The guys and Aphmau are casually hanging out with video games in Aaron's house, but tensions quickly rise when Travis causes a disturbance that leads to competition matches in CoD and Halo to impress Aphmau.


{Cinematic} The camera pans at Aaron's house. It then shows Aphmau sitting next to Aaron, along with Garroth, Laurance, Dante, and Travis as they play a Weekly Nightfall Strike in Destiny on Aaron's TV.

  • APHMAU: This is really freaking hard. Laurance, stop running out of cover to get loot and Aaron use your Super ability already!

On the screen, Laurance misses with his Golden Gun Super and he's wearing the Celestial Nighthawk helmet. (Hunter gunslinger subclass)

  • LAURANCE: Uhh guys, I think I really messed us up...
  • AARON: Sorry Aphmau, but I'm playing as my Warlock right now and I'm using Sunsinger subclass.
  • APHMAU: Why two Solar subclasses? I think you gu-

Travis raises his hand.

  • TRAVIS: Man what Light level you guys at? Maybe you guys actually are just bad at the game. Especially you Laurance, Level 40? More like level four!

A little after that, Aaron gets sniped, Aphmau gets blown up, and Laurance camps in a corner and then is surrounded.

  • APHMAU: Travis you're dead, literally.

A grenade goes into Laurance's camping spot, and he dies. Aaron then self-resurrects but is instakilled by the boss shortly after.

  • DANTE: What was that for Travis?
  • GARROTH: Hey um, wait guys don't get mad. I have a solution to your angriness!

Everyone is taken aback at Garroth's sudden solution revelation. He's slightly blushing red from Aphmau though.

  • GARROTH: We can uhh, do a online gaming competition to put your anger into instead?
  • DANTE: Sounds kinda cool.
  • TRAVIS: I think it sounds kinda lame.
  • LAURANCE: Sure I guess?
  • AARON: Okay.
  • APHMAU: I have a idea to make this extra intense! We stream ourselves against each other live too!

Everyone stares at Aphmau.

  • LAURANCE: But we'll have like no viewers except for Kawaii~Chan unless she's busy watching anime.
  • TRAVIS: Okay, well you can just spread it all around to people then. But I'm not gonna join.

When Travis says that, everyone glares at him.

  • TRAVIS: (Oh no.) Well I guess I HAVE to since I caused all this anyway.

{wip lol}



  • This is all a joke, trust me.
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