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Wolf Plush IN TROUBLE!
Episode 19
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January 4, 2018



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"Wolf Plush IN TROUBLE" is the nineteenth episode of Falcon Claw University. It premiered on January 4th, 2018.


"SAVE HER!....  HIM!...   THEM!"


During this episode of FC University, we follow Woof on their adventure around the campus, but the cause of the adventure was.. an interesting misunderstanding, while Aphmau is completely unaware of what is occurring.

Aphmau finally decides to leave her dorm room, trying to get her mind off of the rumors being spread around about her and the threats she had been receiving non-stop from a mysterious person, or maybe even, people. To get her mind off of and escape all the drama going on in her college life, she decides to join the football free play.

Tera, ecstatic that Aph had finally left their dorm room, is happy for her dorm mate and friend for taking baby steps in her recovery, but what she is most excited for, is having the room all for herself to watch her drama; without headphones!

When finally left alone in her dorm, Tera begins her drama but then receives an unexpected knock on her dorm room door. Expecting it to be Aphmau changing her mind and returning back to the dorm, she picks herself up from her bed and begins thinking of ways to persuade her into staying out longer, but upon opening the door; .. no one? WRONG! Nekoette, the little Meif'wa scout was there to pick up donations. Tera tells Nekoette that they have three boxes of old clothes they were going to donate and she might as well take it! Tera returns to her drama series, but a few minutes later, Nekoette is right there beside her trying to persuade Tera to allow her to watch it too, as her mother doesn't allow it, and to no avail, is unable to as its not a show for little kids!

Sulking, Nekoette returns back to gathering the donations in her red wagon, but up on the corner shelf, she sees the most adorable plushie ever; Woof. In awe, she gathers Woof as one of the donations (after Woof yells out that they already have a girl) and goes on her way out to gather more donations.

As she walks on the paths of the campus with her wagon full of donations, her wagon goes over a rock, and Woof flies right out of there falling into the bushes. As Woof feels hopeless, not knowing how on earth their going to find their way back to Aph, Zane spots them, picking them up thinking that their cute and wanting to keep and collect them for himself, but wants to keep Woof hidden from others so that his mean-emo-boy-bully act wouldn't be scarred. Woof says that Zane smells like nachos.

Zane takes Woof to the coffee shop he now works at and hides them in a cupboard at the back so no one finds them. Woof says that their scared of the dark after Zane smacks to cupboard door shut. He gets his apron on and goes to prepare coffee for customers. Kawaii-Chan enters the coffee shop to begin her job after a bit, greeting Zane, but is rudely "greeted" by by him. Entering the back to prepare, she hears a yell coming from the cupboard. Curious, she opens it and finds Woof. Falling for the plush's cuteness, she lets out a high pitched ¨kyaaaa!¨ and Zane hears it. Entering the back, he sees Kawaii-Chan with Woof and grabs them away, rushing out leaving Kawaii-Chan confused. He boards up the door with a chair so that Kawaii-Chan cant follow him and rushes out of the shop, Woof in his arms. Seeing his brother Garroth, he reluctantly asks him for help to take Woof to his dorm room. Garroth agrees to do so and heads off.

While walking to Zane's dorm room, he is stopped two girls by the football pitch (since he IS the popular pretty boy) and they remind him that they were supposed to meet up as it was one of their birthdays. As Garroth tries to tell her it isn't a present, one of the girls trip, spilling water on Garroth, as well as Woof being thrown in the air.

Aphmau, prepared to kick the ball accidently kicks Woof who somehow had landed in the same position as the football, which left Aph confused as she didn't comprehend what had just happened, and still didn't know what was going on.

(TBC -- in progress)



  • Woof thinks Zane smells of Doritos.
  • Woof is scared of the dark.



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