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Vylad Ro'Meave









Hair Color

Dark Brown

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Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • O'Khasis Prep
  • Phoenix Drop High

Unknown Job

Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • O'Khasis Prep Student
Previous Team

Not-Alone Buddy

Personal Status


  • Unknown Biological Father
  • Zianna (Mother)
  • Garte (Adoptive Father)
  • Garroth (Older Half-Brother)
  • Zane (Older Half-Brother)


First Appearance
Voice Actor

Vylad is Garroth's and Zane's youngest brother. He first appeared in the episode "The Ro'Meave Brothers", where he asked Aphmau a favor on residing in their home.


Zianna cheated on Garte, which resulted in Vylads birth; which is why Zane calls him a Reject. Vylad is the youngest in his family, his half-brothers are Zane and Garroth. Vylad's major appearances have only been in Phoenix Drop High along with a few MyStreet episodes.

Early LifeEdit

Vylad lived on the same street as Aphmau when they were little. He would often play with his brothers and Aphmau a lot and they were quite close before Aphmau moved away.

MyStreet Edit

Sometime after high school, he went off to travel the world. Garroth has mentioned him a few times before namely in "Trick or Treat Misadventures" and in episode 27: "The Ro'Meave Brothers", he comes to Aphmau's house. He seems to be a lot more happy, upbeat and confident and also closer to Garroth than Zane. He went back to travelling the world by season 5.


He appears more frequently in the minigames episodes, still holding the same personality we all love.

Personality Edit

In Diaries, Vylad's Diaries counterpart is more serious and calm, but similar to MyStreet counterparts of Garroth and Zane, Vylad is more social and more relaxed and not mysterious. In Minecraft Diaries Episode 84, it is revealed that Vylad (Diaries) used to show emotion, but he said that Shadow Knights don't show emotion. So Vylad in MyStreet is what Vylad in Diaries used to be like.


Vylad has a fair skin, brown hair and vivid green eyes. He wears a brown jacket with a pink undershirt, jeans with ripped spots and a bright green scarf.


As Vyladnessa, she has long brown hair and vivid green eyes. Her outfit is compromised of a green tank top and over it is a vermillion colored off-shoulder sweater, violet shorts and black shoes.

Episode AppearancesEdit

MyStreet Phoenix Drop HighEdit


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

  • He did not appear in Season 2.
  • He did not appear in Season 3 either.
  • In season 4, he is mentioned by Garroth in episode 9: "Saying Goodbye". He is also briefly shown in the S4 final.
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  • It is hinted that his biological father's first name began with the letter "V". This is because of the Garroth and Zane sharing their first letter name to Garte and Zianna
  • In the episode "Transfer Student", it is revealed that he is moving up a grade and is soon to be a freshman. Katelyn pointed out that he may be a prodigy. 
  • In Character Q&A Session, Garroth says that Vylad likes cake.
  • He doesn't mind being shipped with anyone.
  • Vylad finds Katelyn "kinda cute".
  • His genderbent Vyladnessa counterpart is a portmanteau of Vylad and Vanessa.
  • Zane has stated that Vylad used to eat dirt and glue as a child.
  • In PDH, it's confirmed that Vylad is a half-brother.
  • At a younger age, he liked playing in the mud. It is unknown if he retains this in his adulthood. 
  • Vylad's favorite plush toy is a Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Vylad is their adopted half brother in both MCD and MyStreet. In PDH S1 Episode 10,at 7:14 Vylad confirms this for the Mystreet universe. 
  • His reason for not participating in the Sports Festival is studying for exams. 
  • Despite being a main character, after Season One, he has yet to make an appearance in any other seasons of MyStreet.
    • This may be because his voice actor, Cole Petty, voices Guy, a new introduced character.
    • His presence in minigames at the time hinted that he might make an appearance in Love~Love Paradise, but that was never the case.
    • He was however mentioned in seasons like Emerald Secret and Starlight.
  • His favorite character in Undertale is Flowey. He shares this with Zane.
  • He likes his potatoes in french fry form.



Vylad: Just like I don't like cake.

-Vylad ( "Very Sorry" Character Q&A Session)

Ouch! Calm down sister, GEEZ! I honestly don't mind being shipped with anyone, really.

-Vylad ( "Very Sorry" Character Q&A Session)

Tell me ah, who wouldn't love living with three beautiful women. I'm just sayin' I enjoy helping around the house and I'm more in touch with my feminine side.

-Vylad ("Very Sorry" Character Q&A Session)

I am a charming rogue, so nothing is hard for me. I just take life as it goes.

-Vylad ("Very Sorry" Character Q&A Session)

Garroth... brother...You really have this problem with doors and knocking... Don't you? [...] And Garroth, I swear if you don't fix this knocking problem you'll probably be breaking down doors left and right when you're older.

-Vylad (MyStreet PDH Episode 10, First Kiss)



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