Valentine's Disaster
MyStreet 26
Season 1, Episode 26
Post Date February 14, 2016
Duration 13:09
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"Date Begins!"
"The Ro'Meave Brothers"

"Valentine's Disaster" is the 26th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on February 14th, 2016. 

Blurb Edit

"Travis leads the group to the place of their Valentine's Dreams!"

Summary Edit

The group arrive at a lively arcade. The plot seems to start with the gang of Aaron, Aphmau, Travis, Katelyn, Luncinda, Cadenza, Nicole, Zane and Michi going to arcade planned out by Travis wanting everyone to get time in for 'mingling' with their dates, Nicole notices the same pattern for Katelyns emotions on dates, and starts explaining how nervous she is on dates, causing Katelyn and the other girls, (Besides Aphmau) to go to the bathroom and talk about their past times talking in the bathroom in highschool and Aphmau's relationship, after their meeting Michi comes out from eavesdropping on the girls, and their are some secenes with the everyone doing something with there dates.

(And some references).Then comes to a scene with Aaron and Aphmau playing a racing game and Aphmau and Aaron playfully arguing about (cheating) and Aaron winning, as Zane comes over and notice's their conversation, Aaron goes to get a snack for Aphmau, Zane had said Michi went to go get a snack leaving Zane by himself. Michi was by the bathrooms watching Aaron get the snack, as she claims she 'stole' a potion from Luncinda to win Aaron over with her 'charm'.Garroth and Laurance walked by in the boys bathroom watching the scene, trying to stay out of it, and take it easy.

Michi uses the potion and turns into Aphmau and talks to Aaron, and he seems confused on how she got their so fast, and 'Aphmau' says that she is fast when it comes to chasing down hunks, and Aaron seems to notice her odd behaviour, but Michi taunts him with 'not being good enough to kiss me.' and Aaron pushes her along a wall, almost starting to make-out with her. Aphmau walks by just as Michi turns into herself, and Aphmau assumes that Aaron was going to make-out with Michi but, Garroth and Laurance explain what happened and this displayed as Michi getting upset in 'not having her fun', or getting what she wants.

Zane finds the scene and starts throwing threats at Michi that if she ever messed with anyone (especially Aphmau) that they were going to have some probelms. Michi leaves the date frustrated, and Aphmau apologizes to Aaron and claims she should have known better. Aaron forgives her and they made-up, Aaron walks Aphmau home from the arcade, and they get on the subject of the forgiving and Aaron decides to kiss her to let her know it's okay. Then Zane opens the door with a fake mustache on and claiming that she is grounded, after the confusion, Aphmau plays along with Zane and says her goodbye's to Aaron,and Zane and Aphmau playfully argue about 'teenager's problems with boys' untill the episode ends.

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Trivia Edit

  • ~Did you know? On the prize counter there are Flowey (Undertale) plushies you can win.
  • ~On the scene with Garroth and Cadenza, Garroth wins a plushie purple cat that reminded him of the purple cat in Christmas Cat-Tastrophe (Ep. 6 in MyStreet)
  • ~During the duration of the episode, Aphmau uses the Undertale song "Death By Glamour"
  • At the end of the episode, there is a glimpse of showing the new decoration of Aphmau's house. This is fully shown in the next episode, "The Ro'Meave Brothers".
  • When Katelyn says that Aphmau is a Short Potato, it is a refrence to MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, (even though we had no idea because Phoenix Drop High came out after My Street) where Aphmau's nickname is a Short Potato.
  • While the girls were in the bathroom, Cadenza mentions Aphmau harboring a crush in highs school.
    • Lucinda also mentions that being in the bathroom reminds her of their youth. These are later explored in the prequel series.

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Valentine's Disaster - Valentine's Date PT.3 Minecraft MyStreet Ep

Valentine's Disaster - Valentine's Date PT.3 Minecraft MyStreet Ep.26 Minecraft Roleplay

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