Nightfall was Walking down the hall (the Love~Love Paradise house) when she sees Travis in his room taking a long nap and she spots a picture sticking out and she makes a decision not to take it but she does go to Travis and kisses him on the head, blushes, and quickly puts back on her hood and walks out. While she was walking out of the room she bumps into Aaron. "H-Hey A-Aaron" Nightfall says While blushing.(because she kissed Travis on the forehead) "I need to talk to you" Aaron Says seriously. "O-Ok" she says then follows Aaron to the roof.​​ Why were you in Travis's Room?" Aaron says. "Can you keep a secret? Nightfall Says." Yes I can, so what is it that you wish for me to keep a secret?" Aaron says. "I have a crush on Travis but I dont know how to tell him." She says while looking down at her feet, blushing."You Do? Aaron Says, surprized. "Be yourself and just go ask him" Aaron says. "R-Really, but what if he doesn't like me?  Nightfall says with a tear rolling down her face. "He will, He's told me how much he likes you" Aaron says."REALLY?!" Nightfall says enthusiastically. "Yup" Aaron Replied."I'll wait till he wakes up to tell him" Nightfall said.That's fine but I will be there when you tell him, ok?" Aaron said. "Ok" Nightfall Replied......To Be CoNtInUeD