Toby is the former tertiary antagonist in MyStreet: When Angels Fall and the commander of the Guardian Force.

He first appeared to give a report about the guard's whereabouts on Starlight, much to Michael's dismay that they are not near the Ultima.

He then stopped Melissa, Aaron and Kawaii~Chan from escaping the hotel room, forcing Melissa to surrender herself while pushing Aaron and Kawaii~Chan into the stairwell. He was about to give orders to arrest Melissa, but he noticed one of the guard's eyes turn green and heard Michael secretly ordering Melissa's death. He was about to stop the guard but shots were already fired, leaving him to question why did the guards kill Melissa instead of arresting her.

He was later seen with his group talking about how the ambush ended in the death of a civilian, though a doctor said they are in stable condition and suspects a mole is involved, but nonetheless, Aaron is still the main target. He then went in disguise, observing possible people who are helping the Ultima and later deduces that Aphmau and Zane are allies and chased them down.

While he was able to apprehend Zane and handcuff him, Aphmau intervened in her werewolf form. Because of his experience with his ancestor's involvement with the Ultima, he questions why Aphmau is willing to call Aaron, the Ultima, her fiancé and protect him. Aphmau angrily respond that he saved her life back in Emerald Secret, but Toby said that if Aaron is still alive, countless people will die, and even humanity itself will be in danger. Aphmau declares that Toby doesn't know what a real monster is like and leaves. She was probably referring to either Ein or Toby and the Guardian Force, who were all threatening Aaron's happiness in living a normal life.

Personality Edit

Toby is vehement about hunting down Aaron, mainly due to his grandfather sacrificing his life to kill Aaron's grandfather. He makes it his second priority to capture all Ultimas, the first being safety of everyone else.

He does not want any innocent people to die. This is shown when Melissa was murdered, and he called for the paramedics rather than chase down Aaron, which proves he cares more about saving lives than hunting Ultimas.

When Michael brainwashed his army, Toby underwent a significant change. Rowan convinced him that he was so obsessed with taking down Aaron that he "failed to realize the real monster right in front of him." He joined Rowan in his attempt to take down Michael.