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"New World"

"What It Takes To Be A King"

[Aphmau is inside a house holding a poster when she turns to the camera.]

Aphmau: Hi, everyone. I just wanted to let you know what we have a Diaries poster available. You can do cool thing with it, like hang it up in your room. Watch.

[Aphmau turns to the wall behind her and takes out a hammer. Brendan walks up the stairs behind her. Aphmau starts to hammer the poster to the wall.]

Brendan: Uhhh... What are you doing?

[Aphmau stops hammering and turns to Brendan.]

Aphmau: About to hang this poster.

Brendan: I- uhhhh... yeah. You know what, let me do it.

Aphmau: Okay!

[Brendan takes the poster and hammer from Aphmau and starts to hammer it to the wall.]

Aphmau: This poster is very nice. Be sure to check it out. It also helps to support the series. Enjoy the show!

[Brendan hits his hand with the hammer.]

Brendan: Ow, my finger! OWW, MY FINGER!

Aphmau: Oh no!

[Aphmau is fixing a broken fence. Vylad watches behind some trees upon a hill. Vylad hears noise behind him and turns around.]

Vylad: [Silence]

[Vylad turns back to Aphmau when another noise is made behind him. Vylad turns back around and creeps towards the noise. Gene rushes out of the bushes and swings his sword at Vylad, which Vylad blocks with his sword. Gene and Vylad fight mometarily when Gene disarms Vylad, sending his sword flying and landing in the grass. Vylad falls to the ground as Gene holds his sword in front of him.]

Gene: You've taken quite the interest in this village for the past few days.

Vylad: Gene?

Gene: Huh... I wonder. What draws you to this place?

[Gene puts away his sword and walks away and Vylad stands back up.]

Gene: The lord of this village is dead. There's no reason for you to be here anymore.

[Gene spots Aphmau fixing the fence.]

Gene [to Vylad]: What you do with your own time is none of my business, [quietly] but remember this: we have a purpose far greater than any emotions you may think you are feeling. [Normal volume] This village is worthless. Stay and observe its downfall if you want...

[Gene unsheaths his sword.]

Gene: ...But if you allow this to distract you, what happened to the lord here will to everyone. [Laughs] What's with that face?

[Gene walks over and stands next to Vylad.]

Gene: Remember what you are and who you truly serve.

[Gene sheaths his sword and walks off.]

Vylad: [Sighs]

[Gene walks through a forest and then stops.]

Gene: What do you think?

Sasha: About Vylad?

Gene: Who else?

Sasha: Well, he isn't the only one observing the village, you know?

Gene: [Sighs] Our job here is done. We don't need to be here any longer.

[Camera pans to Sasha who's in a thinking pose.]

Sasha: I beg to differ. Something is happening here, and it's strange that it's happening as we're about to leave this village.

Gene: What do you mean?

[Sasha walks out.]

Sasha: I can't put my finger on it, but this village is changing. The hopeless feeling I once felt here isn't as strong as it once was.

Gene: Are you sure?

Sasha: Yes, but it all depends on you, Gene. Do you want to risk leaving this place? What if the Jury of Nine found out you left something behind?

[Gene turns around.]

Gene: [Huffs]

[Gene turns back to Sasha.]

Sasha: We shouldn't have gotten involved with The High Priest of-

Gene: [Cutsoff Sasha] Quiet! I'll make sure we draw out anyone of power hiding here.

[Gene walks past Sasha.]

Sasha: Of course.

[Aphmau stands over a fixed fence.]

Aphmau: I did it! It looks pretty too.

[Aphmau taps on the fence and it falls over.]

Aphmau: Aw. Well, at least my ugly fence still lives.

[She taps on the ugly fence and it falls apart.]

Aphmau: Awwww!

[Garroth, Zenix, and Brian stand a top a hill. Zenix is holding a bow and arrow whilst Brian has an apple on his head and standing against a tree. Garroth is looking out onto the village and sees Brendan and Aphmau. Zenix draws back the string of the bow.]

Brian: Zenix, how safe is this?

Zenix: Don't worry. I'm highly experienced in archery.

Garroth: He failed archery during his guard training.

Brian: He what- [Screams as an arrow lands next to him]

Zenix: We don't talk about that. Now stand still! I need more practice.

Brian: You're crazy!

Garroth: Courage, Brian.

Brian: Are you even paying attention?!

[An arrow flies by the side of Brian.]

Zenix: Hold still!

Brian: I have a better idea.

[Boxes now stand in the place of Brian with an apple ontop. Brian now stands next to Zenix.]

Zenix: Whaaaat? This isn't as exciting.

Brian: Yeah, but I won't be dead.

Zenix: [Huffs]

[Brian walks up to Garroth as Zenix continues practicing.]

Brian: I didn't realize Zenix went to guard academy.

Garroth: I suspect he did.

Brian: Wait- You mean you don't know?

Garroth: I've known Zenix for a few years now. When I found him, he was in bad shape. He was terribly wounded and barely remembered anything.

Brian: But- but he seems so...

Garroth: Put together?

Brian: That's hardly the way I'd describe him.

Garroth: If you'd seen him, you'd think differently, which is why I think some part of him resents her. I think he sees something in her that reminds him of that time. Then again, I could be wrong. Zenix is a complicated one.

[Brian looks over to Zenix who's staring at the point of an arrow.]

Zenix: Stupid arrow. Maybe the point is dull.

Brian: I see the complexity.

[Zenix turns to Garroth.]

Zenix: Sir Garroth! Are you just gonna stare at that woman all day?

Garroth: Hu-huh?

Brian: Actually, I was going to ask the same question. You've been rather interested in her since she arrived a few days ago.

Zenix: Why is that, Sir Garroth? Is it because of this "magic" she had that we haven't even seen her use yet?

Garroth: I know what I saw. [Sighs] But that's not why I've been watching her. She's being oddly helpful for someone who just came here.

Zenix: Helpful?

Brian: Yeah. Haven't you noticed? She's helped Brendan with almost every task he's been doing. Donna as well. She follows them around like a faithful puppy trying to help in any way she can.

Zenix: She sounds desperate for attention.

Brian: I think she's rather nice. Have you seen the village lately? It's looking slightly nicer ever since she showed up and began helping Brendan.

Zenix: Sounds suspicious to me.

Brian: Why can't you acccept someone nice doing-

Garroth: He's right. That kind of behavior isn't common in this world.

Zenix: Then why don't you go talk to her instead of just watching her do work?

Garroth: [Blushes] Huh? Oh! Right.

Brian: Seesh. Give Garroth a break, Zenix. We've been on patrol ever since that werewolf was spotted. None of us have had a break to talk to anyone.

Zenix: Until now! We haven't seen that werewolf for a day. Just go talk to her. You know what? I'll do it myself.

[Zenix walks off.]

Garroth: Zenix, wait!

Brian: Courage, Garroth.

Garroth: Silence.

Brian: [Laughs]

[Garroth follows Zenix.]

[Zenix walks up to Brendan and Aphmau.]

Brendan: Oh, hey, Zenix.

Zenix: Shut up!

Brendan: What did I do?

Zenix: You!

[Zenix points at Aphmau. Aphmau turns around.]

Aphmau: Me?

[Garroth walks up behind Zenix.]

Zenix: Why are you... so helpful?

Garroth: Zenix! Manners.

Zenix: I don't really care about manners. I want answers and- ah, rat!

Brendan: It's not a rat; it's a squirrel!

Sean Connery: [Sqeaks]

Aphmau: Hamster.

[Aphmau pulls out a slice of bread and kneels down to Sean Connery, feeding him the bread.]

Garroth: Wait. Are you feeding it?

Aphmau: Him; and yes. It's been keeping them away from your guard quarters. Of course Miss Kiki feeds them more than I do.

[Sean Connery squeaks and scurries away.]

Garroth: No wonder. I though Zenix actually did his job.

Zenix: Hey!

Aphmau: Zenix does more than I ever could. He protects the village.

Zenix: [Lights up] I-I do? [Coughs] I mean, heck yeah I do.

Aphmau: I wish I could protect the village as much as he does.

Garroth: I think you...

Zenix: Well then maybe I'll train you sometime. ...If you can keep up with me, that is.

Aphmau: Really? I'd love that.

Zenix: See, Garroth? She isn't so bad after all.

Garroth: Wait! I-I didn't say-

Aphmau: Bad?

Garroth: M-m'lady! P-please, a moment.

[Garroth and Aphmau walk off.]

Aphmau: How have you been?

Garroth: I-I-I've been fine. H-how about you? Have you been busy? What have you been up to?

Aphmau: Hmm... Well...

[She flashes back to helping Brendan in the fields, cleaning out the market stalls, tearing down the old lord's house, keeping Dale from falling down the well, helping Donna cook, throwing Emmalyn's books into the fireplace, fixing houses with Brendan, and getting Dale out of the well again before returning to the present moment.]

Garroth: Really? That uhh... sounds like a lot.

Aphmau: It is, but I rather enjoy seeing others smile.

Garroth: M-m'lady! There's something I've been meaning to ask you. Well, two things really.

Aphmau: Yes?

Garroth: Have you... recovered any of your memory? It's been quite a few days now and I was thinking maybe something had come back to you.

Aphmau: I... I'm sorry, but I don't recall anything.

Garroth: My apologies for asking. I wanted to ask you about the magic you preformed the other day. W-was it witchcraft? I-it doesn't matter. W-what matters is, I wanted to ask you if you could by chance do it again.

Paul: [Afar] Wow, would you look at that. This village went to hell and back and it's looking better by the day.

Garroth: Huh?

[Paul walks over to Garroth and Aphmau.]

Paul: Evening, Garroth. Long time, no see. And who is this seductress here?

Garroth: Paul!

Paul: Yeah, I know. Manners, manners. I swear, Garroth, you don't act like a guard sometimes. You got a stick up your butt like one of them self-proclaimed royals, I swear. [Laughs]

Garroth: [Stamers]

Paul: Oh, lighten up, I'm messing with yah.

[Paul turns to Aphmau.]

Paul: Nice to meet you, Miss. Name's Paul. I'm a traveling merchants and if there's one thing I appreciate, it's getting straight to business. Speaking of which...

Garroth: Wait. You're here early.

Aphmau: Early?

Garroth: I-I've been doing trade with Paul to keep Phoenix Drop from going hungry since the crops died, and since we don't have a merchant in town, we'll go hungry without.

Paul: Long story short, I'm the food bringer. [Laughs] But enough talk, Garroth.I'm afraid I don't have any supplies this time around.

Garroth: What?!

Paul: Well, you see, the head guard of Meteli bought a lot from me this time around. Apparently there's some kind of fued going on there and it's hurting the way of life.

Garroth: What about our way of life?!

Paul: Garroth.

[Paul and Garroth walk off.]

Paul: [Quietly] You don't have a lord anymore. How long are you going to feign ignorance?

Garroth: But-!

Paul: Stop being selfish and realize you're putting everyone in danger by giving them false hope. A village without a lord is fair game for bandits and thieves and it will only be a matter of time before they realize what happened here.

Garroth: [Silence] I will make this work.

Paul: [Sighs] You remind me of a younger me. Trust me when I say your pride will be your downfall.

Garroth: That won't happen. I'll make sure of it.

Paul: [Laughs] Fine. Then I'll give you some advice. A fellow merchant named Logan is headed in this direction. He's about an hour or so out and he's actually looking for a village to settle down.

Garroth: He is?!

Paul: Mmm hmm. He's a very well renowned merchant. Could keep this place supplied for months. He's not partial for a lord to be present either.

Garroth: R-really?!

Paul: At least that's what I think he said. But yes, as long at the town is nice-looking, he may decide to stay here. Just cater to his needs and maybe he'll stay. Well, that's all I have to say about that. [Laughs] Now I'm gonna go see Donna. She always has a place for me to stay when I visit. [Laughs] I'll be leaving here tomorrow though. Good luck!

[Paul walks off.]

Garroth: This could be it. This could be it!

Zenix: What's "it"?

Garroth: A merchant! If we have a great one, we can get a new lord!

Zenix: Don't merchants feel safe if we already have a lord?

Garroth: Not this one.

[Aphmau walks up behind Garroth.]

Garroth: B-Brendan! How long to get the market plaza fixed up?

Brendan: Hmm... About a day? But with Aphmau's help, I'm sure we can-

Garroth: What if we all help?! The guards, that is.

Zenix: Wait- What?!

Brendan: A-an hour?

Garroth: Perfect! My sword is yours.

Aphmau: You can't hammer nails with a sword.

Garroth: Fine. My hammer.

Zenix: I beg to differ! You can hammer nails with a sword! Watch!

[Zenix takes out his sword and runs over to the fence trying to hammer the nails. The fence falls apart.]

Aphmau: [Gasp] My fence!

Garroth: Enough! To work!

[Aphmau, Garroth, Brendan, and Zenix hammer away at the stalls in the market.]

[Brendan, Aphmau, Zenix, and Brian look over the fixed-up stalls.]

Brendan: [Tearing up] You guys have no idea! Ever since this plaza was left to rot, I've been wanting to fix it up, but I've had so many chores where people actually live that I couldn't and now it's almost back to its former-

Zenix: Shut up, will yah?

Brendan: I'm just so happy. [Crying] And it wouldn't have gotten done this fast if it weren't for you helping me. Thank you so much, Aphmau!

Zenix: We helped too!

Brian: Yeah, but you've got to admit, it went faster since they've already been working on it.

[Garroth walk up behind the group.]

Garroth: Sir Dale has spotted the merchant on the way. Brian, go keep your father in check with patrol on the outskirts of the village.

Brian: Yes, Sir.

[Brian walks off.]

Garroth: Zenix. Keep patrol in the village. I want to make sure the merchant feels as safe as possible.

Zenix: Yes, Sir Garroth.

[Zenix walks off.]

Brendan: What about us?

Garroth: You two. Look like you live here.

Brendan: Done!

Aphmau: Wait... How do we do that-

Garroth: Just make it believable. Now I'm going to greet him.

[Brendan and Aphmau look at each other.]

[Logan rides down a path on a horse, Garroth waiting at the end of the path.]

Garroth: Greetings! Welcome to the town of Phoenix Drop. You must be Logan.

[Logan gets off his horse and places a lead on it.]

Logan: This village looks like a donkey's rear. No gates or any fortification.

Garroth: [Quietly] That blunt, aren't you? We're actually working on that. [Laughs]

Logan: Are yah now? Alright then. Show me what your heckhole has to offer.

Garroth: [To himself, quietly] For the people... For the people...

[Garroth leads Logan into the village.]

[Paul sits at a table, Donna bringing him a stew.]

Paul: So, tell me what's on your mind.

Donna: Huh?

Paul: Well, the Donna I know is spunky and don't take no lip without giving any and so far you haven't said much aside from "Paul. Come in, come in". What's wrong?

Donna: It's Visher.

Paul: What about him?

Donna: I haven't seen him in days. I'm mighty worried about him now.

Paul: Are his wears still in town?

Donna: Yeah. I brought them to my place to keep them safe 'til he returned but...

Paul: Something happened then. No merchant leaves their wears unprotected.

Donna: But... the only thing that could happen is...

Paul: Try not to think about it.

Paul: Come. Let's eat for now.

Donna: I'm... gonna go look for him one more time.

[Donna exits the house.]

Logan: A rather nice village. Repairs look recently new though.

Garroth: [Laughs] Th-that's because we keep things up to date often! Heh heh.

Logan: Really? Then for that amout of work, there's not many villagers here to appreciate it.

Garroth: That's because... they're all out!

Logan: Are they now? And who are those awkward folk?

[Garroth turns around to see Brendan lying on the ground and Aphmau sitting on boxes and drinking from an empty tea cup.]

Garroth: [To himself, quietly] Oh my Irene, no...

Brendan: Aphmau, what are you doing?

Aphmau: I'm doing what I see Emmalyn do since she's a villager.

Brendan: Where did you get that teacup?

[Cuts to Emmalyn's library where's she's looking at an empty saucer.]

Emmalyn: Where did my teacup gooooo?!

[Cuts back to Aphmau and Brendan.]

Aphmau: What are you doing then?

Brendan: I'm playing dead. It makes it more believable that we're a real village with real problems.

Aphmau: Wow. You're smart.

Logan: What are they doin'?

Garroth: [Laughs] Th-they're uhhh... Brendan! Aphmau! Come here!

[Aphmau and Brendan walk over to Garroth and Logan.]

Garroth: Meet Logan. He's the new merchant who might be interested in living here!

Brendan: Really now! Pleasure to meet yah!

[Brendan holds his hand out to Logan.]

Logan: You know, I'm rather interested in this place. There's no competition here. A land I can work into my trade.

Garroth: R-really?!

Logan: Yeah. However, there's two thing I need to assure are here before I can make my choice.

Garroth: Name it!

Logan: How well is the soil? Can't make a market without proper crops.

Brendan: Well... ummm...

Garroth: W-we have one patch of land that grows beautifully and I'm sure the rest will be fine.

Brendan: We are?

Logan: Huh. Well, to see it then. And next... Where's your lord?

Garroth: Uh... our lord...

Logan: Yes. I won't settle for a heckhole without someone to blame.

Garroth: Uhh... well... it's... it's a long story...

[Brendan places his hand on Aphmau's shoulder.]

Brendan: This is our lord.

[Logan and Garroth's voices overlap.]

Garroth: What?!

Logan: Really?

Aphmau: Huh?

Logan: Then let me say: this village is real crap.

Aphmau: W-what?

Garroth: Zenix!

[Zenix comes running over to the group.]

Garroth: P-please show Logan here our most bountiful farm.

Zenix: Yes, Sir. This way.

[Zenix walks off and Logan follows.]

Garroth: What are you doing?

Brendan: You said that the merchant was important and to make sure he had what he n-needed so...

Garroth: It's a lie too big for us!

Donna: Garroth, do we have much of a choice right now?

[Donna walks over to the group.]

Donna: Paul filled me in. Garroth, a lie bigger than you is better than dead bodies lying in the ground.

Garroth: But- but- she's-

Brendan: She might be a good lord! She's been so helpful lately and really cares about this village. In comparison, Lord Malik was a terrible lord.

Aphmau: Then... I could be the next terrible lord!

Donna: [Laughs] You know, she may not be the best lord, but a good lord is better than none.

Garroth: [To Aphmau] Are you okay with this?

Aphmau: If it helps this village, then I can do that.

Garroth: [Sighs] Then only until we can find a new lord-

Logan: New lord of what?

Garroth: H-huh?!

Logan: Your guard, Zenix, saw a rat and tried to chase it off in a sorry attempt to impress me. I have to say, this village is one giant mess of a-

[Logan sees Donna and starts to blush.]

Logan: Who is-

Aphmau: Who is... me? I-I'm the lord.

Logan: [Shaking his head] I must be hallucinating. You know what? I'll stay here to see how things go, but the moment I hate it... again... I'm leaving.

[Logan walks off with his horse.]

Donna: What was that about?

Brendan: It worked!

Aphmau: Did... I help?

Donna: More than you know, Sweetheart.

Garroth: Come with me. I need to ask of you another favor.

[Garroth walks off and Aphmau follows.]

[Garroth leading Aphmau to a small field.]

Garroth: You've already been asked a lot of, but I need you to perform your miracle again.

[Aphmau's eyes go wide.]