Werewolf Class
Phoenix Drop High 2 Alt
Season 1, Episode 2
Post Date March 20, 2016
Duration 17:23
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
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"First Day of School!"
"Cat Fight!"
"Werewolf Class" is the 2nd episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High. It premiered on March 20th, 2016.


"The class heads to the club social. The "Not Alone Buddies" get to know each other more!"

Episode OverviewEdit

At the front door of the social event, Aphmau and Travis talk about their friendships and past experiences. Aphmau continues on with befriending an online friend, who she often talks to. Travis talks about an upperclassmen, who dated two girls at once to which Aphmau reacts to indifferently. 

After their chat, the homeroom teacher announces the beginning of the event. Nicole, a freshman, asks about the current situation once they finish the event. The homeroom teacher replies that the students attend their last class, thus completing their first day. He then opens the door to the gymnasium. 

Before the duo enters, they decide to stick together once more. Amazed the great selection, Aphmau notices an anime club available, which Travis replies that he has an interest in anime as well.

Mid sentence, he is then hit by a volleyball and blacks out. Aphmau goes to his side with the perpetrator suddenly emerging from behind. Katelyn, an upper classmen, reveals the she was the one who hit Travis. She mocks the unconscious freshman greatly with Aphmau worried for her friend's condition.

Laurance comes to the scene and scolds Katelyn on her action. He proceeds to get the nurse, whilst Garroth berate her to leave the freshmen alone. Katelyn is unhappy of his presence, but Aphmau is surprised to see him. The two upper classmen exchange words, but Katelyn apologizes in the end. Garroth leaves the two alone to go off into his own booth.

Aphmau is seen blankly staring to Garroth's direction, which catches Travis. He finally gains his consciousness back. Getting on his feet, Travis is nervous to talk to the theater club, but ultimately goes. Aphmau gives him one more encouragement before she receives a text from FC. 

The two talk about the their first day and the overall experience. Finishing their conversation, Teony emerges from the corner and warns Aphmau on using her phone during school hours. Teony expresses her terrible experience as a freshman, making Aphmau more comfortable for her current situation. 

The last bell rings, causing Aphmau and Travis to separate ways. At the front of her last class, Aphmau sees two students fighting. Senior student Aaron and werewolf student Balto are exchanging insults. The fight hits a climax as Aphmau comes in between. Preparing to attack Aphmau, Aaron suddenly throws Balto against the window, shattering the glass entirely. 

The werewolf teacher arrives at the scene of the crime, who is excited to see the fight occurring. Beginning his introduction, Aphmau and Aaron speak up on their schedule being incorrect as the two are not werewolves. The teacher checks their schedule and makes the conclusion that any issue pertaining to schedule will need to check to registration and would then transfer. 

Beginning his lesson once more, he asks his students to partner up. Noticed by every student already having a partner, Aphmau is forced to be coupled with Aaron, who frightens her greatly. He reminds her that she needs to stay away from people's business as it could lead to violence. 

At home, Aphmau's mother asks her daughter on her first day, which she replies that it was nice. 


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  • When the students were about to enter the gymnasium, Zane does not appear on screen, even through he's part of the class. This might have been because of the camera angle.  
  • 'FC' is Aphmau's internet friend. They have yet to make a proper appearance as of this episode.
  • Travis reveals that his friend is a sophomore and is a player because he dated two girls at the same time. This is implied and confirmed to be Dante, who had a relationship with Nicole and is currently married to Kawaii~Chan in Minecraft Diaries.
    • Travis also wanted to play as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet play. However in MyStreet, he reveals that he has played Romeo three times. He likely got the part of Romeo during his sophomore, junior, and senior years. 
  • Aaron seems to have above-human strength. This is shown when he threw Balto, a werewolf classmate, out the window. 
  • The episode has two thumbnails. The original had Aphmau and Travis in the social event and current one is Aphmau having a worried expression while Travis is knocked unconscious from a volleyball.
    • This is one of the few episode to have its thumbnail changed.
  • Current Thumnail
  • Previous Thumbnail
  • When Katelyn was getting scolded by Garroth and Laurance, a girl resembling Cadenza appears from behind from one of the booth, however only her hair is shown. 
  • Alex, one of Ivy's friends, is seen sitting with Katelyn at their volleyball booth, implying that she is part of the club. 
  • Fenrir is seen talking to Aphmau in the werewolf class, but it is unknown if it is him. However, if Abby and Fenrir are about the same age in Minecraft Diaries, this statement would be false as Abby has yet to be born in this series.
  • In the episode "Operation: Slumber Party!", Kawaii~Chan is shown to have been hiding under the window before Aaron threw Balto, causing it to break.


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