The Kiss
MyStreet 20
Season 1, Episode 20
Post Date January 23, 2016
Duration 13:34
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"The Auditions"
"The Kiss" is the 20th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on January 23rd, 2016


"The play is about to begin! Romeo and Juliet must go on!"


Garroth and Laurance runs in the theater to inform Katelyn on Aaron becoming "sick". Irated at the outcome, Katelyn has no choice but to give the part ot Garroth, who is elated at the response.

Dante enters the room telling Katelyn that he has finished the preparating of the play and reveals that Aaron is at backstage rehearsing his lines. Shocked at the result, Garroth and Laurance shows that they boarded his house but with him not in it. Angered at their constant behavior of replacing Aaron as Romeo, Katelyn gives the two one last chance before they are removed from the play permanently. Katelyn runs to the backstage, checking if Cadenza has finished with the costumes.

Garroth and Laurance are then infuriated at Dante about his revelation, attracting Kawaii~Chan to enter the set. Kawaii~Chan is at a state calm but exits the set quickly, wishing luck upon Garroth and Laurance on their parts. Having tried nearly every plan, the duo are out of luck when suddenly Lucinda appears. She is revealed to have return from her trip from out of town and Nicole is said to be the one to have told Lucinda about the play. Lucinda comes up with a plan to help their dilemma, giving the guys a potion that switches with Aaron, so Laurance can kiss Aphmau. Although the potion hasn't been tested, Lucinda is glad to see the effects in action during the play and leaves the auditorium. Laurance then plans to not tell Garroth about the potion so that he can steal the kiss. 

With the arrival of the audience, the cast are almost done with their prepartion, anxious to being the play. Zane speaks with Aphmau, who is discouraged about the little time everyone received rehearsing for the play. However, Zane is more worried about Aphmau during the kissing scene, which is is nervous about. Before they could continue, Jeffory thanks Aphmau for her dedication and involvement with everything, happily taking everyone to a huge fest. Aphmau complies to include Zane in their dinner since he helped with the play; he then leaves to find his sit. Katelyn then announces that ten minutes until curtain-call, leaving Aphmau uneasy. Zane finally gives Aphmau some encouragement before the play officially start. 

In a room full of audience, Travis is narrates the story, receiving a loud applause. Zane as Tybalt and Dante as Benvolio have a quarrel, gaining a booming applause. Aaron and Aphmau are seen staring at each other through a aquarium, which Kawaii~Chan comments on being beautiful.

Aphmau as Juliet is at her balcony asking for Romeo and receives a text from Aaron as Romeo. Travis and Dante comment upon the inclusion of texting in the play. At the marriage scene, Kawaii~Chan as Friar Laurence is marrying Romeo (Aaron) and Juliet (Aphmau). However, Dante, Travis, and Laurance agree that she has a strange role but a fitting role as well. 

Laurance as Mercutio bleeds to death as Zane receives the same treatment by Romeo. Moments before his death, Zane update his Facebook status. Dante comments at Zane's acting and Travis adds that the play is "too modern". During the intermission, Katelyn congratulates the cast for their fantastic effort and that the final scene is about to begin. Travis finds it odd to have an intermission at later of the play rather than the middle, which she explains that she wanted to save the best part for last. 

Aaron is seen entering the bathroom, and is covered with wooden planks by Garroth. Katelyn is now worried at the sudden disappearance of Aaron. With no choice left, Katelyn is forced to have Garroth play Romeo for the remainder of the play. However, the change in actors could disappoint the audience greatly, so she urges Garroth to wear a helmet to hide his face. 

At the final scene, Juliet (Aphmau) sees that Romeo (Garroth) has drank the poison and is passed out. As Juliet (Aphmau) places her kiss, Laurance is about to drink the potion but is hit from the back by Kawaii~Chan. As the potion takes effect, Laurance has in fact switched places with Aphmau instead of Garroth, kissing him instead. The crowd cheers loudly, while Garroth and Laurance scream in terror. Dante, Travis, Kawaii~Chan, and Aphmau laugh in joy as they see the scene. Denying at the kiss, the crowd continues to applaud in a thunderous cheer. 

Travis brings Aaron back at the backstage, revealing that he was stuck in the bathroom. Kawaii~Chan is shock to hear that it was Garroth, but Aphmau stops her as she believes that Laurance and Garroth learned their lesson. The two then promise to never let their jealousy control them ever again. Katelyn returns that the crowd has greatly enjoyed the shoking twist embedded in the play and commands to do it again, which Garroth and Laurance react to negatively. 

Back at empty auditorium, Aaron is standing on the set with Aphmau, who apologizes for Garroth's and Laurance's action. Hopeful to hear that Aphmau would gladly have done the kissing scene, Aaron then pulls Aphmau in and kiss her. The two embrace as the night falls. 



  • This marks the first time Lucinda is voiced by an actor, which is revealed to be Anairis Quinones.
    • Lucinda is implied to live in the same neighborhood as she keeps in touch with her friends and is very close to them.
    • This is confirmed in the following episode, "Aftermath".
  • This is the third and final part of the Neighborhood Play and story arc. 
  • Although Travis received the most applaude during the audition, aside from Aaron, Garroth is revealed to be the understudy for Romeo. 
  • Everyone participating in the play are wearing their Romeo & Juliet attire through the duration of the play.
    • Katelyn, the director of the play, is the only one to wear her regular attire throughout. At the end of the episode, Aphmau and Aaron are shown to be wearing their regular clothing. 
  • This marks the first official kiss of Aaron and Aphmau in MyStreet.
    • This also marks the first accidental kiss of Laurance and Garroth.
  • In the second episode of Pixel Painters, it's revealed that Kawaii~Chan is said to be the costume designer but in this episode, Cadenza is the costume designer. Although it might have been an error, it is possible for both Kawaii~Chan and Cadenza to be the costume designers or Kawaii~Chan gave the job to Cadenza so that she could play Friar Lawrence. 
  • Brendan, McCloud, and Prince Marsh appear as actors but do not have any speaking roles.
    • In the previous episode, Brendan and Prince Reese appear in the community center where they were interested in auditioning in the play. Brendan was interested to audition for Friar Laurence and Prince Reese for Marcutio or Prince Escalus. However, during the play, Kawaii~Chan played Friar Laurence, Garroth as Prince Escalus, and Laurance as Mercutio. Nonetheless, Brendan still appeared in the play as a Montague Soldier while Reese is not shown at all. 
    • Reese most likely got a part as everyone who auditioned received a role no matter of the outcome. 
  • This entire episode is done with voice acting and machinima, mostly likely because of the play occuring.
    • This marks the first time a MyStreet episode is fully in a machinima, meaning that the episode is told in third person perspective rather than Aphmau's perspective (first person perspective).
    • The episode took 16 hours from concept to completion.

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The Kiss - Neighborhood Play PT.3 Minecraft MyStreet Ep

The Kiss - Neighborhood Play PT.3 Minecraft MyStreet Ep.20 Minecraft Roleplay


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