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Human (clone)







Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Purple (Right Eye)
  • Green (Left Eye)
Professional Status

Prodigy Scientist

Personal Status
  • Modzilla (Father-Figure; Father via DNA)
  • Polly (Mother via DNA)
  • Aphmau (Mother-Figure; Caretaker)
First Appearance
Voice Actor
  • Quinn O'Quinn

Biography Edit

Tommy is a clone of Professor Modzilla and Polly's DNA. He is seven years old and currently resides with Aphmau in her home since Modzilla returned to his dimension. At the age of fourteen, he started doing science again after encountering Laurance.

Other Series Edit

Tommy also makes an appearance in Minecraft Kindergarten as one of the good kids. He is taken out and put into another class in Season 2.

Appearance Edit

Tommy looks almost exactly like his father or the man who had cloned him, Professor Modzilla, in the sense that he is a seven year old clone of him. He has brown hair, one green eye and one purple eye, black paint where his father's scar is, a white lab coat with light green cuffs and buttons, black gloves, black pants and brown shoes. He appears to have a black undershirt underneath.

In Episode 5 of VOID Paradox("Aphmau In Danger"), Tommy says that after Modzilla left, he stopped wearing the facepaint. But, slowly after time, the void burn started to appear.

Relationships Edit

Professor Modzilla Edit

Tommy cares for his creator as a father, even painting his face like him to make him feel better about his rough past. Professor Modzilla has put Tommy in the new dimension so that he could take his place after he went back into his original one.

Aphmau Edit

Aphmau is Tommy's mother figure. He has called her "Mom" in some episodes and currently resides with her since Modzilla is away.

Megan Edit

Megan is Tommy's best friend and love interest. Tommy was very afraid of her at first, thinking that she had cooties, but later grew to like her. Megan loves dinosaurs and thinks she is a dinosaur and this has unfortunately gotten Tommy into trouble, convincing him to create Pigzilla and destroying most of the village.

Polly Edit

Tommy does seem to like Polly, even though she and his creator are supposed to be enemies. Her DNA, along with Professor Modzilla's DNA, was used to create Tommy. Polly is completely unaware of this.

Laila Edit

Tommy has been seen having dinner with Laila at Aphmau's restaurant in one episode, leading us to believe that they are on fairly good terms.


As the clone of Professor Modzilla, Tommy is in love with science like Modzilla, but is not as reckless as he is. He is also very childish and has gotten into trouble in past episodes, but normally is a normal, sweet, super cute seven year old. Even though he is a clone of Professor Modzilla, he also has developed his own personality with some help from others.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Tommy is an Aramaic baby name. In Aramaic the meaning of the name Tommy is Twin, which is seemingly quite ironic due to the fact that Tommy is Modzilla's clone.
  • Due to Ross owning a crush on Megan, it could be possible that Tommy and Ross could be enemies.


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