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These Aren't the Horses You're Looking For
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Minecraft Diaries Origins [Ep.10] - These Aren't the Horses You're Looking For


Jess: Hey, guys! Aphmau here, and welcome to another exciting episode of Minecraft Diaries! Now, we have a lot to do in this episode, as we have to get our horse facts straight. It's a horse of horse, you know, of course, of course, but not all horses are the same, apparently. There is a lot that I have to go over with you guys, but remember to show your support by leaving a like on the video. Give a thumbs-up. It really shows your support for the series. Now, let's go ahead and get started. Now, first off, in the last episode, I was breeding horses. And it's really cool because it was the first time I have ever bred horses in Minecraft. Well, that's not completely true, but it was the first time that I ever really experienced, like, riding horses and stuff like that. I've done it before, but I just haven't really, like, used a horse for my main mode of transportation. Now that I actually do have a horse, I went and I got an elephant. Go figure. But there is a few things with horses that I wanna get straight with you guys. There's a big difference between Minecraft horses and Mo'Creatures horses. The main difference between Minecraft horses and More-- Mo'Creatures horses-- Sorry I'm saying "more." It's "mo'" because it's cooler. But the main difference is the fact that you can tell that their eyes are different. Now, the Minecraft horses don't have very detailed eyes while the Mo'Creatures horses do have very detailed eyes. And as you guys can-- I'm gonna go in here. Hopefully the cats don't attack me. I fed them earlier, but they're really picky right now. But as you can see, my horses are definitely vanilla horses, vanilla Minecraft horses. And they're very easy to get mixed up because the Mo'Creatures horses kind of resemble the vanilla horses. But there's one thing that you guys need to know, is that I was doing a ton of research on Mo'Creatures, on breeding horses, before I actually started breeding horses. The sources I was using was a little bit outdated and now there's something completely different. Apparently, there's a breeding chart, and I was using that last time. And I didn't do it completely right because the Tier 1 Mo'Creatures horses, you cannot get them unless you actually breed... I believe it's Tier 2 Mo'Creatures horses with just the regular Minecraft horses. Now, that is something that is very-- (stammering) Like, breeding horses is very crazy. But if you want a good horse, if you wanna get those ho'se that you want, like the flying horse, you gotta do this. So what we're gonna do in this episode is we're going to go ahead and spend some time getting the Mo'Creatures horses. And I've actually seen a couple of them. I'm gonna show you something if you give me a second. I've added another mod, a mod that we're very familiar with. I've added another mod to this, and as you can see, it is the-- Whoo! The Morph Mod, that's right! I was able to add it recently because there was an upgrade. But as you can see-- I did a little testing off-camera, and this is a Mo'Creatures horse. Now, as you can see, the eye is completely-- I'm a ho'se. Hee-hee-hee! Aah! I love being a horse! I can just get around on my own. I don't need you, Phantom! I'm just gonna jump around you. But yeah, as you can see, yeah, the eye is completely different. The Mo'Creatures horses have different, more-detailed eyes. So that way, if you guys are playing with Mo'Creatures, you know exactly what's going on. But I'll get into the breeding, so let's go ahead and try to get a Tier 1 Mo'Creatures horse. Now, unless something has changed within the last month, this information is valid, but again, if you guys have any suggestions, remember to leave it in the comments below. I'm still getting used to Mo'Creatures and stuff like that. I'm really enjoying this mod. It's just-- It's a little difficult with the breeding, but we can get past that. So one thing is that the Mo'Creatures-- I made this saddle last time, but I had a hard time apparently identifying the Mo'Creatures... whatchamacallit. (sighs) Oh! I had a hard time identifying the Mo'Creatures horses, but now I know their identifier, which is the eye. So you need a Crafted Saddle in order to mount the Mo'Creatures horse. You also need apples and you need some pumpkins in order to breed them. Oh, God-- Oh, God, there's scorpions! I'm gonna have-- Ugh! I need the guard to take care of this. Or I'll gonna take care of that myself in a second, but I should really eat something. So yeah, you need a Crafted Saddle in order to mount a Mo'Creatures horse. Which is perfectly fine because I needed a horse-- I got a regular Minecraft saddle, and I went searching for it, obviously. But-- And I just needed a horse. But I might not ride you, horse. I might ride my elephant because I just-- I have an elephant! I mean, who wouldn't use an elephant as their main mode of transportation? Elefun! Elefun! (clicking tongue) I still need to learn how to ride these horses. "Horses." (blows raspberry) Elephants. (gasps) Speaking of big elephants, let's go see how the bunnies are doing. Oh, my God. Oh, my-- How many bunnies--? Oh, my God! How many bunnies do I have?! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten-- Oh, God, I can't even tell. They're all jumping around everywhere! Oh, God, you guys have been busy. Oh, man. All right, so I'm just getting black and white bunnies. I need to find a new bunny that I can bring so I can get a different variety, a different color of bunnies. Elefun! Can I ride you? Can I ride you? All right, so I'm still having a hard time-- Oh, there we go! There we go. There we go. All right. Oh, I'm on an elephant and this is the best thing ever! The elephant's a little bit slow. Ooh... Maybe I just need some more legroom. Can I lasso other horses with the elephant? Let's see. Bleh, bleh, bleh. Can I lasso you? Are you lassoed? No. So I might just take Phantom out. But I will definitely ride Elefun around later on. I also wanna get an Asian elephant because they have this really cool decor, like, this aesthetic, nice, little harness you can put on them and it's really awesome. Oh, hello, kids! How are you doing today?

Shepard: Maybe later.

Jess: Oh, I'm sorry, Shepard. You were sleeping. Everyone was sleeping. I'm going to bed. All right, so let's just go ahead and round us up some Mo'Creatures horses. During the breeding in this, we're probably going to make a few cuts. Just because I wanna make sure that I get the right horses and I know what I'm doing with my horses, 'cause I don't wanna have an incident like last time where I am just running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get some ho'ses that I don't even know are the right horses! All right. Horse rage, that's what it's called. Horse rage, a lot of it! Okay, all right. Now that I'm done... Children, take care of your father. I don't even know where he's at. I'm sure he's here. Aceton? No, that's Nick. Nick! His evil twin brother! My husband's evil twin brother. All right. So let's see, we have a crafted saddle, we have sugar lumps just in case we find another elephant, we also have apples and other things so we can try to get a Mo'Creatures horse. All right, so let's go ahead and get going. Tally-ho, Phantom! Let's go! (neighs; as Phantom) Okay, Aphmau! Let's go! (as herself) Why are talking to me, Phantom? This is the weirdest thing I've ever done. All right, so there's my barn. I'll also show you guys the changes that I-- (exclaims) That was a hole right there. Is that a Mo'Creatures horse? No, it's not. I'll also show you guys the changes around the town that I made when we go back. Something super cool. Just a few things that I've added. You know, like I said, I'm making small changes per episode, so if you have noticed the changes, you know... keep them to yourself until the end, see if you're right. Because that way-- See if you're right at the end of the episode if you notice the changes. Nothing too big, like I said, until we actually start getting into the series, then you'll be able to notice the big changes that are going on. But so far, I've just done small changes. Just letting you guys know that's what I'm doing. Ooh, there's a cow! Moo! Actually... actually, cow, I need leather, so... Nyeh. Nyeh! Cow, come here! (grunts) Cow! There we go. Oh, gosh. Oh, man. (laughs) Am I cow riding a horse? Wait, am I--? Oh, my God! I'm a cow riding a horse. (neighing) Go, pony! (laughs; gasps) I could be a horse riding a horse! Oh, my gosh! (neighs; laughing) I'm so happy. Look at me. I'mma be a chicken riding a horse. How about that? I'mma be a chicken riding a horse. Oh, my gosh. This has to be, like, the best thing ever. Am I taking damage? Am I taking damage as a chicken? This is the worst-- Okay, so I'm just gonna-- Maybe I could be a pig-- Okay, I'm having too much fun with the Morph Mod. All right, let's go ahead and come over here. Oh, you know what? I'm just gonna go back to regular me, at least for the time being. Let's try to round up a few Mo'Creatures horses. And there's a zebra. I'm gonna need a zebra later. In order to do the breeding. It's just gonna be really difficult. And there's a bunny! I need a new bunny. All right, so let's see. (vocalizing tune) Oh, hello, Mr. Horse. Are you a horse? Yes, but you're not the horse I'm looking for. This is the not the horse you are looking for. Ooh! Ooh, look at that! Ooh, a Mo'Creatures horse! Okay, all right. I really should've brought-- Let's see. I really, really, really should've brought a post. Do I have a fence? Let's see. I probably-- No. I don't have a fence. I don't have anything to tie my horse down. But that's perfectly fine. Okay. All right, pony. I want to tame you, and I have some apples. Would you like to be my horse? Ooh! Oh, I have to pick a pet name! Oh, shoot! Um, okay. I'm gonna name you... let's see. I was looking through the name suggestions. I need names for horses. All right, so Epona, that will be your name because that was a suggestion that I saw. Let's see. All right, so you-- Oh, where's my other horse? All right, so I really just need to keep my horses in order, get my horses straight. All right, Epona, let's go. Phantom... All right, so you, you are also a horse. Hello, horse. I would like to have you as a pet. Let's see. One of the names that I saw last time was... What was one of the names I saw last time? Oh, my gosh. Oh, Sparkles. S-P-A-R-K-- Sparkles. There we go. I feel like I named one of my cats Sparkles. We're just gonna take all these horses back. Hello, horses! This is like Discount Horse Warehouse! Ha-ha! Ware-horse. Discount Horse Ware-horse. Oh, God, I'm having too much fun with these names. All right, so let's see. Let's come over here. And forgive me if I miss a name that you guys have said for the horses. I will definitely get more horses. I mean, I can get as many animals as I want. I wanna expand my barn and make it super big. So let's see what I got over here. Do I have any other horse options? I don't think I have any other horse options for the moment. So I'm gonna see if I can get on one of my horses. You! Let's go! All right, come on, horses! Let's go! (neighing; as horse) Okay, Aphmau! Let's go! (as herself) Stop talking to me, horse. I know it's not you, it's just my subconscious talking to me 'cause I'm lonely. (neighs) Oh, tiger! Oh, gosh. Is that tiger gonna attack me? Uh, I haven't-- Oh, gosh. I haven't read up on the big cats completely. But I would like a tiger, so I know where the tigers are now. So let's go ahead and see what I can find as far as horses go. Ooh, kitties, don't eat my horse! Please don't eat my horses, kitties. Oh, there's some more horses over there. Cool. Oh, there's a donkey as well. (chuckles; as Shrek) Oh, Donkey! Donkey! Get out of my swamp! (as Donkey) Oh, Shrek, this ain't no swamp! (chuckles; as herself) I'm really bad at doing-- Oh, God, I'm really bad at doing a Donkey impersonation. Okay. All right, so Mo'Creatures horses. That is what we are looking for. We want Mo'Creatures horses. All right, so let's see. These are Minecraft horses. I pretty much have-- I think just-- I have a bunch of regular Minecraft horses, so I should be able to breed a Tier 1 Mo'Creatures horse with these horses. So let's see. There's a cat! Okay, so let's see. (as horse) Aphmau, where are you going? There's a raccoon. You could bring the raccoon back with you. (as herself) I could bring the raccoon back with me, Mr. Horse. But I'm just a little busy looking for horses. Can't you see I'm busy? (as horse) No. (neighing; as herself) That's the answer for [everything]. What is that? Is that a stingray? (gasps) Oh, I need to make an aquarium! I think that's, like, the next thing I need to do after I start breeding horses. But let's get our horses straight, and we will make an aquarium. Oh, what is that?! There's so many cool things! Oh, gosh, all right. So let's see, we have two Mo'Creatures horses. Let's see if we can at least find one mo' Mo'Creatures horses. All right, so you're not a Mo'Creatures horse. Are you guys? Hello! Oh, you look like-- No, you're not a Mo'Creatures horse. You're not a Mo'Creatures horse. You wish you a Mo'Creatures horse because I would put you on this lead and take you. Unless you were a Mo'Creatures horse and I just wasn't paying attention. I do apologize about that. Okay, so I think... Let's see. Mm... you look adorable, but you're not the horse I'm looking for. Okay, so... Wait, where did my horses go? Horses! Why would you do that to me? All right, so get on my lead. Get on the lead, horses. Yeah, I really shouldn't go too far from my horses, actually. All right, so I think I can just take you guys back and try to figure out a way to breed you guys. Does that sound good, Sparkles and Epona? Does that sound good? Wait, are you my horse? You're not even my horse! What are you doing?! You're a weird horse. Get away. (neighing) Uh, who are you? (stammering) Where did Epona go? You look more like Epona, but you're not the Epona I'm looking for. There's Epona. Hello, Epona. Sorry about that. I didn't mean to get-- Oh, you're stuck. Oh, my goodness. All right, I'm gonna help you, Epona, don't worry. Don't worry. I happen to be very heroic. I'll treat you right. Let's go.

[Epona neighing.]

Jess: (neighs) Did I save her? Oh, yes, I did! All right, so now let's go ahead and take our Mo'Creatures horses home, and I'll see if I'm able to breed them and get a Tier 1 Mo'Creatures horse. So let's see. Here we go, get on this horse and hopefully we'll find some mo' horses as we go along. What is that?

[Snake hissing.]

Jess: Oh, that's a snake! I need to hatch my snake egg. That's what I need to do. All right, so come on, guys. I'll make sure you won't fall in a hole like you just did to get away from me. All right, come on. Let's go. (neighing) We'll probably go ahead and cut right here until I get them into the-- 'Cause I have a feeling I'm gonna have to go over some really tough terrain, so let's go ahead and cut to when I actually get them into their pens. Let's go, horses! (neighing; as horse) Okay!


Jess: (as herself) Okay! Well, getting horses here with the lead on another horse is a little bit difficult, especially at night. But as you can see, I have my-- Oh, wait. Phantom, come over here. Come over here, Phantom. Stay right there. I have Sparkles and Epona here, and I also picked up Lilly. Lilly is a lovely horse. She's a very nice brown and white-spotted horse. Very pretty. I should've really named her Epona, but I found Epona over here, so hello, Epona. All right. So now that I've got my other horses, I hope this-- Let's see. So I'm gonna need to put these horses in different areas. I'm also going to go ahead and need-- Oh, gosh, I really should take care of that scorpion problem. Let's see if I can actually get rid of those scorpions. Scorpions, go away! Oh! (yelps) Scorpions are so ugly! (shrieks) I became a scorpion! I'm ugly! No! Okay, well, now that I'm a pet scorpion-- Wait, was that a pet scorpion? I hope I just didn't kill somebody's pet. Oh, my gosh, that's terrible. Oh, well. Okay, so as long as they don't attack me, I won't attack them. I'll go by that rule. All right, so here's some pumpkins over here. I'm gonna go ahead and gather these pumpkins because I'm going to go ahead and need them for breeding the Mo'Creatures horses with the regular Minecraft horses. All right, so let's see. That's our goal. Our goal is just to get a regular Mo'Creatures Tier 1 horse, and then we can continue our breeding process and collecting more horses and-- What? Doomakitten?! What are you doing over here?!

[Doomakitten meows.]

Jess: I know! What are you doing--? You're supposed to be in the pen with everybody else! Let me just get this pumpkin. We're gonna go home, Doomakitten. I don't even know what you're doing out here. I was wondering where you went, and now I know you're over here shaking your head like you just don't care. Come on, Doomakitten, let's go. Wait, uh, I gotta throw out something... I have so much precious stuff! Okay, so I-- Nothing's more precious than my lovely pets. All right, so come on, let's go. Let's go, Doomakitten. You need some food. I need to make some more pet food for the cats. They definitely need pet food. Ooh, scorpions! Oh, another scorpion! I don't like scorpions. (shudders) Especially since Fievel Goes West when Fievel got in that hole with the scorpion. It was, like, the most terrifying thing, for those of you guys who remember that movie. All right, so let's see. Now that I have Doomakitten, I believe I'm gonna have to separate the horses now so they can do their mating thing. Again, we're probably gonna have to cut so I can see if I can actually get a little pony. (singing) ♪ My little pony, my little pony ♪

♪ Ah, ah-- ♪

Jess: (speaking voice) Okay. You want cat food? Everyone wants cat food. I'm gonna have to make cat food soon. All right, so let's see. I'm really gonna have to separate the horses. So let's see how I can do this. I'm gonna need to make, like, a little pen thing. So, I don't have the matching-- Do I have any more matching wood? This is gonna be a little bit crazy, but let's see if I can do this. All right, so we're gonna go ahead and do this really quick. I really should just empty out my inventory. I think that's what I should really focus on right now. But let's just get the stalls ready at least. Ooh, whoa. Yeah. Put that there. And put another one, another stall here... Then we're gonna continue to bring this-- Oh, wait, I don't even have the thing. It's gonna look beautiful when I'm done with it. It's gonna look beautiful. But for now, let's go ahead and see if we can finish this up really quick. Let's put everything in here, everything I don't need. I'm also gonna need a golden apple, so I do need that gold. Come back here, gold. I'm gonna need apples, I got apples. Let's go ahead and see if we can get at least two horses in there. And let's see if we can go ahead and breed them. It's gonna be one-- I'm gonna have to be the Lo~oove Doctor again. I need to get, like, a Lo~oove Doctor song. Can someone write me a love doctor song or something like that? I think I'm gonna need that. It's very important. Very important to have the song. If you don't have a theme song, you're not really a love doctor. All right, so... where's-- I have an axe? I swore I have an axe. Apparently I don't have an axe. Oh, yes. Well, I can use this axe temporarily. Eh, it's not a great axe, but it'll do. It'll do. All right, so let's see. I swear to goodness, guys, I'm gonna sort out my stuff. I'm gonna make some nice chests that separate everything. I'm gonna have everything in order next time. Just gotta make sure-- Oh, there we go. Just gotta make sure that I take care of all that stuff first. Gotta make sure to take care of that stuff. So I'm gonna need some sticks to make some fences, and I'm gonna need to make some gates and stuff like that. It's gonna be the best breeding house you've ever seen, promise. You know what? I'll probably just take this crafting bench as well. I hope Aceton doesn't mind! I'm taking the crafting bench! Aceton isn't even here. All my kids are out. I'm trying to build them houses, so hopefully that works perfectly fine. I swear, kitty! Don't go into your mood swings. All right. So here we go, we're gonna go ahead and just make this really quick. Really quick... That's not enough. Which is why I brought the crafting bench! Here we go. We have this here, and then... get rid of these unsightly things. Get rid of them, make it look really nice. So you're seeing a little bit of building on-camera here, guys, but that's perfectly fine. I don't wanna have everything behind the scenes, that'd just be crazy. All right, so let's put this here, and then I'll put the crafting bench right here. And then I'll put some, like, hay bales and stuff like that. It's gonna look beautiful! I swear it's gonna look beautiful. All right, so let's see. Put this here, put that there, make another fence, and we're in business! All right, so let's see if we can get two of these horses together and see if they will make a regular horse. So I'm going to have to cut right here to get the horses in and also to see if I have the right horses, 'cause I don't wanna make a mistake like I did last time. Let's go ahead and get them in.


Jess: All right, so I went to go check my facts to see if I have everything straight. Now, if I try to get this Mo'Creatures horse, it's gonna be a little difficult because it might not turn up on the first time. Very possible for that to happen, but hopefully that doesn't happen to me. I didn't get the horses in there just yet because I wanna show you guys my pro riding skills. I've improved since, you know... since I first started riding horses! You never saw that. Horses! (sighs) Phantom, you're really letting me down right now. Come on, Phantom. We can do this. We got this, we got this! We're gonna get riled up, let's do it! Yeah! We did it! We did it. There's a spider! Oh, God! Oh, no! Let's get it! There we go. Aah! I'm a spider riding a horse now! It's like a skeleton riding a spider, only the spider is a skeleton in this case. And the horse is the-- I don't even wanna do this anymore. I don't wanna be a spider. Oh, gosh. All right, so let's go ahead and get Phantom in here. Phantom, like I said before, you're my stud. You're the one that I'm gonna need to-- Oh, oh, God, Phantom, you can't even get in here. All right, so we're just gonna use this axe to get the-- There we go. All right. All right, cool. So there we go. All right, so now we have Phantom in here. Phantom, you stay right there. Uh, wait, where am I? Whoa! My horse just teleported me out of there. Crazy! All right, so we're gonna close that. And Phantom is able to be bred with-- Uh, let's see-- Epona, actually. Which is really, really interesting. Now, in order to ride Epona, I need the crafted saddle. Remember, I don't need the regular Minecraft saddle. Mo'Creatures require the crafted saddle. There we go. And you can actually put the saddle on the Mo'Creatures-- Oh, yeah, that's right. You can also put the saddle on the Mo'Creatures horses before you tame them, which is pretty cool. I mean, you know, they're just getting ready to tame them. All right, so let's see what you can do. Let's see what you can do, Epona. Can you jump that fence? 'Cause I know you've done it in a video game before, it's really cool. Let's see. (neighs) Oh, you did it! You did it! All right, good, good, good. All right, so now we have-- There we go. (grunts) Okay. I don't even know how that-- Oh, wait. Whoa, I went from horse to horse. That's kinda crazy. All right, so we're just gonna have to break this down. These horses are so big! I need to make, like, a back door for these horses. That's exactly what I need to do. All right, so Epona, there you go. Uh, where--? Oh, man. My horses are just letting me down in the weirdest areas. There we go. All right, so Epona, meet Phantom. Phantom, Epona. I know you guys only have know each other for so long, but we're gonna get to work here. Now, I'm the love doctor. I'm here for your couples consultation. Uh, if you could please take off your armor... They just threw me out of the-- Okay, all right. All right, you crazy kids. Let's see, I'm gonna take off this armor. There we go. All right. There you go! Aww! He's giving her a kiss on the cheek. It's adorable! Unless-- All right, we'll figure this out later. But let's give you-- You're the regular Minecraft horse, so let's give you the golden apple. There you go, you're in love mode. Aah! I don't wanna be in here! All right. And there you go. And you have-- You eat the pumpkin. Whoa, you ate so many pumpkins. Aah, I don't wanna be in here again! All right. Now, you guys, over time, these two-- Let's see. Uh, are they gonna do it now? Are they gonna do it now? I might have to wait a little bit. I might have to wait a little bit to see if these guys will make a little pony. But we'll see if we can get them to make a little pony. Let's see. Do it now! I guess it just doesn't happen like that. They gotta get to know each other first. All right, so let's give these crazy kids some time together, and we'll come back and we'll see when they are able to give us a pony. But until then, I'm just gonna leave you guys alone. There you go. Um, don't mind the bunnies. They're just-- Oh, gosh. I swear, you guys are gonna need to leave me a bunch of names for the bunnies. 'Cause I don't even wanna pick any of them up right now, there's so many bunnies in there. Um, you got--? Okay, no pony yet. I shouldn't expect things to move really quick. But all right, so let's go ahead-- Oh, goodness, I hope the kitties didn't get out. Okay, all right. So Sparkles, Lilly, you guys stay there. All right, so let me show you what I'm working on right now. So as you can see, I'm almost done putting in all the nice stone for the villagers. I'm also going to try to move my house up there, like I said before. I made this-- Whoa! Madison? What are you doing in here? Madison, just come out of there. I know you're crying because you're stuck. Yeah, he's blue because he's stuck. Madison, oh, gosh. I fixed up these houses because, as you guys remember, they were totally torn in half! It was crazy! Shepard's over there, tending the fields as usual. Where'd he go? What house did he go into? Tanner's house?! You guys gonna live with Tanner? Okay, if you wanna live in Tanner's house... (gasps) Katniss, you're dating Tanner! Oh, my gosh! All right. So another thing I'm working on is the schoolhouse. I'm finally getting around to that, to giving our children some education. I know some people here are planning on having-- What are you doing up there? Is that Aceton? Aceton, is that you? Aceton, I swear to goodness, is that you? Is that Aceton? I can't even tell. Aceton... you get down here right now. Is that you? (gasps) Aceton! What-- (chuckles) I like how he's so casual.

Aceton: Hey, how is it going?

Jess: Aceton, why are you standing up here?

Aceton: It's getting boring talking about the same thing.

Jess: Aww, let's give him a kiss.

Aceton: You're so sweet.

Jess: All right, Aceton, you contemplate your life choices up there. I know I'm a very hard wife to manage because, with all my money-spending and stuff like that and horse-taming, I'm a little crazy. I'm like a wild horse. You can't tame me. I'm like Spirit, like that one movie. All right. So let's go ahead, I wanna show you guys what I'm working on. This is the schoolhouse where the children of the future can get their education here. Um, apparently my workers are on their lunch break. Very lazy workers. I don't even pay them. But it's perfectly fine, they can go on their lunch break. So I'm planning on putting, like, a bell up here, we got the scaffolding... This is just, like, the outer line work for right now and it'll develop over time. You'll see it coming to fruition. It's gonna be really awesome. But let's go ahead and check on our horses. And if they haven't made a baby by now, we'll go ahead and wait a few days and then we'll see if they make a horse, like, the Tier 1 horse I'm looking for. Hopefully they will. So let's go check on them. And I'm really hungry right now. I really should eat. Oh, my goodness. But let's check on the horses. Sparkles... Uh, Sparkles, you need to get inside, actually. I'll put you inside in a second, but I'm really excited about my horses! All right. You guys staying there? You guys good? All these horses? I'm gonna need to get a name tag for those horses. But how are you kids--? Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! It's a ghost! (exclaims) Oh, my gosh! It's a--

[Wraith groans.]

Jess: Oh, great, now I'm a wraith. Oh! It's crazy. All right, so these kids are gonna be pretty busy. I'm gonna go ahead and leave them alone and-- Ooh... what is that? Am I naming-- What am I naming? What am I naming? Um, okay. Umm... let me see. I'm gonna name you Ponyta, 'cause that was a suggestion. Unless you're not a pony, right? (gasps) Oh, my gosh! Look at my little pony! Oh, my gosh! I have a little pony now! Oh, my gosh! Okay, so are you the horse I'm looking for? That's the [question]. I can't even see! Epona, can you get out of the way? I'm a wraith. Why am I a wraith? Oh, my gosh. All right, so they gave me a pony. You look like a pony. You're definitely-- What are you? What tier horse are you? Ooh, wow, you're-- Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness, what tier horse are you? I have to look this up really quick!


Jess: Okay, so it looks like Ponyta here, little Ponyta, is a Tier 3 horse. That's what it looks like to me. And if Ponyta is a Tier 3 horse, that means I can start working on a bunch of other things. But I'm gonna start breeding more horses, I'm gonna get these stalls fixed up, I'm gonna get Ponyta out of here when she's ready. Aww, you guys are parents, congratulations! I told you guys I'm really good. I'm a really good couples counselor, guys. You come back to me whenever. But I'm gonna make these stalls for the other horses, so that way, I can start breeding, trying to get my fairy horse eventually. I gotta figure out what color I wanna dye it. It's gonna be really crazy. All righty, guys! Well, thank you so much for joining me for this episode of Minecraft Diaries. Remember, to leave a like below, and until next time, I will see you ladies and gentlemen later! Stay awesome!

[Outro Music]