• With a lot of pages on a lot of things being added constantly, I can see why people have started to find other ways to fill the wiki and start making episode and transcript pages.

    Pages on episodes of Aphmau's series and the transcripts of those episodes are a good thing to have to this wiki. Yet, the disagreement on how such pages should be organized is what bothers me.

    When this wiki was booming around the 70th episode of Minecraft Diaries, I started moving information on pages around to meet a template I made off the top of my head. That order was: Bio Appearance Personality Gallery Trivia Quotes. Within a few days people had caught on to the few pages I did to this and soon every page followed that template.

    Then, when I saw how people were using graphs and weird, extended boxes and tables to display character info, I decided to learn a thing or two about HTML and make the character template.

    Pretty soon every character page had this template.

    But when I noticed that people were starting to make episode pages, I thought "Well the same thing I did will probably happen. So I don't have to intervene and make a structure for episodes". But was I mistaken.

    A while after there were scattered random pages linked /New_World_/Transcript and /The_Cellar_(Transcript). And if you didn't know, adding another / to a page link makes it into a new page. And many of these pages didn't even have a single word in them.

    I wouldn't make a forum post if I didn't think this wasn't an easy fix. But with over 700 pages already and almost 1800 episode that could theoretically be transcripted, I didn't want to just try setting up a few pages and see if everyone else follows suit.

    So I decided to (after like six paragraphs) make an official way to organize pages.

    From now on any and all episodes should be made like this:

    Pages on episodes will be titled the name of the episode with the series name in parenthesis; Episode Name (Series Name). Some series names should be shortened for convenience. Minecraft Diaries will be "(Diaries)", Diaries War of Magi will be "(Diaries 2nd)", Origins will be "(Diaries Origins)", and the rest I hope you'll be able to figure out by yourselves.

    Transcripts go in a second layer page titled "Transcript". NOT "Transcripts", or "(Transcript)" etc. Example: /New World (Diaries)/Transcript/

    As of now, I think episode pages don't need an "official" format. As BurningEdje seems to have that covered with Blurb Summary Trivia Video, and the episode infoboxes. But if that get's out of hand then someone, if not I, will step in and set a structure for people to follow.

    'Til next, signing out.

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