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The Yggdrasil Forest (Pronounced [yig-drasilː]) is the forest where elves and fairies are born and raised, such as Zoey. It is a forest of very large trees, which are never cut. It can take years to locate the forest without knowledge of where the forest is. The trees there are sacred and have been mentioned to be able to absorb dead elves' souls after they die.

There is a group of fairies known as the Yggdrasil Fairies that reside in the forest. Although they have been mentioned in a few episodes, not much is known about them. We also have yet to see a Yggdrasil fairy.

Zoey took Levin and Malachi there and raised them for a few years. It has been mentioned many times in the series, but as of Season 2 ep 14, the viewers have never been there.

Malachi accidentally puts a sapling in a potion he was making and he is knocked out for a while, but when he wakes up he is no longer a ghost, he is a human once again. While Malachi is knocked out Zoey is beating herself up and saying ”This is all my fault, I should have been paying better attention to what he was doing." and Aphmau says that she couldn't have stopped him.


The Yggdrasil Forest

In Ep 5 season 3 they finally travel to Yggdrasil forest and the plot there has to do with the heart of darkness.



  • In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine realms. 
  • As of Ep 37 of season 3 of MCD, only Aphmau, Garroth, Katelyn, Levin, Malachi, Lilith, Alina, And Leochant have been to the forest.