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Why Should I Help You?
Phoenix Drop Days 2
Episode 2
Post Date

November 24, 2019



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"Standing Out!"

"Hunter's Crush!"

"Why Should I Help You?" is the second episode of Phoenix Drop Days. It premiered on November 24th, 2019.


"Keori is determined to join the track team! Let's just see how she goes about it..."


Keori begs Hunter to help her run fast to get on the track team. Hunter firmly rejects her offer. Keori's class goes to the club fair and she signs up for the Infinity Club after seeing Hunter sign up first. A week later, Keori attends the Infinity Club and meets its members. Getting frustrated, she goes to leave. Bri and Annabell arrive and explain they need 5 members to be a club, Keori's the fifth member so she decides to stay. Keori notices Hunter has a crush on Annabell. She finally proposes a successful offer - Hunter trains Annabell for track, and Keori helps Hunter get close with his crush.



  • This episode was previously named "The Agreement".
  • This episode features multiple characters from Phoenix Drop High in the background; being Laurance, Katelyn, Lucinda, and Aaron.
  • The first half of this episode takes place at the same time as "Werewolf Class".
    • While Aphmau texts FC in the PDH episode, Aaron is seen texting on his phone on the other side of the gym in this episode of PDD.



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