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We Held On Fast...
Season 4.5, Episode 4
Post Date

May 31, 2017



Written by

Jess, Jason & Calvin

Directed by

Jess, Jason & Will

Produced by

Jess, Jason, Jessie & Ross

Edited by

Kristina & Max

Storyboarded by

Sean & Jordan

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"We Laughed..."

"...And Then We Said Goodbye."

"We Held On Fast..." is the 4th episode of MyStreet: Aphmau's Year. It premiered on May 31st, 2017.




Nine months have passed since Aphmau bought wolf ears and a tail to understand Aaron better. Melissa and Travis are at Aphmau's house and Travis is having headaches. Travis's father, Terrance, arrives to meet Travis's 'girlfriend', Katelyn. Travis reveals the reason why he told Terry he had a girlfriend, but Katelyn denies being his girlfriend to please Terry. Terry promises a spa day and dinner afterwards and will pay for everything.

Aphmau and Melissa are sitting on Aphmau's couch, still getting over the event prior. Melissa teases Aphmau about the wolf ears and tails she had bought, making Aphmau confess why she had them. Melissa then presents Aphmau with a ticket to Starlight Wonderland, a gift from Derek. Melissa then teases Aphmau about her underwear, saying it's "bewitching" before laughing and leaving.

At the restaurant, Travis, Katelyn and Terry are seen laughing at a joke made by Terry. Travis says he got his joke habit from his father and his looks from his mother. Katelyn calls Travis 'blueberry' and Terry gushes over her nails. Travis invites Katelyn to a date, but is interrupted by a loud banging noise. Dottie leaves a book on werewolves for Aphmau, and Katelyn expresses caution to Aphmau when she's around werewolves.

Travis then asks Katelyn if she would like to know about the 'Ultima' werewolf. Aphmau is reading a book Dottie gave her, and Doggo complains about being in the baby chair. Aphmau complains about the lack of information on the Ultima werewolf, and questions if Aaron is different from normal werewolves. Aphmau voices her fear of Aaron viewing her differently now that he has ears and tail, and if she'll still be a good girlfriend for him. The flashback ends, and Aphmau is certain that Aaron will still love her, even if he is a werewolf. Doggo complains that Aphmau is getting too worked up and demands to be babied, which Aphmau denies.



  • It is confirmed by Melissa that Aphmau will be the only one meeting Aaron at Starlight Wonderland and that she'll arrive there on a seaplane. Although Aphmau might decide to bring Doggo.