find a charger. I...

(All of the Daemos, even Zex act innocent for now)

Ava: (Thoughts) Jeez, the tension is so thick in here you can cut it with a knife, like a plastic knife. (Gasps) Oh, I get it! They're jealous I brought another guy home. I bet they're screaming eternally about the idea.

Leif: (Thoughts) Why did it have to be him? He's easily 1 of the strongest assassins on Daemos, even with 5 of us it may not be enough.

Noi: (Thoughts) I need to protect, Princess Ava!

Asch: (Thoughts) How stupid is my Prisoner to trust some random stranger! Did she learn nothing from us?

Rhys: (Thoughts) We need to plan an escape route.

Pierce: (Thoughts) We need to remove Princess Ava from the situation.

Ava: (Thoughts) They are jealous! They're glaring at him like they want to destroy him. Why am I getting excited about this? It's kind of morbid. I mean, Zex is a human, they'll definitely rip him to shreds. As much as this is an eager boost for me, I need to make sure Zex is all right. (Talking) Hey, Zex, are you hungry for anything? (Goes to the kitchen)

Zex: Hungry?

Asch: We really shouldn't be offering someone food.

Ava: Well, Asch, it's my house and my rules. Hmph! 1 second, I'll get you something. Feel free to take a seat over by the couch.

(They all sit on the couch and all of the Daemos glare at Zex)

Ava: (Thoughts) They're literally glaring him down. This is really bad. Are Daemos territorial like lions or something? But that doesn't make any sense, right? Or maybe it actually does. (Talking) Hey, don't worry, I'll make you guys something too. You all should just sit down and talk, my phone should be charged soon. (Thoughts) There, that should make them feel less-threatened, right?

Zex: (Whispering) I never thought I'd see the day where Daemos would answer to a human. How pathetic is that? She's even changed your attire and removed your horns. Truly this is a new low, even for Prince Asch.

Pierce: (Whispering) Do not let him provoke you.

Zex: (Whispering) Even the Great General Pierce, you used to serve as Rhal's knight before you replaced with Asch.

Pierce: (Whispering) Our past does not define us.

Zex: (Whispering) Of course. I understand now.

Ava: (Brings some food) Sorry it took so long, I'm not as great at cooking as Rhys so I made sandwiches: They have uh, just mayo and jam but they're great. (Screams as Zex teleports behind her and holds a knife to her neck while keeping her captive)

Leif: (Pulls out his knives) No!

Zex: (Laughs) Look at that reaction.

Ava: Wait, what are you...

Zex: Silence!

(All the Daemos pull out their weapons)

Pierce: Let her go!

Ava: What's going on?!

Zex: I truly never thought I'd see the day when Daemos would have feelings for a human.

Asch: We feel no such thing!

Zex: Your actions are showing otherwise. The fact that you all hesitate to kill me as I hold her hostage is more telling than anything you could say.

Ava: (Grunts)

Rhys: Stop!

Zex: Prince Asch, you will return with me to Daemos if you wish to see this human's life spared.

Asch: (Sighs after a moment) Very well.

Noi: Asch!

Asch: My only request is that you spare, Princess Ava.

Zex: Princess? This livestock, a princess?

Ava: What?

Leif: You shut up!

Ava: What do you mean?

Zex: (Laughs) I wonder what lies they told you in exchange for information. Truly this opportunity to be in a world infested with humans is too good to pass up.

Rhys: Silence!

Ava: They told me about Daemos, about how everyone's in danger and they want to move everyone here.

Zex: (Laughs) You really think that? You're as naive as you look, of course I would expect that of a human. Allow me to unveil their mask.

Asch: Don't!

Zex: The only danger Daemos is in is a magic crisis: Our world is lacking the souls required in order to keep magic flowing through. Our society, our world, is entirely built on magic, once it collapses, everything falls with it. Not only that, but the most prominent Daemos kingdoms are at war with each other and our beloved Asch is the heir to the most powerful of them all, so it would make sense if the song of the most kingdom would venture out to try and save the magic from failing, especially if his life depends on it.

Rhys: Wait. You don't mean?

Noi: Asch.

Ava: It makes sense. Who would want their people to fall? I think, Asch... No, all the Daemos here are fighting for a noble cause!

Zex: Do you know why you're so valuable to them? Have they told you? Do you know what the source of Daemos magic is?

(The Daemos stay silent in awkwardness)

Zex: Let me tell you. It's humans.

(While the Daemos are silent in guilt, Ava is deeply shocked)

Zex: Human souls are the source of our power, and it just so happened that the last human kept in captivity was killed around the same time as your friends who happened to appear here, Lady Bish's guess is that these fools killed it and used its soul to make their trip here, and ever since then they've been searching for a way to bring humans to Daemos, starting... With you.

Ava: I-Is this true?

(The Daemos are speechless)

Ava: You were using me this whole time?

Rhys: Princess Ava, please.

Pierce: Our intent was indeed there, but...

Ava: Shut up! The talk of marriage, everything, you wanted me to bring humans to Daemos.

Asch: I'm so sorry.

Zex: (Laughs) You apologized to this human? (Giggles) This is too good. Now I see how vulnerable you truly are. (Pulls out the potion to send them back)

Rhys: Wait, that's a...

Zex: You're smart, but not smart enough. (Goes to use the potion)

Rhys: (Teleports to Ava and puts his hand on her head) This won't hurt much.

(Zex smashes the potion and sends them back to Daemos)

Lady Bish: Asch has returned. (Giggles)

(The rest of them appear back in Daemos, but not Ava)

Zex: What the... Where did she go?

Leif: What the crap was that?

Noi: W-We're back on Daemos.

Leif: (Teleports to Zex and holds a knife to his neck) What did you do?!

Zex: (Teleports on a tree branch) The human must've reacted differently to the teleportation. (Sniffs) Her existence is on our astral plane. She'll be mine. (Teleports away)

Asch: Bastard!

Rhys: Let him look.

Noi: Huh?!

Pierce: We need to find her!

Rhys: Of course, Ava is our priority, however, she will be safe on Daemos as long as my magic lasts.

Leif: What do you mean?

Rhys: Ava is smart, let's just hope she's calm about the situation. As long as she can lie, she will be safe. Let's just hope we find her before anyone else does.

Asch: What do you mean?

(Ava lies unconscious on the ground inside of the capital city, with Daemos horns)

Rhal: (Runs by Ava) Hm... What's this?

Ava: (Grunts as Rhal pokes her with a stick)

Rhal: A female Daemos? She's rather small. Ah, and looks as she's fallen in combat. Curiosity has the best of me. (Lifts Ava on his shoulder) Let's find out exactly who you are. (Goes into the castle with Ava)