When Angels Fall
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Season 6, Episode 1
Post Date May 5, 2018
Duration 26:38
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"An Uncertain Future"
"Empowering a Demon"

"When Angels Fall" is the first episode of "MyStreet: When Angels Fall" It premiered on May 5th, 2018.


"It begins..."


The animation and episode begins with an angel opening her eyes for a brief moment as she prays in a white void with a relic logo on the floor. Agent R is seen looking at Starlight as one of his men tells him that the Guardian Force has spot them and they're closing up the island. He tells him that they must increase the speed of the boat as they are likely to shoot before they reach land before a barrage of bullets strike. GF boats with agents on the deck are shooting as R quickly takes cover. The boat catches fire and explode but R survives on a small boat and maneuvers through the bullets. He crash lands on the coast and lands on the sand, briefcase still intact.

As he ran to the corner to hide, he turns around and Garroth arrives, telling him they must go now. He takes him to the abandoned villa and tries to call Derek. Agent R thought this is where they were supposed to meet but Garroth explains that the GF suddenly invaded and tried to capture Aaron and Derek, the Ultima, but they managed to escape and go inland. GF forces suddenly barge in and R and Garroth hide. As R tackles an agent down, Garroth suddenly disarms another holding a gun by knocking them out. Agent R questions his actions but nonetheless, shows him the way to their new hideout.

Inland, Aphmau is seen wearing a hoodie to conceal her identity as she is bringing food and supplies to the hideout, making sure that no one is following. A PA intercom announcement comes on as they show photos of her with Aaron along with his family wanted by the GF. As the announcer reassure guests to have fun while they are being stuck, two guests expresses her concern as Aphmau slips away. Aphmau reaches a secret door in an alley and does a secret knock. No one answered and Zane explained that she did the knock wrong, but she claims she did. Zane explains that each shift has a special, unique knock just to make sure it's them. She explains that as a runner, she collects goods when needed and tells him what will happen when she can't get in while being chased by GF members. Zane allows her to do the first four knocks and he lets her in. She gives him something that he was happy that the store had and heads on up.

Derek, Aaron, Lucinda and Kim are discussing about the situation as Aphmau enters. Aaron expresses concern that they will get caught if they stay too long as Derek explains that he estimates that within a few days, the GF will search the area they are in. They are slowly, but surely, exploring each area one-by-one in order, starting at the tip. Lucinda considers stealing a ship and escape, but Derek mentions they have to endure the GF blockade. Aaron suggested that they can go back to the part of the island they had already searched, since the GF think they are confident that the Ultima isn't there, but Derek strictly refused. He refused to let Aaron change the plan as there are too many people to go back to search territory. As Aaron tries to explain about the situation, Derek accidentally yells at him. Aaron had no choice but to agree.

Aphmau brings the supplies to Kawaii~Chan, but explains that there isn't any sugar. It's too risky to go out to get some since flyers are everywhere and Aphmau feels like there are surveillance everywhere. She promises that she will go bright and early to check. Garte is upset that his family is involved with the Lycan escape scenario and that Garroth is a werewolf. Zianna reassure him that Aaron will turn him back but Garte fears both of them will be dead before it happens. Aphmau comes in to give them new clothing. Garte is disappointed that the color green will not make him attractive but Zianna explains that if he were to look hot in public, he would've been caught. He is now supposed to be a very *attractive* secret agent. Garte agrees.

Aphmau comes to change Melissa's bandage that she supposedly got during the scaffold against the GF when they move inland. She states that Aphmau is improving on the bandage wrapping and that she may not need them anymore now that it's starting to hurt less; Lucinda and Aaron had received more damage. Rachel then asked Melissa to come.

Zane asked the gang on Garroth's return and that he's supposed to be here. He doesn't mind taking his shift, but Kim insist that she does. He explains that he should be responsible for the shift of another family member. Kim states that she can do it, but as she leaves, Ghost briefly takes over, hearing Zane's thoughts over and over. Zane managed to give Kawaii~Chan some sugar that he found in an alley that still looked fresh. He knew that she wanted to make cookies to cheer everyone up.

Aaron explains to Aphmau that Derek didn't agree with his idea at the meeting as she wraps his bandages. He wants to make sure everyone is safe. Aphmau asks that she can use magic to heal him, but Aaron tells her to save her strength, he can endure the deep scratches. She also tells him to get fresh air, but Aaron refused.

Garroth finally arrives with Agent R and Derek, calling him Rowan, expresses relief that he has the briefcase with him. Aaron happens to see him as well and Rowan tells him it's been a while.

Meanwhile, at the GF headquarters, a guard reports to Michael that they are still in the boardwalk section. As the owner of Starlight, Michael is willing to grant access when it's needed, and Toby, the guard leaves. A scientist explains that they have something incredible and Michael tells him to hurry up and work on it. He tells Zack's son is at the resort area with the last potion settles. Michael then tells him that the time has come.


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