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The Great Pumpkin Shortage!
Origins E11
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"These Aren't the Horses You're Looking For"

"Doctor Love Strikes Again!"

Minecraft Diaries Origins [Ep.11] - The Great Pumpkin Shortage!


Aphmau: Hey, guys! Aphmau here, and welcome to another fantabulous episode of Minecraft Diaries! Today, I have a lot in store for you guys. Like, literally, I have a ton ready for you guys to check out, ready for you guys to see. I've been working a hard day on this town. It's been crazy. Not only on the town, but just on my farm, my animals, my kids, everything! Like, literally, we're gonna have to have, like, a grand tour of everything that's going on right now, so just brace yourselves. Get your Kool-Aid, get your drink, get ready to spit it out because I'm ready to show you a bunch of cool stuff that I did off-camera. First off, let's start in the lovely home. Uh, I guess you guys can see the barn a little bit, but we'll start over there in a little bit. If we come into my house, we can see-- (gasps) The chests aren't there! (gasps) "What did you do, Aphmau?" Well, I cleaned up! Oh, my gosh! Can you believe it? Yes, I know. And my mother would be incredibly proud of me. Mom, if you're watching, I hope you're really proud. So I have basically, you know, the chests set up the way I normally like them. Ores, woods, and all that other stuff. And I have my bed, mine and Aceton's bed, over here. Speaking of Aceton, Aceton hasn't come back for awhile, and that's perfectly fine. But you've probably noticed that there are no other beds for the kids! Why is that, you ask? Well, let's show off this first. Food area. Well, there's no beds for the kids because they've moved out! Hallelujah! Every parent's dream, I guess! Well, that was my mom's dream, but it's-- I don't know, I already miss them already. I miss my kids. So they've moved into this little Animal Crossing-esque home, for the GameCube, if you remember that. We have Shepard's house right here. I know, it's nothing super fancy. Oh, Shepard. Hello, Shepard! How are you? I'm coming in! Oh, I should've knocked. Sorry, I'll go back out and knock. Hello? Shepard? (as Shepard) Come in, Mom! (as herself) Oh, hi, Shepard! How are you today? (as Shepard) I'm doing good, Mom. (as herself) Okay, well-- (laughs) I'm being a little crazy here, but how are you doing, Shepard?

Shepard: You should take me with you next time.

Aphmau: Oh, Shepard... I can't take you back home! You're your own man now in your own little apartment. I mean, it's nothing super fancy, but you're getting out there. You're doing your life's dreams and stuff. I'll see you later, Shepard! Have a good day! All right, so this house is for rent, and so is this house. But over here... Katniss and Shepard didn't wanna live close together, if you could tell. Katniss is now in this house. Hello!

Katniss: You're back, Mom.

Aphmau: I am back! I came back to visit you after I helped you move in. How are you doing? Let's see, "chat."

Katniss: Let's do some farming or something!

Aphmau: Aww, I totally wanna go farming! By "farming," she means "shopping." But we can't go shopping anymore-- Or "farming," sorry. We can't go farming anymore because I already bought you all that nice armor stuff, remember I made it for you? All right, bye, Katniss! Have a good day! All right, so they just got off-- They're off on their own little journey right now. They got a small, little apartment, but I'll probably upgrade their houses later, provided they're able to pay off the rent in time. I'm, like, nook right now. (chuckles) Only just-- You know, just letting them make their own way in the world. That's what we're going to do with my Minecraft kids. All right, so, uh... I know, I know, I'm a harsh parent. That's right. All right, so let's see. Uh, I don't know where my husband is. Um, I think he divorced me or something, 'cause he just kinda ran off. But let's go ahead and check out the barn. This is the one place you guys wanna see. Now, not only did I clean up my house, I cleaned up this area as well! It's totally awesome! And I named a ton of bunnies! If you guys can check it out, look, look! Look at the bunnies! They all have names. Uh, that one doesn't have a name right now, but I'll name that one later. I've been naming the bunnies from your comments. Remember, I will name as many animals as I can after the comments I see. But here's a bunch of bunnies. There's Bunbun, the original bunny... We got Pepper, ScissorKick, Marshmallow, we got Winston the-- Oh, this is the horse. I've been breeding horses off-camera, too, to try to get the hang of horse-breeding in Mo'Creatures. It's just-- It's a lot to take in. Uh, what--? Pokie, what are you doing out there?

[Elefun trumpets.]

Aphmau: Elefun! You're too loud! Oh, my goodness. All right, so I named all the bunnies. I let them out. As you can see, they're still multiplying as we go along. I'm probably gonna have to take care of that later. I'll probably separate them in pens or just move them out to another town or whatever just so I don't have an infestation problem and my server doesn't get corrupted or anything like that. But let's go in here. And as you guys can see, I have the lovely horse stalls. I put some hay bales in here, made it look really nice. I have Epona in here. I have Lilly, Spirit, and this regular Minecraft horse. And let's see, I don't have any other horses in here. But I also have my horse stuff! Oh, my goodness. And here's a horse-- Here's a black, regular Minecraft horse. It's not the horse I was looking for, but it was close enough. Now, up here... I changed the stair area. Ooh! Doomageon! [pronounced "Doomageddon"] Hey, hello! Uh, we're gonna have to open this right here. There we go, Doomageon. I put the cats up here 'cause I figured, you know what? The cats need their own room because they're kinda crowding up everything, and their meows are just... just getting a little annoying sometimes. I mean, I love them, so much, but they tend to meow a lot. And they also keep on attacking me when I'm outside, so I kinda did that. But look, I made this lovely scratching post for them! So they have scratching posts, they have litter boxes, they have cat stuff with the little cat face... Uh, let's see. We're gonna bring this-- We're gonna feed them a little bit. Hopefully-- Let's see if they have food here? They don't have food there. They've got food? We're gonna make sure they got food. There we go. All right. And maybe we'll make some more kittens. Why not? Let's make some more kittens before we move on to the horses. Oh, wait, well... I'll have to make some-- I'm gonna have to bring some fish up in a little bit. You guys eat and we'll make some kittens later! Just not right now. The Lo~oove Doctor's gotta go love up the horses. I also have a theme song for my love doctor thing. I gotta learn my theme song first. But let's go ahead and get started. With horse-breeding at least. We're gonna have a lot of work to do with horse-breeding and we might not get our Tier 4 Mo'Creatures horse, but we're gonna give it a shot this time. Hopefully it works out. If not, we still have a ton of things we can work on. So, uh, let's see. I've made this a little bit easier. So Spirit is going to be my main stud right now. Spirit was bred with another-- One of the Mo'-- I forget which one it was, I think it was Ponyta. But he was bred with the Mo'Creatures horse with this regular Minecraft horse, and I got Spirit. Spirit is a Tier 1 Mo'Creatures horse, and Lilly over here is-- As you can see, I've already put, like, a little chart at the top. So Spirit and Lilly can go together, and they will make a horse that I will then bring over here and I will breed Spirit and Lilly's horse with Epona. And from there, I will take Epona and Lilly's kid's horse-- Ugh, excuse me, I'm just gonna say it. I will take Epona's kid and I will come over here-- Or you know, um... let's see, so "foal" [she pronounced it "fowl"] or whatever you call the baby ponies. I don't know what it's called. Somebody let me know! I need to know that. So I will take Epona's kid, bring it over here, and I'll breed it with a black Mo'Creatures horse. Now, that looks like a "black Minecraft horse" 'cause it's M-C. "Mo'Creatures," "Minecraft," they both have the same abbreviation, so yeah. But this is a "black Mo'Creatures horse." I gotta go find a black Mo'Creatures horse. So this is the way that I'm going to get a Tier 4 Mo'Creatures horse. Now, I might not get the horses I'm looking for, to be honest, because it's not a guaranteed chance that I'm gonna get the, you know, the right horse from each breeding session, but we'll see how it goes. Hopefully we'll be able to get the Tier 4 horse this episode. If not, we can keep trying! You know, we're gonna get it. It's gonna happen. It's just gonna happen. So all right, I have all my ho'se stuff up here. I'm gonna put this stuff right here. Let's see, okay, so how am I gonna do this? So I wanna move-- Oh, wait, yeah, I need the fence. Do I have fence in here? I absolutely do! I'm gonna move-- I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna move Spirit into Lilly's pen, and they're gonna get their thing going, so let's see, um... And I'm also gonna need more pumpkins. So let's move Spirit over here, I'm gonna close this up... Um, I'm also gonna need my iron axe. I've been using the tools that I have, so I have-- Like, those tools the villagers gave me when I got married. So I've been making sure to, like, you know, be very green about my tool usage and stuff like that. I'm also gonna need a crafted saddle for this, so let's go. Let's see. Okay. So, Spirit, I'm going to put you into Lilly's pen, so come here. There we go. All right, cool. Yeah! All right, so I'm on my way to Lilly's pen. I'm gonna have to open this, like, um... Let's see, I'm gonna have to open this right here, so if you could please stop moving, that'd be great. Um, brown Minecraft ho'se-- I'm sorry, I keep on saying "ho'se." I don't know why I-- I have, like-- (sighs) I'm sorry, I'm gonna say "horse." Horse! You're horses, not "ho'ses!" All right, so there we go. Unless you're, like, Hostess, like the cupcakes. Oh, my gosh. Why do I keep bouncing?! Oh, my gosh! This thing's got, like, one of those little shock things? Jesus! All right, so let's go ahead. Let's try to get Spirit the bouncing horse into Lilly's pen, and then we'll let them get their groove on and do the horse things and whatnot. All right, so Lilly, we're coming in! Here's Spirit! Yeah! There we go. All right, so Spirit, come on, come on. Get in here. All right, so there we go. I got them in. Don't you dare! Don't you dare! Don't you dare! (chuckles) Get out of there. I just got you in there, I don't need you to come out right now. Cool! All right, so I got Spirit and Lilly in here. And I'm gonna-- Let's see. Oh, wait, I already have the pumpkins on me. Nice! So I'm gonna try to get them to breed and get the horse that will then mate with Epona. So let's try this right now. All right, so Spirit, here you go. Lilly, there you go. Are you guys in love yet? All right, so you guys need apparently a lot of pumpkins. Oh, no, I'm out of pumpkins! Now I have to go find pumpkins. So hopefully these guys fall in love soon. I don't see little hearts above their heads. So maybe they will fall in love very soon? I don't know, hopefully we'll find out. We'll see if we'll get a pony from them. If not, I'm gonna have to go out and really try to find some, um... really try to find some pumpkins. I really should do that. I should've, like-- I should've brought more pumpkins back, but that's totally fine. (gasps) Katniss! I'm coming to save you! My baby, no! Come here! (mumbling incoherently) Get away from that door! What a jerk! All right, she's fine. She's just asleep. She didn't know that the boogeymen were trying to get her. It's okay. All right, so let's go ahead and come over here. And we're gonna have to go see if we can find some more pumpkins. Take a nap. Aceton has not come home yet. It's fine, whatever, Aceton! You could've just told me you wanted a divorce! I know I was the Spider Queen behind your back, but that doesn't mean anything! We could work through our problems with counseling, if I could actually build a counselor, um, office somewhere around here. Is this Aceton? No, that's Nick. Nick, you're Aceton's evil twin. This is-- This is getting really weird. But anyway, all right, so let's continue. Um... so what we need to do is I'm gonna go ahead and let's see... Do we have a baby horse? No, that's Marshmallow. Marshmallow, you're making me get my hopes up and stuff like that! All right, so here's what we're gonna do. While they're-- Well, I'm assuming-- I didn't see any hearts, so I don't think that they're gonna be mating anytime soon. So I'm gonna have to go find some pumpkins, and I'm going to go find some-- What is it? What else do I need? I need pumpkins for breeding and I need a black-- A black, um... Excuse me. I need a black Mo'Creatures ho'se. All right, so "Horse Stuff NEIGH!" (neighs) All right, I'm taking my lead just in case. Uh, let's see. Phantom, you need your-- I'm gonna take some of these sugar lumps. Um, I'm also gonna take some more stuff. Because what I wanna do... I might try to do this during this episode. I wanna build a pond. I guess a pond wouldn't be very hard to build. So I'm gonna try to do that and put some fish in there if I can. I don't think I'll be able to bring a dolphin back, but it's worth a shot. Why not? Let's give-- (chuckles) Let's give it our all, guys! I'm pretty sure we can haul a dolphin on a horse all the way over here. But, uh... All right, so let's see. Uh, what else do I need? "Stuff I don't have a box for yet." No, I don't need that stuff. Um... I don't really need any of that right now. I have a bunch of that stuff. So let's see, I'm gonna take a bit of iron just in case, you never know. You could always use iron. Uh, I have wood. Do I--? Yes, I do have wood. Um, I have tools and stuff. I have-- You know what I should take? I should definitely take a bow and arrow. That's right. Bows, arrows, just be completely prepared. (singing "Be Prepared" from Disney's The Lion King) ♪ Be prepared ♪ (speaking voice) Gimme the string, I need it! I don't know why I need it, but I'm pretty sure I will. I wanna kinda make a net so I can bring a little fish back. Okay, but let's-- Oh, I need food! That's right, I need food! Food, food, food. Well, if we can't breed the horses, maybe we can just breed the cats. Maybe the cats will be able to breed a little bit. So, uh, I have a bunch of steak in here. Put the steak right there, there we go. All right, let's get a mosey on, little dogie! [she pronounced it "doggie"] Little-- Gimme-- Wait, I just wanna eat the steak, I don't wanna open the door! There we go. All right, having a little door-- (sighs) Little bit of door problems. It's okay. Oh, shoot, I left the pen open. Well, I'm sure the bunnies don't mind getting out of here. All right, so let's see. Uh, you... You-- Whoa. Whoa, I'm not ready to go. Calm down. (chuckles) Calm your horses! Calm down, calm down. Okay, so let's see. Uh, what else did I need? I'm sorry, I'm just, like, trying to make sure I have everything that I absolutely can afford to take. Uh, all right, so-- Oh, yeah, breeding the kitties! Sorry, I knew I came here for a reason. Let's see if we can breed the kitties. (vocalizing tune) All right. So let's see. Uh, Waffles, how about I breed you with, um...? This is gonna be really weird because I know-- This is gonna be really weird. I don't think cats are relate-- Okay, so Doomakitten, eat the fish. Waffles, Mr. Waffles, can you eat the fish? It has to be a cooked fish, doesn't it? Yeah, I think it has to be a cooked fish. Or is it salmon? Can you eat salmon? I'm getting worse at this breeding thing as I go along, aren't I? All right, so just-- Just get this off of here. Get this-- I don't want this. I don't want this! I don't want a-- I don't want a kitty bed on my head! Oh, this is terrible! Kitty bed, get off of my head! This is very annoying, I swear. All right, so I'm gonna go cook the fish really quick and then we're gonna breed the kitties, and then we're gonna go look for a horse. Oh. Oh, shoot! Oh-- Aah, the kitties are attacking me! Get away. No, I don't want it. I don't wanna be attacked. Please. All right, so I have all my kitty supplies in there. I really should just put some stone in all of these chests. I think that's what I really need to do next time, is make sure that my chests are well prepared with the basic necessities of the Minecraft universe. So let's go get the... the raw fish. And I'll get some stone in there as well. So three raw fish, I'll do that. You know what? Yeah, let's go ahead and do that right there. Okay, so where is the stone I'm looking for? There we go. A-ha! All right, so you guys are seeing me do my little spiel of getting everything ready, the way I normally do off-camera. Let's see, so I have all this stuff here. I might wanna take some coal as well, so I'll take that and put it inside of the other chests so I have that source of income coming in! And then I can have more kitties and fill up that entire attic in the barn with kitties! Would you guys like that? Would you guys like me to fill up that barn with kitties? Like, just a bunch of kitties? I'm gonna see if I can bring home some, like, different color kitties so I have a bunch of different kinds of kitties. I just keep saying the word "kitties," don't I? It's okay. We can say the word "kitties" as many times as we want. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. There we go. Sorry about that. Let's put that right in there. All right, come up the stairs... Hello, kitty-cats! How are you today?

[Cat yowls angrily.]

Aphmau: Oh, gosh, you guys are fighting. No cat fights! Come on, guys, don't fight. You're all friends here. All right, so, uh... what do I gotta do here? Oh, yeah, so I gotta put this in here, that in there. And, Rag-- there you go. Do you wanna eat the fish? Why aren't you guys eating the fish? You guys just don't wanna eat the fish anymore. I swore it was fish. Oh, I guess maybe-- I guess because, you know, they don't have-- there's not-- I don't know. I don't know, I'm just picking up cat butts. This is-- Wait. Wait a minute! There they go! Doomageon and Waffles! Oh, God! All right, I gotta get some cat food out for the mommy cat. They're, like-- I don't even know what they're doing anymore. All right, so there's some cat food. Uh, where's the other cat bed? And there's some cat food. And when I come back, I expect to see a bajillion kitties! Like, a bajillion kitties. You-- Ragnar! That was for the mommy cat! Oh. Apparently they don't like each other. Okay, well, bye! I'll let you guys sort that out on your own. Okay, so let's go ahead and let's get going. Where is my horse? Here we go. Okay, so I've already wasted enough time working with the-- Whoo-whee! Can I jump over? Ah, Phantom, you're amazing! Okay, so I've wasted quite a bit of time with the kitty-cats and all their, you know, all their kitty-cat-ness. I will probably-- Ooh, what kinda horse is that? What kinda horse are you? Are you a black Mo'Creatures horse? No, you're not. All right, so we gotta get pumpkins and we gotta get, uh... We gotta get pumpkins and we gotta get a black Mo'Creatures horse. So let's see if we can go ahead and do that. Um... Again, I don't wanna waste any more time, you know, fooling around with kitties and looking for things, so I'll probably just cut to when I can actually find some pumpkins and some Mo'Creatures horses. But let's take a look. So are you--? No, you're not even-- You're not a black horse. Are you a black horse? Are you a black Mo'Creatures horse? No, you're a black Minecraft horse. Are you a black Mo'--? No, you're not. Okay. Well, I didn't want you anyway! All right, so let's see. Yeah, at some point... at some point, I don't know when, I'm going to cut this. That way, you guys don't have to see the painstaking... The painstaking pumpkin carving out of the-- (incoherent babbling)


Jess: Okay! So after a lot of soul-searching and pumpkin-finding and horse-looking-for-ing, I have decided that I made a minor mistake. I haven't decided, I actually know I made a minor mistake. So let's go ahead and go over everything that I have to tell you before we continue. So luckily, before I get into that, I found some pumpkins. And I'm gonna go ahead and plant a few because I know I'm going to need some for later, and I think it's just a wise investment that I start planting them right now, so let's go ahead and let's get that done. So now that I'm planting this horse [verbatim], I realize that-- Remember, there was, like, an update. And the update caused the Tier 1 Mo'Creatures horses to be removed from, like, the regular spawning. So they don't spawn naturally, so you have to breed Mo'Creatures horses with regular Minecraft horses in order to get the Tier 1 Mo'Creatures horses. It's confusing, I know, but just bear with me for a second. So here's what we're going to do. I've taken some time to look at the chart... and do some soul-searching, of course, because I was searching quite a while for that black Mo'Creatures horse that didn't exist! But anyway, let's do this. So, here's what I read. Lilly... Lilly over there, Lilly. Can I call you Lilly, Lilly? All right, Lilly. Uh, where's my fence? My fence is right there. Put this over here. Lilly can actually be bred with the black Minecraft horse, you know, the black Minecraft horse. And she and him should have a chance of producing a regular-- I'm sorry, a Mo'Creatures black horse. So I'm gonna take little Lilly here... Lilly, I'm sorry, we're gonna have to stud you out for a little bit. And we're gonna break this out because Lilly's getting a little too chunky from all the pumpkins I fed her. All right, Lilly, let's do this. Oh, wait. Oh, shoot. I am so-- I have, like, the worst-- I don't even know. I don't even know. All right, so Lilly, meet your mate. He is all the way from Italy. He is the Italian stallion, and he is-- He's beautiful, Lilly. (chuckles) Watch him be a girl and Lilly's actually the guy. Oh, God. All right, sorry, Lilly, if you're a dude. I didn't know! I don't look at your horse butt. Don't blame me for not looking at your horse butt, Lilly! Okay, so let's come here. And now that I got them in there and I have a gate? Yes, I have a gate. I'm--

[Cats yowling angrily.]

Aphmau: Oh, gosh, those cats up there are--! Oh, oh, I gotta go check the kitties, that's right! All right, so Lilly and this regular horse over here... Uh, I gotta get a golden apple. Um... Ooh. Ooh, there's a crafting bench in there. All right, I'm definitely gonna use that to my advantage right now. Uh... I'll put the crafting bench right here. Why not? Let's do it! All right, so I need a golden apple for the regular Minecraft horse, which is why I put the gold in there because I knew I was going to need it later! Let's put this in here, and I have my pumpkins, and hopefully this works. Now, let's see, so golden apple for you and pumpkin for Lilly. All right! All right, you lovebirds! That's right, Doctor Love's in the house!

[Cats meowing.]

Aphmau: Oh, my gosh, cats! I thought that was-- Ooh, ooh. Are you guys gonna make a baby? Oh, I gotta name this baby something! All right, I gotta think of names right now. I know you guys left a lot of comments about names, but sometimes, whenever I'm in the moment, I kind of forget the names. But I'll totally remember them whenever I have a chance to just, you know, scroll through them while I'm sipping my soda and playing Minecraft, just trying to make my town a better place for people to live-- Ohh, my gosh, there's so many kitty-cats. Okay, I better get the-- Okay, so everyone's hungry. I better get the food just in case they decide they want to attack me. All right, so kitty-cats, you guys stay there. There's some food there. Okay, there we go. I'm in a minefield of kitty-cats. There's a-- (shouts) No! Get away from me, Doomakitten! I'm just feeding you all! I'm a good pet owner, I promise! Please leave me alone! Why?! Why?! What did I do?! What did I do?! Okay, bye. I don't need you anymore. I don't need this kind of negativity in my life. If you don't like peanut butter, I don't care. Okay, let's see. All right, okay, I'mma leave you guys to do your thing. Doctor Love is going over here. All right, so let's see. Now let's go over this one more time. So Lilly and the black horse over there, they have the potential to give me a Mo'Creatures black horse which I will need for the very last phase of getting a Tier 4 Mine-- Uh, Mo'Creatures horse. I'm-- This is like-- This is like that test in school and you're trying to give, like, a public speech, but you don't know what you're saying because you get all flustered because everyone's watching you on the internet. Anyway! So I need their baby to put into here. After I put that baby in there, I can bring Lilly over here to be with Spirit, and they will make a kid. Their kid will come to Epona, and Epona will, uh-- Epona and Lilly's kid will have a baby and then this baby will come over here to that baby that will-- (sighs) If it's a black-- if it's a black Mo'Creatures horse. All right, I'm totally getting flustered here, but yes. I have this chain set up, I'm ready to see if I can actually get the horse. Now, remember, even though you breed the correct horses together that people have posted, you know, that they've gotten horses from this, you might not always get the horse you're looking for. But you know what? We're gonna give it a shot. So hopefully the horse will be born soon and we can take a look and see how that's going over there. Oh, sheep, what are you doing? All right, so let's go ahead and come over here. Let's get on over here. And let's go take a nap really quick. 'Cause I would really love to see the baby horse and see if we can actually get that black Mo'Creatures horse in this episode, 'cause that's what we need in order to do the whole chain of things. So if you're trying to learn how to do the Mo'Creatures horses, we're learning together. We're literally learning together right now. Don't worry, I went on the internet as well and I tried to figure this out myself. You know, I'm a big girl. I can do my own reading for myself. And what-- What is this? I forgot what I was doing. Oh, yes, I need mob drops. I need some bones so I can go ahead and kickstart these pumpkins. And I know they're not gonna immediately come out-- (gasps) Creeper. Get away from my pumpkins, creeper! (squeals) No! Oh, that was so close! Oh, that was so totally tubular close! Oh, gosh. All right, so let's get bonemeal out, and we'll at least raise the stems a little bit. Can we raise the stems? Yes, we can. There we go. It might take ten to thirty minutes for these babies to pop, or maybe they'll pop instantly, I don't know. I don't really know. I think it's ten to thirty minutes, honestly. But we'll take a look at that, and let's go say "hi" to the townsfolk. We haven't really said "hi" to the townsfolk in a while. There's scorpions. We got a little infestation problem. Uh, anybody living in here? No, nobody's living in here. I really need to figure out what to do with these buildings. So, uh, hmm... I think this building might become a gro-- (gasps) Ooh! Okay, I gotta go see what kinda horse I got. But, um... One of you guys were suggesting that I name this one Brony. For, like, you know, the bros that like My Little Pony? Yeah, I know, I know. I know. (chuckles) Bro hoof or whatever. Oh, gosh, I don't even know, like-- Ugh, I haven't watched My Little Pony yet in a while! I need to rewatch the seasons again! My favorite pony's Rarity, so if I get a white horse aside from Phantom, I'll name it Rarity. Let's see what we got. What have we got? Aah! Oh, Brony! You're not the horse I'm looking for, but it's okay. All right. So now, uh, let's see. We have a ton-- Let's see. You look-- Brony, you look like Spirit. Lilly! Lilly, what were you doing?! All right. So now I'm gonna have to try again with Lilly and the regular black Minecraft horse. So... I'm gonna wait until Brony grows up to give Lilly a little break, or whoever had the pony a little break, and we'll get back to breeding the horses during this time. And remember, I still wanna make that pond, so I'm probably going to make it somewhere around here, and I'll start working on that whenever we come back in the next episode. But I'll start it off, so that way, you guys know we're gonna have, like, a little pond here with some maybe dolphins swimming around and stuff like that. That's what we're gonna try to do next episode. It's gonna be really awesome, we're gonna try to catch a lot of fish. We're gonna be really smelly, so make sure to bring your rubber boots and everything that you need in order to not get fishy. I don't even know if there's anything that will make you not get fishy. But anyway, guys! Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of Minecraft Diaries! Until next time, I will see you ladies and gentlemen later, and remember to leave a like on the video! Take care!

[Outro Music]