All right so this is my first fanfiction (read: fanfiction) on Minecraft Diaries!

A fanfiction is a fictional novel/story/whatever on something by a fan of it, k?

And this is a fanfiction on Minecraft Diaries S1/S2 whatever. And fiction: means NOT REAL or NOT CANON.

And the definition of canon is something relating to the story of something that is true, k? So NOT CANON would mean something NOT REAL OR TRUE in the story of Minecraft Diaries as we are talking about MC Diaries.

PLEASE actually read this before you make one tiny comment.

It makes my life easier and doesn't start arguments or anything or piss (sorry lol) anyone off. Sound good? Let's get started.

This fanfiction is PARTLY inspired by Minecraft Diaries. It might have characters from it but not like the story. And the characters will probably be different in some ways, too, and I might just use their name.

Chapter One (Prologue/Intro)

Set in a dystopian future, humanity has been its own destroyer. Wars over resources like oil, or crisises that were over weapons of mass destruction (nukes, bio-weapons, mechas, et cetera et cetera), had taken a toll on the world. And as for the practice of magicks and witchcraft? It had deminished over the time, over the years. But there were still many groups in the world who taught or studied it for many eras and generations. Teachings over it were passed on and on, while the common person in a city did not know too much about it at all. Militaries even kept it secret from the eye of the public.

One group that still supported practice of it was done with the world. They were the many descendents of the ancient village of Phoenix Drop. Many of them kept magicks and witchcraft going and going, even if the village has become a good deal more modern. They wanted many people to know about these practices, but people simply didn't listen to them. They kept it sacred to their hearts for over a thousand years. And as bulldozers and companies wanted to threaten the village, they were tired of it and didn't want their village to go forever. The current owner of the village or town was Aphmau. And she got a brilliant idea, get off this world of evil, and build a powerful, large spacecraft to find another planet just like theirs. In the public, mentions of planets just like theirs had been heard, but humanity for some unfathomable reason just didn't want to leave. Aphmau wanted to leave before the world as they knew it was gone. It was being destroyed slowly as ever, species became extinct at the blink of an eye. They were sick of it, they were done.

Want to know what they did? They hired builders (who thought they were crazy, but they simply had no idea) to build schematics for the spacecraft "Ark." (Inspired from the Bible, for any Christians around, like the same Ark Noah built lol) These schematics have been worked on for quite some time. The builders were hired with money that Logan got when he made a brilliant breakthrough when exploring, finding a cave full of diamonds. (this is Minecraft after all lol) "Ark" would have everything, farms that grew a special berry with all the nutrients they could need (Nicknamed the Vittleberry, a super nutrious "superfood") that could grow from just lights, engines that used water (mostly), an FTL drive (Faster Than Light, and before you argue, come on, this is the future haha), and even things like a mini farm that had animals like cows and chickens. It costed billions, but after ten years, it was finished. (inflation in the future)

The group of people that decided to leave on it? (and might never EVER come back or make the journey ALIVE)

Aphmau (Captain), Levin (teen), Malachi (teen), Garroth (2nd in command), Laurence (soldier), Dante (soldier), Kawaii~Chan (chef and animation magicks), Lucinda (Healer and witchcraft), Emmalyn (Scholar and historian), Kenmur (Main inventor), Katelyn (soldier), Kyle (teen), Alexis (teen), Donna (healer), and Logan (Merchant, shopowner).

Corey, Emma, Dale, and Molly decided to put their children (Kyle, Alexis) onto the ship so that they might still have a future when the world ends. The parents still sent messages and pictures to them from time to time. They decided to live life as it is, they didn't really want to leave as much. But if their children and the group found a new planet, they would be as eccstatic as ever, knowing that they would continue the human race.

Zoey, and Kiki with her brother Brendan would get on another spacecraft as soon as the group found a planet. They would then activate the FTL drive of their much smaller craft to fly to the planet quicker.

"And so the Ark... was built." -Laurence

Chapter Two

Laurence's POV and his journal. (Point of View)

December 25, 2079  Time: 0930-0935 (military time/24 hour clock)

Oh boy. This day would prove to be the most important day ever to the people of Phoenix Drop (and also the human race of the future, maybe) Today, on Christmas. Have I ever thought about this day much. We celebrate Christmas, but ideally we believe in Lady Irene. Christmas still kicks total butt though. Anyway, today was the launch of the Ark. I'm even in it, writing this in my journal, right now! Liking my cabin room already, but getting kind of tear-eyed thinking about leaving. Goodbyes would be said today, gifts given, a meeting of the crew, posting and assigning of jobs. I'm so giddy about that, I can't wait. And I love thinking about Aphmau now being our Captain. Doesn't change how I love her... at~ all. I better stop writing and go get to it.

Later (1235-1240)

"Hey wait! Before you even think about leaving just yet, know that we are getting on this craft too!" Oh my Irene, it was Cadenza. I thought I told her to go with the second group. She also brought her dog, Cookie. Cookie used to be one of Aphmau's dogs but Cookie was allowed to stay with Cadenza with Aphmau's permission. "Hey, adoptive brother! I came here to dye your hair... BLUE." Oh no. If she even starts cracking up some jokes on the journey, and they are just as hilarious as Aphmau's... I'm so done for. "You better be joking with tha-" Everyone just started laughing around the holographic table. Perfect day so far. "Well, let's get rolling guys! Check the uranium reactors, also all that other fancy jazz, and don't get electrocuted by the FTL drive!" Aphmau ordered, and warned us. The thought of the FTL drive scared me sometimes. It requires a LOT of power to use, and might even destabilize the ship's weaponry for a short time after each use. I better go get to guard duty.

Chapter Three

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