Full Name

Travis Valkrum


Crimson Red Broadsword




Lightly Tanned

Hair Color

White/Pale Grey

Eye Color

Bright Green

Professional Status

Phoenix Alliance


Guard of the Phoenix Alliance

Personal Status


  • Enki (Mother; deceased) [Not the Divine Warrior]
  • Michael (Father)

Travis (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"Cursed at Sea"

Voice Actor

Patrick M. Seymour

I can't change your mind right now, kid, but I want you to know, if someone cares about you, you should give them a chance - especially if they've never had one before.

Travis to Dmitri, Season 2 Episode 35

Biography Edit

Travis makes his first appearance in Season 2 Episode 30 which is called "Cursed at Sea".

When Aphmau is camping in the woods while searching for the Demon Warlock - who Asmund has said would be able to help her. Laurance, Katelyn, Aaron, Dmitri, and Nekoette~Tan get back to the shore after their ship was run aground by an ominous tornado. Her pet dog, Thorgina, growls intently at a bush. Confused, Aphmau inspects the bush, and Travis jumps out of his hiding place and attacks Aphmau thinking she is a disguise the Demon Warlock took.

However, Aphmau soon realizes his assumption and frantically requests to have a chance to prove her identity. He says he's inclined to believe her and gives her the chance to confirm who she is. She uses the powers she gained from Irene's Relic that was consumed in the Irene Dimension to heal a gaping wound across his chest (which the Demon Warlock - who is described as being a conniving and hostile character - cannot heal).

Now trusting Aphmau to an extent, he listens as she explains her circumstances to Travis; who then reveals that the Demon Warlock, who he evidently seems to be acquainted with, is evil and will not help them. He elaborates on the subject by explaining how the Demon Warlock conjures up the "Cursed Sea" (which prompted the tornado that brought Aphmau's ship to shore) to find victims that he and his minion imps can feed off of. What Asmund told them is what many in the Enki Warrior Tribe believe, as whenever they send travelers to the Demon Warlock they never return, thus leading them to believe that he has helped them sail their ship. Travis then says that the only true way that she can get back to sea without being brought back by the Cursed Sea is to kiss Travis on the lips, as they were once touched by a siren with a certain type of magic which gave him the power to give anyone who kissed him the ability to navigate the sea and find a way off the island. He then awkwardly explains that for it to work, they have to passionately make out, rather than simply peck each other on the lips, the prospect of which makes Aphmau feel very embarrassed.

Then, Laurance appears before Aphmau and, Travis are about to kiss, and reveals that he was eavesdropping on the whole conversation. It is evident that he is jealous that Travis nearly succeeded in getting Aphmau to kiss him. Laurance infuriated, refuses to believe that Travis is who he says he is and accidentally calls Aphmau "his girl". Aphmau calls him out on it and he quickly corrects himself and apologizes to her. Travis then replies that he realizes Laurance is not her boyfriend and she's single, which clearly delights him, though he doesn't explicitly say so but many think he still likes her as he is getting to know her.

Travis tells them that in all seriousness they're in trouble and, suggests they return with him to his hide out where they can talk more. Laurance continues to shout at Travis and demands to know who he really is. Travis states that everything he told Aphmau was the truth, except for the making out part, and confesses to finding Aphmau very attractive and that it's been years since he's found a woman who is of an appropriate age for him to romantically pursue, since all the girls in the Ishmel Village are either too young or too old. He then says he will explain everything in better detail to them if they agree to follow him to his camp. Laurance is reluctant, but Aphmau tells him that if they want to get off the island, they have no other choice but to take every opportunity.

In Season 2 Episode 31, it is revealed where he lives; alone on a mountain. While Laurance and Aphmau are talking Aphmau decides to joke with him about the kiss, which ends up with Laurance getting upset and running out the door to the mountain. Alone with Travis, Aphmau asks two questions: what are imps, and why does he live on the mountain alone.

Travis decides to tell Aphmau his story from the beginning. His story begins with revealing his past and about his mother. He begins to tear up at the mention of his mother but brushes it off as, "dust in his eye". He says that his mother was a brave and valiant warrior who dedicated herself since her teen years in keeping the Demon Warlock in check. She was believed by the villagers to be a descendant of the Divine Warrior Enki. He says that when he was born, she spent most of his childhood training him to one day take her place. It is revealed that his mother had discovered a way to seal the Demon Warlock onto the island - at the cost of her own life. Travis explains that from that day onward, he has taken her place and continued her work and dedicated his life to making sure the Demon Warlock doesn't hurt anyone.

Aphmau, disagrees in his way of protecting the villagers from the Demon Warlock. Saying that if the day comes where they must fight the Demon Warlock, they'd all be doomed as they're all living in constant danger and wouldn't know what to do to defend themselves. Travis, understanding her point, stands his ground. He says that even if something were to happen to him, they'd all be doomed, but he reveals that he just wants them to be able to live full and happy lives and that is all that matters to him. He adds that it shows how committed he can be.

Travis proceeds to grab Aphmau's hand in a gesture of affection, but she backs out and explains her awareness of her interest in him and reveals she's from the Ru`aun region but in video, there was a glitch in the script where she says that she is from the Tu'la . Travis anxiously asks if she has a connection to Irene, the Ru'an being Irene's home. Travis also reveals that this island was Enki the Keeper, a Divine Warrior's, home. Aphmau confused, asked how Travis know so much detail about Irene if Enki is the island's owner.

He states that Enki preserved much knowledge in books and was able to conjure up amulets that could trap evil inside, so evil could not harm others. Travis says that Enki lived his life with a thirst for knowledge, and left many of his records public but limited writing on his fellow Divine Warriors, as he wanted to keep their lives private. However, he and Irene seemed to share a close bond as friends and he wrote much about her.

Travis mentions the Enki Ruins and says that scholars have thought that more information on the Divine Warriors are sealed inside. Travis continues that you must have a connection to a Divine Warrior to open it and suggest Aphmau should follow him to a ruin to see if she can open the entrance.

Aphmau agrees and Travis gives her a necklace he made himself with an opal, and says that if they get separated and she meets a friendly imp; this will signify that he and her are friends. However, he offers to put it on for her and just as he is, Laurance walks in and this leads to another misunderstanding. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Aphmau and Travis look for and find the ruin and she is able to open it. However, when they enter Travis is disappointed as he expected a grand treasure inside. There is only a book inside that makes buzzing and pinging noises around Travis, but when around Aphmau it is clear language that she is able to understand. It is revealed through the dialogue, that Enki has left a message to Irene and confessed his feelings for her, "Irene. I loved you. I always did. I know you and I were great friends. But I wanted more." The dialogue continues to speak and Aphmau listens. Enki says he never thought she'd return to his island and if she is reading this then she must've. It continues to speak and reveals that Enki had left many of his ruins on this island and this is just the first one. Near the end, Enki says he is sorry for what he did to Shad, even though Kul'zak said he had nothing to apologize for, he wanted to apologize to Irene. He closes the message with his name and "I love you Irene."

Travis punches Aphmau, saying how he'd been calling her name and poking her as she seemed to have zoned out. He suggests they leave as there is no treasure here and Aphmau leaves with him, not revealing what the message said. The scene transitions to Aaron wandering the forest and an imp is seen looking at him then changing into his appearance. Then supposedly this imp travels to the ship and intends to get aboard as Aaron.

In S2 Ep.33, Travis asks Aphmau if he can become a loyal guard to the Phoenix Alliance, for Asmund stated that he and his village didn't need Travis's help. Aphmau accepts, making Travis a guard of the rising Phoenix Alliance.

In S2 Ep.100, It is shown that Travis is a reincarnation of Enki The Keeper.

In S3 Ep. 8, Travis has renounced his position as guard during the three year span and had isolated himself alone at the Phoenix Capital according to Katelyn, and apparently knows about Enki's relic since he's the descendant of Enki.

When Aphmau and Liochant visit him up the mountains, he explains that the reason why he isolates himself is that people started to fear him due to his relationship as the son of the Demon Warlock. He then explains that although he is the descendant of Enki, he doesn't have r Enki's relic, his father does and in order to retrieve the relic, they have to kill the Demon Warlock.

In S3 Ep. 11, Travis tells Aphmau a story about a little girl that was lost in the woods; he found her, but so did the Demon Warlock's imp, however, it was stronger. Travis had to transform to his demon form, and he saved the girl, but, the girl wasn't happy. She started screaming because he was a demon.

In S3 Ep. 13, Travis and Aphmau enter the Demon Warlock's dimension. Upon entry, Travis begins detecting his father's dark presence. As the tension between Aphmau, Travis, and the Demon Warlock grows. The warlock continued to provoke both Travis and Aphmau, and even bringing up the very sensitive subject regarding Travis's mother. (Imp changes into Travis's mother, while mocking Travis the Demon Warlock kills the imp disguised as Travis's mother) As the tension continues to grow, Travis finally attacks. The Demon Warlock then fought back with an unknown magick causing Travis to be thrown onto a wall. Travis then appears to be injured and unable to move.With Travis unable to fight, The warlock went after Aphmau's relic. During the state of shock, Aphmau was unable to protect herself; thus putting herself in larger amounts of danger. Fortunately, Travis was able to block the Warlocks attack by taking the attack himself. This resulted to larger injuries which left Travis in an even weaker state. While Travis recovering from the emotional and physical shock of his injuries Aphmau then stalls the demon warlock, or is continually instigated by the Demon Warlock. During the distraction, Travis manages to stab the Demon Warlock. Resulting in his demise using his tomb.When Aphmau and Travis left the dimension, Travis then proceeds to fall unconscious due to the injuries he had sustained during the battle.

In S3 Ep. 15, the doctor told him that he's lucky to survive since Katelyn and Aphmau rushed him to safety and that he's one of the people who doesn't get freaked out due to his Demon Warlock nature and it's his job as a doctor to help people. Travis was also given a heavy dose of muscle relaxer since he was moving in his sleep and the doctor leaves after he gives him the news and will come back to check on him. Alina, who was hiding from the doctor sneaks up to him and Travis asked her if she had healing powers from Aphmau. Alina tried to heal him by slapping him, but it didn't work and he ended up with slap marks.

Personality Edit

Travis often seems infatuated with most of the female characters, particularly Aphmau, Lucinda, and Katelyn, and is known to make blatant sexual comments at every opportunity and is very affectionate, often shown touching or flirting with girls inappropriately. However, he believes love is not something to be forced on others and, if given a firm "no", will stop what he is doing, though he may continue to tease, just a little less abruptly.

Despite this, Travis is, overall, a cheerful, energetic and athletic young man who is kind, selfless and social. However, he appears to have difficulty "reading the atmosphere", and often says the wrong thing at the wrong time, though he has said that he does this deliberately to lighten the mood when everyone else is serious and solemn. On multiple occasions, however, it has been shown that, when calm or serious, Travis can become very logical, reading further into things than he usually would, and actually reading the atmosphere.

Family Edit

It is stated in Episode 31 ("The Divine Relic"), Travis reveals that his mother was a valiant and brave warrior who kept the Demon Warlock at bay and prevented him from causing harm to the Asmund's village. He mentions that it was her who taught him how to protect the villagers from the Demon Warlock and it was also her who sealed the Demon Warlock to the Enki's island, at the cost of her own life. In Episode 33 ("Realm Breaker"), shortly after accepting him as a guard for the rising Phoenix Alliance, Aphmau asks Travis who his father is and whether or not he knows who it is. Travis replies that he does know who his father is and so does she.

In Episode 34 ("My Golden Friend"), Travis reveals who his father is when Aphmau sees him reading through a magical book on navigating the seas that no human can interpret. When asked about where he got the book, he says that it was given to him by the Demon Warlock who had left it for him. He reveals that his father is the Demon Warlock, whom he despises as he was never there for him or his mother. Travis doesn't like to talk about his father. He also can look not human when near dark energy. In Episode 52 ("Journey Witch Way") he was near the main Nether Portal in the Southern Wolf Tribe, and his eyes changed from green to lilac and his skin changed from his Caucasian complexion to dark grey. It is explained that this is the appearance of his demon form, inherited from his father, and that he able to change between his human and demon forms at will, and he can apparently also take the appearance of other forms that are yet to be seen, and that the transformation from human to demon happens automatically when near too much dark energy.


In his human form, Travis appears with slightly wavy, white hair with bangs across his forehead, deep emerald green eyes, and flush peach skin. He is seen wearing a black jacket with black gloves, trousers, and shoes, with brown knee-pads and a brown sash slung across his body.

  • Travis in his human form
  • Travis in his demon form
  • Travis in his demon form with horns

When in his demon form, his skin turns dark grey, almost black, and his eyes become violet. He also aquires a pair of black horns either side of his head, similar to the Demon Warlock.

Now, in S3, Travis is seen wearing a gray jacket with black gloves, his sleeves are pushed up a little, and he has brown knee pads, trousers and shoes, and a brown sash slung across his body, similar to S2.



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Quotes Edit


-Travis, Season 2 Episode 30

Well... there is one way... but it's a little... embarrassing. You... you have to kiss me.

-Travis, Season 2 Episode 30

My lips have been touched by a siren who has a certain type of magick. It can give you the knowledge to navigate the sea. *sigh*

-Travis, Season 2 Episode 30

You aren't her boyfriend it seems... so she's single then... Heh.

-Travis, Season 2 Episode 30

Until I see a ring on that finger I'm getting ALL the ideas.

-Travis, Season 2 Episode 34

Shut up with that, will you?

Travis, Season 2 Episode 35

"On it!... As soon as I'm done looking up Lucinda's skirt..."

-Travis, Minecraft Diaries Season 2 Episode 58

why cant you just let her name rest. that wasn't her, and im tired of your tricks!

travis to the demon warlock episode 13 season 3.

thank goodness i dont think my face could handle anymore healing.

-travis talking to aphmau about alina's "healing" s3 episode 16.

come on that was the almost dieing from blood loss talking!

travis to aphmau season 3 episode 16 travises past.

no im good im good no OUCH!

travis to aphmau about alina s3 episode 16


  • The name Travis is an English name. In English the meaning of the name Travis is "crossroads". It is derived from the term traverse, and was originally given as a nickname to toll collectors who stood by a bridge or crossing.
  • His voice actor is Patrick M. Seymour, who also voices Brendan and Gavin.
  • It appears that he can alternate between his Demon and Human forms with ease, but he prefers his human form and often seeks privacy when he had to transform into his Demon form.
    • He will automatically transform into his Demon self when near too much dark energy.
  • A popular theory is that the Demon Warlock is actually one of the divine warriors turned evil, mainly either Enki or Shad. This would mean Travis could be a direct descendant of one of the divine warriors, if it's proved canon.
    • It is stated by Emmalyn and Kenmur that they believe that Shad had gone astray and become the evil Shadow Lord.
  • Because his father is the Demon Warlock, Travis is half-demon/half-human. A noticable trait that is shared among half-demons, is their pure white hair.
  • It was revealed Travis was an decendant of Enki the Keeper in S2 Ep 100
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