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Will He Say Yes?...
Episode 18
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December 30, 2017



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"Will She Win His Heart?"

"Wolf Plush IN TROUBLE!"

"Will He Say Yes?..." is the eighteenth episode of Falcon Claw University. It premiered on December 30th, 2017.


"Aaron has to handle a situation he's never been in before."


Jenny confesses to Aaron, asking him to be her boyfriend. In a blind shock Aaron replies yes. Xavier then interrupts them and he doesn't get a chance to clear everything up (a.k.a that he doesn't like her like that) He goes back to his room and tells Agent R what happened, giving him some advice to be blunt with the girl and refuse her as well as opening back up romantically to Aphmau. Aaron ponders if he even has the right to do so. Mean while Aphmau gets woken up by Woof, telling her she should get out and stop moping because of roomers that don't matter! Aphmau gets convinced and ends up heading outside to play some soccer after she sees a poster talking about free play games going on that afternoon. Down at the field Aphmau meets Cathy who is organising the soccer matches. On the field some girls start talking about her and Aphmau realises she just needs to smile and get past it, because it doesn't matter! Later on in Aarons class Jenny sits next to him and as they walk out of class Aaron confronts her about how hes feeling (or at least tries to) in a mix of words he ends up not being able to get his point across and instead says he doesn't want anybody to know before he's ready.




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