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The Ultima is a werewolf that can turn other humans into one of their kind. It is shown that the eyes of


The Ultima turn a color of red. This can be triggered through negative emotions such as anger, heartbreak, loneliness, hatred, etc. Things such as abuse, trauma, and adrenaline can also trigger this to happen. Aaron Lycan and his father, Derek Lycan, are both ultimas. It is shown in episode of PDH that his eyes turn red and episode of TES but this time, he turned Ein, a werewolf, into a human. According to Aaron, Derek turned one of his friends and passed away. Aaron even wore a red bandanna (given to him by Aphmau at the end of PDH season 1) around his eyes to protect Aphmau and his friends from being turned. It was later shown that love or someone close to an Ultima can help soothe them, giving them more control over their eyes as seen with Aaron and Aphmau.

A look at an Ultima's red eyes or a bite from an Ultima's exposed fangs will end up turning the victim into a werewolf. While a bite is not known to kill, the eyes are almost guaranteed fatal. Either way, unlike forever or normal potions, which doesn't make one a pure werewolf, the transformation is extremely slow and painful. The bite itself is known to cause unbearable pain to the entire body once the fangs sink into the skin. Aaron bit Aphmau's neck in the episode Aaron's Choice, causing her to feel hell-like pain in an instant. In next episode, next morning after the cut scene of the two, Aphmau was in pain all day because from the bite, yet not as much as the moment she was bit. She said that her body felt like it was on fire, her bones were breaking and reforming, her heart was racing uncomfortably fast, she was hot and cold at the same time, and she felt like she wanted to die. The effects of seeing the untamed eyes are far worse however. If one manages to survive, they will first collapse onto the ground and then scream in agony as their entire body has a seizure. The pain felt throughout the transformation is far worse than that from a bite as it requires medical attention and extreme pain killers for the body to barely stabilize itself. A potion or even a forever potion of strength can help increase the chances of living, but barely. When an Ultima turns a werewolf into a human, the transformation is seemingly instant and painless, just like Aaron did to Ein. He turned him into a human, BUT he didn't kill him. This also happens to Garroth in the 34th episode of Starlight Wonderland in which Garroth heard Aaron say Ein's name and starts running to Aaron to stop him. As Garroth places his hand on Aaron's shoulder, Aaron turned his head with his triggered Ultima eyes, and looked at Garroth which causes him to faint, thus beginning the painful transformation in season 5, Starlight Wonderland. It is also shown that Meif'was can safely make eye contact with an enraged Ultima, (Kawaii~Chan, Michi, etc.) This was shown is various seasons where Kawaii~Chan hugged Aaron or looked into his eyes without any fear during times she tried to calm him down. Though, after the bite of an Ultima, the human that was bitten will have ears and a tail that has norm been developed yet.

An Ultima has four known forms, with or without red eyes. Like regular werewolves, the Ultima has a human-like form and one with their ears and tail exposed. However, Ultimas can turn more wolf-like in appearance. The first Ultima had a form that resembled a classic lycanthrope. The most feral form of an Ultima resembles a giant wolf with no signs of human features or even the ability to talk. Their eyes are also always red. Aaron and his grandfather went into that form under the interference of Michael, so it is extremely unlikely for this level of aggression to happen naturally. Michael's interference also sparked hatred and fear of the Ultima in the public, as he allowed both Ultimas to go on a killing spree. Aaron was also saved by his dad Derek in season 5 and 6 many times as he knew what Aaron was facing.

Known Ultimas :

Aaron Lycan

Derek Lycan

Aaron's Grandfather

Trivia Edit

  • Transforming by eyes seems to be faster than transforming by bite/scratch. This is noticeable because Aphmau, who was turned by bite, still has tiny ears and a curled tail (as of 6x12), whereas Garroth, who was turned by eyes, had fully-grown ears and a curled tail (as of 6x01), and now has a fully-grown tail (as of 6x8.2).
  • Derek is the only Ultima never to reveal his eyes or transform into a wolf.
  • Both Aphmau and Garroth's ears and tail colors match their respective hair colors.
    • Aphmau partially dyeing her ears and tail purple is an exception to that.
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