• 2 (Season One)
  • 17 (Season Two)
  • 20 (Season Three)


Hair Color
  • Black and Red
  • Gray (Wolf Form)
  • Brown (Wolf Form; Formerly)
Eye Color
  • Dark Green
  • Red (Wolf Form)
  • Black (Wolf Form; Formerly)
Professional Status

Phoenix Drop

Previous Affiliation(s)

Eastern Wolf Tribe

Personal Status


First Appearance

"The Price of War"


Yip is Logan and Donna's adopted werewolf son from the Eastern Wolf Tribe village. He was the only survivor of the attack on his village.

Yip's birth tribe was a small one, but then eventually got larger and waged war on the Southern Wolf Tribe, goaded on by Zane. When the Alpha Werewolf of that tribe asked Zane for more power, he burned down the village and killed all the werewolves. The Alpha survives, barely, but dies just after asking Aphmau to take care of his son. Being the mom she is, she accepts and adopts Yip.

When they reach Phoenix Drop, Yip hangs out with Logan, because he is also a werewolf and wants to learn werewolf things. Logan at first did not like Yip and referred to him as annoying, but after a few days, Logan seems to warm up to him and Logan and Donna end up adopting him.

15 years later, Yip is still in Phoenix Drop and now has a human form. He is now an older brother to Rollo, Lello and Luca. It is hinted in Season Two that Alexis has a crush on him, after giving him a kiss on the cheek. He refers to it as "The Kiss of Death".

Appearance Edit

In his wolf form, Yip used to have gray fur, but in Episode 100 of Season One was claimed by his adoptive father, Logan and his fur changed to brown to match the appearance of his adoptive father's wolf form. He has black eyes and a brown under muzzle. Fifteen years later, in Season Two, Yip's wolf form is now larger and has gray fur with a white belly and paws.

As a human, Yip has slightly tanned skin, dark green eyes and black hair styled in bangs with dark auburn tips. He wears a white undershirt and trousers, brown shoes and a dark blue jacket with white buttons and seams. Though he is only seventeen years old as of Season Two, Aphmau has mentioned that he could easily be mistaken for being older, though it is stated that this is probably the case for all werewolves, as Logan also appears to look older than he actually is.

Personality Edit

Confident, brave and playful. It's hard to not love this kind-hearted pup. Yip also pesters Logan on a regular basis, wanting to learn more about being a werewolf.

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  • He was the sole survivor of the Eastern Werewolf Tribe.