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What do I DO!?
Season 5, Episode 16
Post Date

July 23, 2017



Written by

Jess, Jason & Calvin

Directed by

Jess, Jason & Will

Produced by

Jess, Jason, Jessie & Ross

Edited by

Kristina & Ross

Storyboarded by

Sean & Jordan

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"I Like You..."

"Make Me Like You..."

"What do I DO!?" is the sixteenth episode of "Mystreet: Starlight." It premiered on July 23rd, 2017.


Zane and Kawaii~Chan... have a lot to think about.


The episode opens with an aerial view of the outside of the haunted house. Cut to where the last episode left off: Zane and Kawaii~Chan kissing. Pan to a closer shot, with both of them slowly parting away, until the realization of what they'd just done hit them. They frantically backed away, suddenly very embarrassed. They apologized profusely to each other, before a haunted house monster startled them and made them run away.

Cut to outside the haunted house with Kim. She says that her and Ghost need to talk. Ghost says that people are going to think she's crazy if they see her yelling to herself in public, but Kim doesn't care. She demands an explanation for her behavior, pointing out that despite being Ghost's host for an entire year, she was still a complete mystery.

Ghost asks if Kim really wants to know, to which she says yes. Ghost explains that she's been dead for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years. She recalls dying for someone she loved, but could not remember what they looked like. She does remember the name "Zane," though. The last place she remembers is the mountains. Kim says that the name Zane is a fairly common name, and that she was bound to find someone with that name eventually in those years.

However, Ghost insists that it is not a coincidence. Kim thanks her for opening up for once, but will still not let her be with Zane, not in her body, atleast. As Kim prepares to head back, Ghost protests, saying that Zane was still in there with KC. Kim dismisses this, stating that it's not like they're going to kiss or anything (obvious foreshadowing is obvious here).

Back from the title card, the gang is outside the haunted house, with Zane and KC a very dramatic distance away from each other compared to the others. Lucinda chuckles, saying how not scary the haunted house was, to which Dottie and Daniel question how she wasn't scared. Simple answer: she's a witch, she's seen scarier.

Garroth asks if anyone had a romantic experience of some kind, calling back the supposed legend of the haunted house. Cut to Zane and Kawaii~Chan, both blushing madly. Panicked and nervous, they both let out a "Huh?!" Lucinda tells Garroth that it was most likely just an urban legend. Melissa is still upset she won't get to see Aarmau.

Garroth starts questioning how romantic a haunted house can even be, but gets drowned out as the camera pans over to Zane, who was still just as red as ever. He starts to think about the situation more and, oh my Irene, he kissed her. Even more panic ensues as the realization fully hits him. He starts to question everything and yells at himself to not freak out, while KC is already screaming on the inside.

The final straw was Garroth's mention of making out. They both screamed as they immediately ran away in different directions. Lucinda asks KC to wait up for her, as she assume she's going to the bathroom.

Cut to Zane running back towards the boat. He's looking for Aphmau to figure out what to do. He looked in bathrooms, kitchens, under beds, and even underwater. Finally, Dereck told him to stop yelling and told him that Aphmau wasn't here. Rachel explained that she and Aaron took a boat back to the home resort to get away from the stress.

Zane questions why there would be stress while they were on vacation, but Dereck tried to explain to him that they still needed recovery. Bad idea, since that triggered a loud rant about how emotions suck since he doesn't know how to deal with them (really playing into the stereotype there, huh, Zane?). Dereck simply pointed out that he could still call her, which made Zane relieved and prompted him to hurriedly leave the room.

Cut to KC in a nearby bathroom, freaking out just as much as Zane was in the mirror. She was in disbelief that they actually kissed, and was questioning whether or not it was because of the heat of the moment or not. Just then, Lucinda enters, making Kawaii~Chan jump.

Lucinda mentions how fast KC ran off. Kawaii~Chan asks Lucinda if she has ever kissed someone impulsively, which makes her very confused. She asks why she wants to know, and KC replies with "shipping...things..." Before Luci could respond, KC ran out the bathroom. Luci notices how strange her behavior has been, even for Kawaii~Chan's standards. But, she decided to ignore it.

Cut to Aaron and Aphmau on a boat. It was now sunset, and there were quite a few stars already in sight. They reminisced about their highschool days. When she brings up their prom, Aaron blushes, but Aphmau gets a call.

Aphmau notices it was Zane who was calling her. She picked up, and they were immediately met with Zane angrily yelling into the phone. Aphmau asks if he was okay, to which Zane responds he wasn't and was on the verge of a panic attack. Aphmau asks Zane to calm down and to explain to her what happened for him to be so frantic.

He got straight to the point: "I. Kissed. Kawaii~Chan!" Aphmau and Aaron stifled their laughter. She asked Zane to repeat that again, amusement clear in her tone. After a bit more prying, they finally believed he was telling the truth. She asks if he was maybe asleep, to which he replies he was so embarrassed he wished he was. Aphmau then asks if he kissed her on the lips, to which he gives a sarcastic answer to ("No, on the butt.") before exploding again.

Aphmau hangs up, leaving her and Aaron still in slight disbelief. Then, someone else called, making her leave Zane on hold. It was Kawaii~Chan, sounding just as frantic as Zane. Aphmau asks her what happened, and she too gets to the point: "I kissed Zane!!"

Still in disbelief, but they hear her out. They figure out that it was seemingly in the heat of the moment. Then, Zane called her back, still freaking out. He tells her that he actually liked the kiss, and Aphmau says that he should just tell her that, but Zane says he doesn't know how to.

Aphmau tells Zane to please breathe and calm down, which he does. She then asks him how he feels about KC. He admits that, while he is still unsure, he does like her, though he immediately after went into defense mode again.

Aphmau simply states that it sounds like he does have feelings, he just doesn't know how to confront them. Zane tries to protest, but only proves her point further. Aphmau puts him on speaker and says that she doesn't see the big deal, either tell her he likes her or that it was impulsive. Aaron says it's easy to get lost in the moment.

Back to KC calling, she frantically says that she doesn't know how to confess to Zane and that she's scared he thinks she's a loser. She starts getting sad since she just wants a relationship like Aaron and Aphmau's, but that she's scared she's doing it wrong and that he'll never reciprocate.

Aphmau tells her that she needs to atleast try. She explains that her and Aaron have never had the perfect relationship, despite how much Kawaii~Chan idolizes it. She explains that no relationship is going to ever be perfect, using her and Aaron's own as an example, but that she needs to atleast try. Aaron reiterates that point.

Aphmau says that if it helps, she ships them, which makes KC extremely flustered and makes her yell and hang up the phone. Back to Zane once again, he asks to talk to Aaron instead. He asks how does he know if he likes Kawaii~Chan. Aaron says to try a date or something, but Zane said that he already kissed her. Aaron says people do crazy things when they're caught up in the moment, and that he should still try something else.

They bring up Zane's reaction to him finding out they kissed, which was to force him to date her via swordpoint. Aaron says he should just talk to her. Zane says he needs to yell some more, but Aaron says they're letting him go, and hangs up.

Cut to Zane, and he's prepared to send a long, angry text to them. But, before he does, KC walks in, which makes him calm down a little more. She asks if they can somehow start over, and Zane questions if he really should ask her. Kawaii~Chan says that she understands if he doesn't feel the same way, but Zane cuts her off, and tells her that's not it. The thing that he's scared of is whether or not he actually deserves someone as nice as her.

Kawaii~Chan asks if they can find out, to which Zane replies that maybe they could. Then, he asks her out on a date right on the spot, to which she tearfully accepted. Episode end.



• This is one of the first episodes where we actually get to know more about Ghost's backstory.



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