My name is Laurence. I am from Meteli. I stayed here of my own free will. I chose to stay. She abandoned me here. NO! My eyes open and the purple and red hue of the Nether greets them.

“How long have I been here?” I mumble.

"Who knows. A few hours. A few weeks. A few months maybe. Time works differently here than in the Overworld.” A girl with white hair walks to a chest next to the table I am laying on. She pulls a vial out. “Sasha?” She ignores me.

“You remember the Overworld right? The place they came from. The place they went after abandoning you.” She smiles in a fake-friendly way.

“They didn’t abandon me. I chose to stay.” Her smile falters and fades. “They abandoned you. She got what she came for and with no more use for you, left you.”

“No, they didn’t?” Or did they. No, they didn’t...right?

“Yes they did. She got who she came for and had to run. So she chose to leave you behind to quicken her getaway. You would have died here if you hadn’t have been chosen.”

“Aphmau would never do that.”

“You care for her don’t you. And you think she feels the same. Well wake up. She never has and never will have feelings for you.”

“This isn’t the Sasha I know.”

“The Sasha you knew is dead now.” She turns and walks to the railing that adorns the edge of the platform we are on. “I was once like you. I was in love. But then we came here and that love abandoned me. They all did. Left me to burn and die.” She turns back to me. “And at first I was like you, I had hope they were gonna come back for me. I waited, and waited, and waited, and nothing. Eventually I realized that they had forgotten me. Trust me. Realizing they are not coming back for you makes it easier.”

“You’re wrong. They will come back for me.” She scowls.

“I tried to help you. But if you don’t want my help fine. Lie to yourself.” She walks to the table and pushes me to a sitting position, before forcing me to drink the vile liquid from the bottle. Black covered the edges of my vision, and I feel Sasha let go of me. I fall backwards on the table, as a fire like pain erupts in my body. The world starts to go black, but I could still feel Sasha's presence beside me.

My head feels as if it is full of fog, and I cannot think. As suddenly as it stops it is over though it feels as if I have not moved in several centuries.

“How do you feel?” she asks. But I cannot answer. I cannot think. I cannot remember.

“Do you remember anything?” I weakly shake my head.

“Do you remember then abandoning you?”


“It’s okay. Sometimes people forget here.” She mumbles something strange, and suddenly images flash before my eyes. I see me and Aphmau entering the Nether. I see us freeing Castor and running to the portal. The Shadow Knights are chasing us. We near the portal, the knights gaining on us. I‘m falling behind. They almost reach the portal and she looks back. They run through the portal, and before I make it through the portal flickers, and closes.

“Laurence. You remember. Don’t you.” But all I can say is,

“They abandoned me.”

Hi! I hope you liked this! This is my first ever published Fafiction. *Dramatic boom. Goat flies by leik nyan cat* I want to give a shout out to MyrrSenpai who helped me with an edit that I was having trouble with. I might be working on another multi chapter fanfic . Might not be. OoOoooooOoOOOOooOOo