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The Messiest House On The Street
Season 3.7, Episode 4
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Jan 10, 2017



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"Night Snooper Exposed!"

"Operation 'Get Gene a House'"

"The Messiest House On The Street" is an episode released during the MyStreet Post-Third, and the 98th episode overall. It first premiered on January 10th, 2017.


"Dante and Travis have a little bit of a quarrel... meanwhile Aaron comes up with a plan for a friend."


Dante wakes up to find his and Travis' house with tons of garbage scattered around, finding Travis asleep on the couch. He yells for him to wake up, causing Travis to wake from what was apparently a nice dream about Katelyn delivering him heart-shaped pizzas.

The two have a small argument, Dante scolding Travis for always making him clean up his messes. Travis argues that he's the same, making a mess in the kitchen and the yard when cooking and gardening. After trading insults back and forth, Travis decides they should have a cleaning competition- the first to clean the entire house wins, while the loser has to do all the chores for an entire month. They agree to start it after Dante makes breakfast.

Aaron's out for a morning run with Alexander, coming across Gene during his shift as a garbageman. Aaron apologizes for Garroth and Laurance's actions during "Night Snooper Exposed!", to which Gene tells him he has nothing to apologize for, since he's the one who helped him out.

Gene says he understands why they acted that way, since he was being secretive and shady about his job. He talks about how he really didn't want anyone on the street to know about his second job, but ended up with a day shift. Aaron suggests that he could've taken overtime at the maid cafe, but Gene expresses that the job's too exhausting to take more time in. The conversation moves to Gene wanting to move into the neighborhood, but he says the houses around here are too expensive for him, Zenix, and Sasha to afford. Before he leaves to continue his job, Aaron tells him he should stop by their house some time, but he decides to take a rain check and leaves.

Dante and Travis run through their house, exhausting themselves with cleaning up the house before they even get halfway through the trash. Dante brags that he's cleaning faster, until Travis brings up their bedrooms. He again brags that his is already clean, for Travis to say he's done the same. When they go upstairs, though, Travis' room is completely filled with garbage, to the point where something is living in the corner. They decide to include Travis' room in the rest of the house, Dante trying to start cleaning up his room. He gets lost in the sheer amount of trash scattered around, Travis leaving the house instead of helping him out. He runs past Garroth on his way out.

Garroth visits Aphmau and Aaron, Aph letting him inside. They all sit on the couch, Aaron telling Garroth he wants to talk about something. Garroth accuses them of practicing good cop bad cop on him, only for Aaron to get frustrated with him talking about the neighborhood watch at all. He scolds him for tying Gene up in "Night Snooper Exposed!", to which he apologizes. Aaron tells him actions speak louder than words, suggesting Garroth tries to get his parents to help the Shadow Knights move in despite them not being able to afford a house on the street.

Zianna immediately agrees, only for Garte to argue otherwise. She says it'd be nice for more of Garroth's friends to be in the neighborhood, and open up more chances for Zane to make friends. Garte tells her he can't just give away the houses, and won't go below the original price, because that would be irresponsible. Zianna suggests Garroth lower the property value himself, and he tells Aaron and Aphmau to come with him to the neighborhood watch tower to discuss their plan.

Travis starts to plead with Lucinda for a favor, laying down on the floor and begging her to help him win the cleaning competition. Lucinda nonchalantly agrees, since she has nothing better to do. He asks for something to help him clean faster, Lucinda giving him a cleaning potion. She invites him to come over and learn how to make the potions himself sometime, before he runs out the door with the potion.

The moment he gets home, he starts to use the potions in all the rooms, confusing Dante with how fast he's cleaning the entire house. He tries to clean the kitchen before Travis can get to it, failing as everything in the kitchen disappears. Travis is too busy celebrating to notice that the potion got rid of more than just the garbage- all of their stuff is gone as well. Dante chases him around the house, yelling at him and scolding him for his mistake.



  • There is another mention of the Youtuber "Poopdepie", aka Pewdepie in real life.
  • In the montage of Travis and Dante picking up trash, you can see Dante picking up Diary #3 from Gravity Falls.