•  *These are CONSTANTLY getting update these days so check back often!

    #1 RULE: HAVEEEEE FFFFUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Everyone (and I mean everyone) is welcomed here! :D Don't be shy, jump on in, the water's fine! The more the merrier! Seriously! (Just look out for Lucinda's cat potion... being a cat isn't as fun as it looks.)

    Note: Anyone can be a moderator! Unlike some places, mini-modding is acceptable so long as it doesn't start a fight (if it does, come find a Moderator or Admin). So what should you do? Simple! Give that person a friendly nudge towards this post. Whether it be in the chat or on their message wall, everyone can help! 

    Offence System: For first offence, you will get one warning and a possible punch from Katelyn, second offence, you will be blocked/kicked for a day, third offence will result in a month ban from the Wikia, forth will be a full-out ban. (Kicks/Bans apply to all but chat. See "Chat" for chat Kicks/Bans)

    Overall Rules

    These apply to all aspects of the Wikia, forums, pages, chat, ect.

    • Be appropriate- This Wikia is designed around kids, use common sense. Aka don't be high school Dante or current day Travis.
    • No cussing- This includes censored words. Irene will be disappointed in you
    • No harassment- Playing around is fine, but stop means stop. If reported, this will be an immediate ban without a warning, also Katelyn will find you and she hits pretty hard.
    • Respect the mods. They respect you and they're doing their job, or else Aaron will find you and it'll probably get messy I mean just look at those ab- you heard nothing.
    • Do not link to anything inappropriate, keep you're strange fan fics to yourself or you'll scare poor Laurence.
    • No ban evading. This includes making a new account or using a friend's account or using your dogs account or even your cat's cousin's friend's neighbor's pig's account. Don't do it.
    • Have fun!- What’s the Wikias purpose of there’s no fun?! (Disclaimer: making fun of Zane for liking ponies is not fun be nice)

    Page Rules

    • Make sure your page relates to Aphmau
    • Please do not make pages that do not add to the information on Aphmau or her series (This inclues clubs, OC's, FanFics, and other) (You can ALWAYS put these in a blog) Or else the Table won't like you.
    • Do not delete all info from a page and leave it that way UNLESS that information is breaking one of the Overall Rules- Rewording or replacing incorrect info is fine. And no Garroth is not a fish thank you fan theory.
    • Joke pages are allowed as long as they're kept to a minimum, have the notice box, and have some sort of true info as to how that character relates to the series. If you want an example check out the BOOTYIFUL PRINCESS TRAVIS PAGE 

    Category Rules

    • Don't make double categories (eg: have a category called Girls and Girl, or MCD S1 and MC Diaries S1) Last thing we need is two Chads... uhh Chadi... Ch- you get the point.
    • Named categories (eg: Dante or Travis) should only contain the pages for that character (The MCD page and the MyStreet page for that character or if theres any other weird page for that character (eg: Princess Travis under Travis) you can add that or if their name is in the title of that page)(Also anything in parentheses you are required to read in a whisper voice)
    • No "wut" categories (eg: DIS IS MAI THORIE RED IT PLSSS OMG, I have an idea, just anything that doesn't sound like a category)
    • If you do add a new category, make sure its not a double, if it's not a double, add some sort of discription to that category, do NOT leave it blank.

    Chat Rules

    One offence will result in a kick (warning) second will be a day ban, third a week, and finally infinite ban (OVER 9000)

    • Do not repeatedly spam chat- sending lots of messages in a short period of time that is the same word/phrase or random letters. This includes when you're laughing at Aphmau for being short. US SHORT PEOPLE ARE CUTE OKAY!

    Blog Rules

    • Follow the Overall Rules and you won't be punched like Travis

    Forum Rules

    • Try not to reply to a post that is 2+ months old unless necessary, like the world will explode if you don’t necessary. (This thread being an exception because rules are cool)
    • Post your thread under the correct topic- this will not result in a warn or ban unless you are doing it on purpose, your thread will just be moved, or tossed, like a salad... I'm hungry.

    Policies reflect the type of behavior we expect related to certain topics. The punishments for breaking a policy may be different then a rule, however most policies fall into a rule category so don't worry 'bout it

    Ships Policy

    • all ships should be respected and loved like the ships they are 
    • If you are angered over a cannon ship, please either keep it to yourself or respond in a mature manner. Keep in mind anything that starts a flame war on the blogs or forums will be removed because fighting is mean and only fuels Katelyn's punches.

    -A Wild Blurb Appears-

    All this being said, never let these rules intimidate you, Wikis thrive off of being kind and caring places and honestly, as the Owner, that means the most to me. NEVERRR be to intimidated to approch me, mods, or other Admins as it is honestly our #1 goal to be as kind as possible and not robots, because robots stink like smelly gym socks. I'm not even lying thats what the robot from my school robotics club smells like. But yeah so anyways, I really wish rules didn't have to be so harsh. -.- I love all ya faces ╰(˵ヘωヘ✿)╯ ~Pink :D

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