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The Village Of Phoenix Drop
Season 1, Episode 2
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July 10, 2019



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"The Village of Phoenix Drop" is the 2nd episode of 'Diaries: Rise of Phoenix Drop'. It premiered on July 10th, 2019.


"A girl appears in a village; she has no idea where or who she is... her life is about to unfold."


Aphmau stands in a barren crop field and when she touches the soil, her markings light up and the crops are revitalized. She's shocked after what happens and so is Garroth, standing near-by after witnessing the whole thing. Vylad watched the whole thing as well and also shocked at Aphmau's sudden ability. Garroth is overjoyed that the soil in the area has been restored. Aphmau, however, didn't know what she did or how she did it and is afraid Garroth is angry with her. He reasures her that what happened is actually a blessing to the village and she should feel no remorse. Garroth then explains to Aphmau how Phoenix Drop has been failing and so have other villages in the region of Ru'aun with Garroth having no explaination of why. Garroth immedietly asks Aphmau to perform her magic again to heal the crops, but Aphmau need to recover after having just used it.

Brian then rushes to crop field to warn Garroth of a werewolf spotted outside the village. When Vylad accidentally steps on a stick and alerts the guards, Garroth commands Brian to check it out, both of them believing it to be the werewolf. After causing a bit more noise, Garroth and Brian rush Vylad's hiding place, him getting away just in time.

Aphmau then hears a cry from the village. Brendan is stuck at the bottom of the well with a drunk and singing Dale. Molly and Donna are attempting to get them out while sharing some banter about Molly's poor choice in a husband. The two women fall down the well during their rescue attempt and get angry and Dale again. Aphmau then lets a rope down the well for the four villagers to escape. Donna is proud of Aphmau while Brendan cries at her feet, thanking her and apologizing for hitting her with a shovel. Molly apologizes for her husband, promising Aphmau that he's a good guard when sober. She takes him away to get him some bread and get him back to normal. Donna then leaves herself after revealing that Visher has gone missing and that she has to look for him.

Brendan gets upset that he has to take down the old lord's house before noon and that with this set-back, he'll never do it in time. Aphmau offer to help him and Brendan is so overwhelmed with gratefulness and joy. Brendan and Aphmau start to take down the old lord's house by knocking the walls out with hammers. Brendan has to teach Aphmau how to do it properly. When they finish partially taking down the house, Brendan tells Aphmau that he must now fix some fences that were damaged during the werewolf spotting. Aphmau offers to help again, which Brendan quickly accepts. With Aphmau's help, Brendan is able to finish the fence rather quickly, although Aphmau's part of the fence isn't as pretty. In an attempt to fix it up, he accidentally hits his finger with his hammer and starts to cry. Aphmau panics and hits her own finger with the hammer to calm him down. It really just makes him laugh and he tells her that when someone is crying, the best thing she can do to help is to make the other person laugh. He lets it go for now and then lets Aphmau know that he has to help Zenix clear out rats in the guard quarter's, to which of course Aphmau offers to help again.

Zenix is busy chasing and threatening a rat when Aphmau and Brendan arrive to help. He claims he doesn't need their help, but when the rat comes out of its hiding place, he orders them to kill it. Brendan tells Aphmau to capture it, but not to hurt it. As Zenix runs after the rat, he's tripped by Kiki, who's furious he's trying to hurt her "little darling". Brendan is horrified that his sister is in town and Zenix tells Kiki that Brendan was attempting to hurt the creature. Kiki gets upset and in her moment of distraction, Zenix chases after the rodent again. He finally corners it when he's confronted by Aphmau who tells a stupid lie to keep him from hurting it. Kiki catches up to them and reveals that the rat is actually a hamster. The hamster they've been trying to catch is her prized hamster of her business "Kiki's Happy Hamster Party" and his name is Sean Connery. Brendan gets really concerned that Kiki is starting another business where she gives away animals, but Kiki assures him that the hamsters are harmless compared to when her squirrels burned down a village. The two continue to argue over the hamsters and squirrels.

In the evening, Garroth, Brian, and Zenix meet up at the revitalized crop field as Garroth explains the magic that Aphmau had performed that morning. Zenix and Brian don't believe him, chalking it up to Brendan's hard word and Garroth being so desperate that he's starting to see things. In a mension over how Zenix doesn't trust Garroth with his helmet, he makes a joking remark about how Garroth is actually ugly. Garroth gets irritated by the comment as he hears it while walking back to the guard quarters.

Aphmau rest on the floor with a single blanket covering her by a fire in Emmalyn's house. After sneezing because of the cold, Emmalyn yells at her to quiet down. Aphmau explains that it is because she is cold while Emmalyn continues to yell at her to fix it. Aphmau complies, falling asleep peacefully.


  • Aphmau
  • Garroth
  • Vylad
  • Brian
  • Brendan
  • Dale
  • Donna
  • Molly
  • Zenix
  • Kiki (First Appearance)
  • Sean Connery (First Appearance)
  • Emmalyn (Voice Only)


  • The villagers falling into the well is a reference to the original series, where Jess had to break the well to keep the villagers from getting stuck. In the original Dale, Molly, Emmalyn, Jeremy, Derek, Stephanie, Arthur, and Emma were all stuck in the well.