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To The Other Side
Season 1, Episode 1
Post Date June 29th, 2019
Duration 24:50
Written By Jess (Aphmau)
Directed By
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
Episode Guide
"True Source Of A Woman's Power"

"To The Other Side" also known as "The Prince's Desire" is the 1st episode of the My Inner Demons.


The characters that appear in this episode are Noi, Leif, Asch, Peirce, Rhys, Ava, Lorelai, and Lady Grandma


It all begins when Pierce, Noi, Leif and Rhys battle over The Last Soul to be the first to bring it to Asch, the prince of Daemos. Nonetheless, they are caught red-handed said by the prince and Lady Grandma.

In order to retain magic in their world, they had to drain the magic out of the soul. Allegedly, the knights were not meant to hunt it down, since the Council was protecting it by keeping it in seclucion. This dangerous act could cost their lives. To seek out new sources of magic, for the soul to be magical one of the demons needed to sacrifice there magic. The demons fought for who should do it at the end Noi ends up doing it causing his magic to drain. Asch creates a portal to the New World, Earth.

Meanwhile, Ava, the female protagonist of the story, has to run errands, take out the trash and get ready for a job interview at the supermarket. She then meets Jake outside of her apartment door and starts talking.

Ava and the Daemos meet in a back-alley, where she finds them suffering due to their lack of tolerance to the Earth's environment. Noi and Pierce were burning in the sun and the others were choking becuase of the oxygen She then attempts to reanimate Asch that has fainted on the sidewalk. Being wary of everything, they see her as a threat and hung her on a branch by her sweater.

Later, on the main street, the boys mistake picture flashes for blinding magic and believe that cosplayers wear Daemos horns as trophies. This leads them to want human prisoners. They then go back to see Ava and take her unconscious body, as a result of Asch burning a tree using his magic and tugging on his horn. This causes Asch to blush and Leif and Rhys Pierce put his hands on Noi's face for him not to see it. react badly. Ava realizes that he's a real demon and faints. *THE END*



  • When Ava tugs on Asch's horn he blushes and causes the rest of the group to gasp and Peirce to cover Noi's eyes which may mean that tugging on the horns mean sexuality to the Daemos.
  • The original name for the episode was, "To the Other Side".The reasons for this change are unknown.



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