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Full Name

Zane Ro'Meave



Relic (formerly)

  • Black Metal Broadsword
  • Guardian Forces Wrist Guards








Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Sky Blue
  • Light Emerald Green (Caused by the Forever Potions)
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)


Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Falcon Claw University Student
  • Actor
  • Mall Cop
  • Package Delivery
  • Waiter
Previous Team


Personal Status



Zane (Diaries)

First Appearance
Voice Actor
  • Kestin Howard
  • Andy Cowley (Fill-in)

Zane is a major character in MyStreet. He first appeared in the episode "Love Pizza".

He was originally the antagonist during the first half of the first season, however, he's been a major character since the middle of season one onward.


Early Life[]

During their youth, his older brother Garroth was a jerk to Zane. During the winter in O'Khasis, both himself and Garroth were playing in the snow. Garroth tricked Zane and threw a snowball that directly hit his right eye. The snowball secretly had a rock in it, thus it caused Zane’s eye to redden and eventually go blind. He had his hair cover his right eye ever since. Garroth also once pinned Zane down, calling it jail, so he himself could get away with eating cookies before dinner.

His favorite foods are cupcakes, sweets, and (said so in "Disappearing Into the Void Livestream") flapjacks.

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High[]

Zane seems to dislike Garroth greatly, as his relation to him has caused his teachers and his classmates to expect more from a Ro'Meave family member. When he first heard of the Shadow Knights, he found the group fitting for him as he wanted to join, but he was constantly rejected. Zane was seen laughing with constant pestering. He was also hit in the throat by a volleyball which caused his voice to instantly deepen.

In season 2, after Gene graduated, Zane is accepted into the Shadow Knights. Even though he's in the group, he is told to get lost and called annoying. Because of this and Zane's attempts to get Sasha and Zenix to accept them, he is kicked out. He soon decides to vandalize the cafeteria to show how "hardcore" the Shadow Knights are. When Aphmau, Sasha, and Zenix are blamed for this, he shows the principal videos of him spray painting the walls so the others would not get credit for his work. The Shadow Knights offer to let Zane back into the group, but he declines, saying he's going to create his own gang which he later names the Jury.

It is unclear what Zane did for the next two years, but it was stated by Aphmau that he put the school through literal hell. It was also confirmed that he got some Shadow Knights to join his gang and that he would use them to beat up other students.


Zane is the leader of the neighborhood watch. He also takes a part-time job working as security in the mall. In Episode 11, Zane tries to ruin Christmas because he felt left out. While he is robbing Aphmau's house, she comes downstairs and convinces him to stop with a present meant for him. In the same episode, Aphmau is seen kissing Zane on the cheek under the mistletoe (the other boys freaked out). In "Maid for the Job", Aphmau and Zane switch clothes, and Garroth, Laurence, Travis, and Dante see Zane in Aphmau's purple maid outfit and Aphmau wearing his red and black clothes.

In MyStreet, Zane began as an antagonistic character, wanting to seek revenge at any given opportunity. He distanced himself from the main group and preferred to do things solo, believing that he was unwanted. Another difference between Zane from the main series and Zane from MyStreet is that Zane isn't very evil, he is nice deep down, and actually has a heart. One main difference is that Aphmau's viewers don't want to kill Zane on MyStreet, and there is a new ship for them, called Zanemau (though Jess crack-shipped it before adding any Zanemau hints in MyStreet).

It is also discovered that Zane can be sweet and nice and has a soft spot for animals, as seen when he takes Aphmau (in cat form) home in Episode 6.

Zane the Cat on MyStreet

As the series progressed, Zane became more comfortable around Aphmau and the rest of friends, besides Zane opened up to Aphmau , even showing her his interest in My Little Horsie (a parody of My Little Pony), and hanging out occasionally. He was dragged by Aphmau to produce a play for Katelyn. His role was to act as Tybalt, but also scout for a location later revealed to be the community theatre.

Befriending Aphmau showed him to have a kinder side, caring about Aphmau's well-being while she was nervous to participate in the play and encourage her that she would do fine. Although he turned over a new leaf, he still holds on to some of his sarcastic and rude side, as he showed no care about Katelyn's play, which Aphmau scolds him for. He finds it difficult to be friendly and be more social, but he strives to become a better person and expands his number of friends.

Zane is particularly in favor of Aphmau and Aaron to be in a relationship shown in the Valentine's Day arc. He showed respect to Aaron, who he finds easier to communicate with and prefers his docile and calm attitude to that of loud and boisterous Garroth and Laurence.

It has been proven for Zane to have slight feelings for Aphmau, and he discovers this in "Aphmau In Love". He continues being her loyal friend, denying his feelings until Aaron asks him. Zane respects Aphmau and Aaron's relationship, but he still is very close at heart to Aphmau.

Pixel Painters[]

Zane makes an appearance in Pixel Painters alongside Aphmau and his older brother, Garroth. He claims to be a better artist than Garroth. The first round is to draw something related to maids, which is very ironic considering Zane dressed up as a maid to protect Aphmau in MyStreet. So, he draws himself, Aphmau jokingly asking if he purposely drew his own bottom big. The second round is "Your Crush". Zane probably thinks of this as, "Crush-ing", so he draws himself breaking a red boat with "Aarmau" written in it. Garroth agrees with the photo's meaning, (Chances are he voted on it too), and it ends with Zane being chased by Garroth for a hug!

The second time Zane appears in Pixel Painters is also with Garroth and Aphmau. As he and Aphmau continue to cover Zane's love for ponies, it is Aphmau who admits to watching the colorful ponies, as Zane still continues to hide his love. The first thing they draw is horses. Zane draws a red-eyed Pinky Cake (a parody of Pinkie Pie) and manically laughs a lot. Then, the second round is kissing, in which he draws the Zanemau kiss under the mistletoe, getting him second place right behind Aphmau. In the end, Zane teases Garroth about the Garrance moment at the play and then makes a joke stating: "I still beat you even though I got second place, so you can kiss my butt. Oh, wait! You might actually do that!" This results in him laughing, as Garroth chases him once more.

MyStreet Season 2[]

In Love~Love Paradise when Zane arrives at the pier he recognizes the building as 'the legendary Love~Love Paradise!' which he recognizes from being advertised on his 'My Little Pony' show which Garroth teases him for. As Zane continues his beach vacation he makes it very obvious the sun hated him and he hated the sun which explains his pale skin. At the beach he discovers Aphmau can't swim and starts mocking her but Aphmau tries to catch him out by asking what his favorite feature is about the beach. In the middle of the season, he becomes close to Kawaii~Chan, where it is implied she has a crush on him.

After Gene comes to the island, Aphmau puts a lot of effort into making sure Zane doesn't know about Gene because she's scared he'll try to impress him and all of her friendship progress will be ruined. At the end of the season, while on the cruise, Zane finally meets Gene and we find out Zane actually hates Gene and wants nothing to do with him

During this season, Zane takes a backseat to most of the plot and usually appears once or twice an episode, more often than not at the beach house.

MyStreet Season 3[]

After thanking his mom for helping everyone on the original MyStreet aside from Vylad find houses, he walks off, saying he's going to find a house alone. After looking around, Zane tells Garroth that he needs to live with him because he doesn't have enough money saved to live on his own. Garroth happily accepts, despite Laurance's protests. He then, along with the others, goes to Aphmau's to eat sandwiches.

At the beginning of episode two, he is seen with Garroth and Laurence, wearing a "She's my Best Friend!" shirt with a picture of Aphmau on the front that she made for him. Zane then complains about the mess in the house, even though they were only there for a day. They then agree to go furniture shopping. He goes over to Aphmau and Aaron's house to find a place to buy furniture. They go to Ikea, where Aphmau gets easily lost. Garroth and Laurence get quickly distracted before Zane says that they should find Aphmau and asks Aaron what they came there for. They find Aphmau sleeping on a bed before Aphmau and Zane get excited over Halloween decorations.

From Episode 5 and on, Zane showed some affection with Kawaii~Chan. As you can see him blushing at Kawaii~Chan from time to time and gets a little jealous when Damien is around her.

In episode 19 Zane calls Aphmau because he wants to see what she's up to when he realizes that she sounds off. When she says she's sick Zane immediately overreacts and runs straight to her house to see what he can do to help her. He runs out of her house to get soup at the supermarket and returns at the end of the episode with the soup but catches Aphmau's cold and is last seen in that episode at his house with Gene, Garroth, and Laurance.

Throughout the season, most of the cast expresses concerns about Zane and Aphmau's friendship, exclaiming that they think that Zane is a bad influence on Aph, overly clingy, and toxic. After Aphmau and Aaron's break, at the urging of Katelyn and Lucinda, Aph lashes out at Zane about this and they take a break for about two weeks and reunite in the Side Story episode where they switch bodies.

During season three, Zane became the defacto scapegoat for most of the conflict in the season. This includes Aaron and Aphmau's breakup, where both Aph and Aaron blamed Aphmau's selfishness and expanding the buisness on him.

MyStreet Season 4[]

He is first seen in this season in Episode 1 with Aphmau, asking her to take his sweatshirt and states that he is happy for Garroth to be gone since he is getting tired of his exercises. Just after, the doorbell rings and he pretends to be Aaron for the Phoenix brothers, and he gets informed of the dangers of the place.

In episode 2, he was talking with Aphmau trying to calm her down, she was worried about Aaron and the others at the lodge, Zane imagined what he would do if Garroth was in danger (explosion of the boiler), he imagines that he would be laughing out loud and actually does so in front of Aphmau, but he tells her that he is actually concerned a little bit about his older brother, both decide to go for the lodge Since neither of them know where the lodge is, Zane has the idea to call his mother and ask for it. Later they walk to his parents house, his father answers the door and confuses Aphmau for Zane stating that he looks pretty, Zane tells him his plan, Garte imagines that Zane will destroy the lodge and tells him that Garroth got this, although Zane asks for his mom, Zianna comes out and does the same mistake at confusing Zane with Aphmau and states that he looked really cute today, he then asked for the keys to the car and they both get on track for the property.

In episode 3 Aphmau and Zane finally arrived at the lodge, Zane jumps in before Lucinda and Aaron came out to welcome them and runs straight for the bathroom, he entered what he thought to be the bathroom, but discovers fairly quickly that it's a normal room, at that moment the door closes behind him, he finds Kim acting weird as she was love talking to Zane, Kim corners him and expresses her feeling of love for Zane. Kim faints after asking him to kiss her, and Lucinda figures out that Kim was possessed by some sort of apparition. Soon after, Zane runs again for the bathroom.

Later, Zane’s is captured by an unknown assailant but then appears later but with a different eye color. His personality changes more and becomes more open to people. During this time, Zane claims to not remember Garroth and talks about a "brother", which leads to Garroth acting hostile towards him for a couple of episodes. There is also another incident with Kim and Ghost where Zane was kissed once again but this time while he was sleeping. Despite this being the second time an incident like this has occured and the ample evidence supporting what Zane said, no one believes him and he's pressured into admitting he's lying until Aphmau gets angry with him and pulls him out into the hall. This event is never brought up again.

After multiple episodes of his mysterious attitude, it is revealed that he was captured by Ein and manipulated to be his follower. Zane started completely aware of everything around him, but cannot break through to warn his friends. He witnesses the abuse and torment of both himself and his friends, noteably Aphmau. Garroth manages to free Zane of his control, but not before Zane ends up venting about his trauma of living in Garroth’s shadow, and how little Garroth seemed to care since he never respects Zane as a human being and barely seemed to notice his suffering. This act allows their bond as brothers to grow stronger as Garroth now tries his best to understand Zane and respect him as a person

After Ein is defeated, Zane and to others stay at the lodge for another week, since Aaron started bedridden from his fight. They later go back to the street traumatized.

MyStreet Season 5[]

When Zane goes to Starlight with everybody, he sneaks Kawaii~Chan into the park. He and Kawaii~Chan get caught by Garroth, and Zane convinces Garroth to not tell anybody. Later on, Zane gets a sunburn and deepens his relationship with KC. KC gets found out by everybody and is allowed to stay.

KC and Zane go into a Haunted house. In the haunted house, Zane and KC confess their feelings and kiss. Zane freaks out and tries to get Aphmau to tell him what to do. Zane manages to ask KC on a date later. Ghost tries to stop this date, but her efforts were fruitless. KC tells Zane her name is actually Nana. KC and Zane become closer and get more serious about their relationship, but since Zane's never been in a romantic relationship before, he gets overwhelmed by how quickly it's moving and asks KC if they can take it a little slower, which makes KC think he doesn't love her. At a party later that day, Zane sees KC and Garroth kissing due to scheme KC planned to get Zane to like her again which went terribly wrong, which makes him angry at both of them. Zane later accepts KC's apology, and they agree to take the relationship slow.

In one of the final episodes of season 5, Zane sees Aaron turn Garroth into a werewolf with his eyes. this makes Zane very worried and only manages to lighten up after a while.

MyStreet Season 6[]

Zane goes into hiding with the Lycan family when the public is told that the Lycans are Ultimas. He's seen guarding the door to the hideout. When the Guardian Forces break into the hideout, he and Aphmau jump onto lower balconies to escape. Zane convinces a kid that he is Spider-man and that they need to hide. The kid helps them hide, and Aphmau and Zane make it out of the building.

Zane and Aphmau pretend to be a couple to avoid suspicion, but they are discovered. Zane almost gets captured helping Aphmau, but Aphmau then helps him escape. Zane and Aphmau split up because Zane wants to go find his family and Kawaii~Chan. He manages to find Garroth, and both later find Travis and Katelyn. But then Travis is taken over by the demon warlock. Taking control of Garroth and Katelyn . He then orders Garroth to kill Zane and gives him a sword. Zane is chased by Garroth till KC and Zane meet up, KC taking the strike for Zane. Aaron carries a mortally wounded Aphmau into the house, but she dies shortly after.

Lucinda, Terry, and Kim get to the house, and they heal Aphmau's wound. Aphmau wakes up, and Zane tells her to take it easy as she is still hurt. They tell her what happened and Aphmau tells them that they need to go to the Cannon, even though Zane does not want her to go, since they just got her back, she, and everyone else, go to the Cannon. The Cannon goes into the sky. Katelyn attacks them and gets restrained by Lucinda. Zane stays back to make sure KC is well. Garroth comes to kill Zane and KC, Zane starts fighting Garroth to protect KC. Garroth attacks Zane and throws him out the window, KC tries to get up to help, but falls, Garroth continues to fight Zane and cuts his front and left shoulder. Zane talks to Garroth and tries to make Garroth remember some old memories. When Zane was at the brink of death, he takes off his mask and says "I love you, big brother,". This helps Garroth overpower the potion. He yells at Lucinda telling her to talk to Katelyn to bring her back.

When they get to the Cannon, Zane comes up with the plan to turn a couple of people into relics to combat the Demon Warlock, and volunteers to turn into a relic with Aaron and Lucinda. Zane gets controlled by the old Forever Potion and fights in Aphmau's mind. He turns back to normal and they win against the Demon Warlock. because of part of his soul being used, Zane says people's names as numbers instead of their actual names. For example, Nana/Kawaii~Chan = Four, Kim = Three, Lucinda = Seven. He leaves Starlight at the end of the season with the rest of the gang.


Zane has black hair with bangs that cover his right eye. He is said to wear a bun according to Aphmau in Season 1, which he had until season six, since in a live stream Jess has stated that Zane has an undercut during season six to make combat and running easier when a fan had asked why parts of his hair appeared lighter. He has pale skin with freckles (though they are almost always covered by his face mask) and light blue eyes, one of them being blind (that eye being covered by bangs)

In the MyStreet, Zane wears a gray hoodie with darker gray and black stripes, light gray pants, and black shoes. When he had a side job delivering packages, he wore a red short-sleeved shirt rimmed with black pants and dark gray and white shoes.

He mainly wears clothing that is black, gray, white, and during his younger years, light blue with his signature hoodie. He rarely adds a bright color into his clothing, however, he is seen with faded purple occasionally.

Zane's outfit has only changed slightly over a long time of his time in MyStreet, but the major change is of course when he has received his swimwear when arrives in Love~Love Paradise. His swimwear is similar to his casual MyStreet wear however he is wearing grey swim trunks and the usual hoodie. Zane is given pink rainbow-like trunks for the 'incident' which occurred during "Zane's Pants", he says he is embarrassed to wear them but admits he likes them.

At the beginning of MyStreet Season 3, Zane's outfit changed again. He was given a black and white scarf and a gray and black sweater with a cross-like design. He still wears his usual mask, light gray pants, and black shoes.

On MyStreet Season 4 after he was captured by Ein, Zane has green eyes.

2018-08-01 (7) - Copy.png

Zane in werewolf form

As a werewolf, he has dark blue ears with a light blue color in the interior. His tail is dark at the top but lighter at the tip.

As a Girl[]

As adult Zanna, she has longs bangs and black hair that reaches her waist. She wears a black and white striped off-shoulder one-piece, a light gray skirt, and knee-high boots, with a similar color scheme to normal Zane.

As high school Zanna, she has long bangs and short black hair that's above shoulder length. She wears the Phoenix Drop High girl's uniform with a white mask.

As Zara, she has long hair that reaches her waist and bangs that are presumably swept out of her face. She wears a somewhat revealing navy dress with a slit down the left leg and short sleeves

As a Cat[]

He is gray with dark black hair draped over his right side. He also has a striped black and white mask.

As a Relic[]

He is a spherical purple relic with bits of blues and indigos.

Screenshot 2017-05-21 at 5.31.02 PM.png


Zane is reserved and tends to be easily annoyed with topics and acts he finds "idiotic", always saying sarcastic remarks and claims whenever it was initiated. He usually distance himself from others and likes to be alone. He may come off as rude, arrogant, and heartless at first, but he is has a caring heart towards the people he cares about and loves. However, due to life events, he has a hard time opening his heart to others. In MyStreet, he comes off tamer as opposed to his personality in Diaries.

Back at Phoenix Drop High he was seen to be cruel and cold, usually seen reading a book, causing his brother to call him as a "nerd." It was revealed that his reasoning for acting coldly was to be a accepted by a group called Shadow Knights, lead by Gene, because he thought they'd understand him. But soon, after, like, a year of bullying, he let go of that goal and moved on. Later then he made his own gang called the Jury.

Zane may seem like the type to be interested in the darkness or any relation in dark acts, but it was revealed that he has a secret fondness towards ponies. Despite being the King of Grudge Holding, Zane is fully capable of getting over whatever ill will he had in the past, as seen in Starlight Wonderland, he had recently developed a liking towards Kawaii~Chan, who he formerly found intolerable. Kawaii~Chan trusted him enough to talk about her backstory and her real name, Nana.

Zane has a sort of resentment towards his older brother, Garroth, due to his upbringing and how often they were compared. Despite being the middle child in the family, Zane is much more more mature and responsible than him, being once the leader of the neighborhood committee in MyStreet Season 1. But as the series goes on, he has grown to be more caring and considerate towards him, apologizing for his cruel acts back in the day and maintaining a mature relationship between the two, but still keeping their comedic personalities and acts.

Due to his upbringing, Zane has a pretty low self esteem and is constantly in a state of identity crisis. Despite multiple seasons of Aphmau's "friendship lessons", this part of his character has remained pretty stagnant. His low self image greatly affects the way he views himself: he considers himself to be ugly, doesn't believe he has any important skills, much less a talents, and views his life experiences as less important than other people's, notably how he only focused on Aphmau and Aaron's trauma after the events of the lodge and never brought up his personal experiences like the harrassment from ghost or the kidnapping or the confrontation with Garroth. It also doesn't help that for most of the series, most of the cast either hates him or doesn't respect him, so he's constantly treated like he's less important and is occasionally straight up infantilized

Zane's good at planning and scheming, and is usually happiest working on some sort of convoluted plan, whether it's something tame like assisting Aphmau with franchising in season 3 or something more along the lines of tricking Laurance into dating him because Laurance texts loudly. More often then not, his plans are successful, and most of the failures can be attributed to things outside of his control

Episode Appearances[]

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

Season 1

Season 2

Phoenix Drop High Graduation Days

Falcon Claw University

The Big Move


Season 1

Season 2

The Bigger Move

Fall Festival

Season 3

Holiday Special!

New Years Party


Season 4

Aphmau's Year

Season 5

Her Wish

Season 6


  • Kawaii~Chan - Here, Zane-kun. Try the pudding.
  • Zane - Stop trying to feed me!
  • Kawaii~Chan - Hmm, you need to eat more!
Kawaii~Chan trying to feed Zane, S2 Ep.11

Kawaii~Chan - What about a hug from Kawaii~Chan


Kawaii~Chan - Ughh...Come here Zane~Kun

Kawaii~Chan - Kawaii~Chan wants to see your new swim trunks!

Kawaii~Chan - They're so PRETTY!

Zane - Leave me ALONE you-you GIRL-WOMAN!



Kawaii~Chan - Nya!

Kawaii~Chan, Zane and Aphmau, S2 Ep. 12
  • Zane - You guys have fun, I'm gonna...
  • Kawaii~Chan - Nya! Oh no, you don't! You're going down the slides too!
Kawaii~Chan catches Zane and forces him to the slides, S2 Ep.11
  • Aphmau - *Breaks the door* DANTE, YOU'RE DEAD!!!!!
  • Zane - Dante isn't here, please leave a message after the sigh.
  • Zane - *Sigh*
Aphmau and Zane, S2 Ep.19

Zane - The darkness that feeds my soul has no need for your pitiable sleep.

Aphmau - Well, tough...

Baby Zane to Aphmau, S3 Ep.4

Aphmau -- Alright, Zuzu, I think its time for a nap!

Zane - Yes, Mommy...

Sleepy Baby Zane to Aphmau, S3 Ep.4

Fangirl -- Can I get your picture, and possibly your ring size!

Zane - No, no, no, stay away from me!

Fangirls to Zane, A-Con Part 1
  • Kim - My Love, I waited for you for so long.
  • Zane - What the ... Kim?
  • Kim - When you say my name, it sounds like heaven.
  • Zane - I think you have me confused for someone else.
  • Kim - I can never confuse you my Love, you're the only one for me.
  • Zane - If this is some kind of prank, it isn't funny!
  • Kim - I can assure you, my love for you is no joke.

~Kim corners Zane, Zane blushes~

  • Zane - Don't you ...
  • Kim - Kiss me!
  • Zane - What! No way!
  • Kim - I love you!!!

~Kim faints~

Zane and Kim (under possession) - S4 Ep3
  • Aphmau - Zane, do you know who this is?
  • Zane - Lucinda?
  • Aphmau - How long have you known her?
  • Zane - Awhile, I don't know her too well but she's cute.
  • Lucinda - Oh! That's very nice of you to say, Zane, thank you! I don't think I've ever been complimented by you.
  • Zane - You haven't? Well I should compliment you more then, not just on your looks but your intelligence as well.
  • Lucinda - I don't know what's gotten into Zane but, I'll take the flattery any day.
Aphmau, Zane and Lucinda, S4 Ep8
  • Zane - No, I'm not talking about Vylad.
  • Garroth - Oh! So you remember him!
  • Lucinda - Garroth, please! Go on, baby.
  • Kim - What did she call him?
  • Zane - Baby? *blushes shyly* Uhhhh..
Zane, Garroth, Lucinda and Kim, S4 Ep 9
  • Ugh. Sun.
Zane while everyone is discussing the beach
  • Aphmau - Ok then, you and Zane kiss!
  • Zane and Kawaii~Chan - WHAT?!
  • Zane - I mean... We could.
Aphmau telling Kawaii~Chan and Zane to kiss, Minigame Never Have I Ever "Dreaming"


  • This version of Zane may possibly be a foreshadowing for the Diaries version of Zane, as he returns in Diaries Season 3 Episode 1.
    • This may be unlikely, based on Aphmau's reaction to him returning in the Diaries Seeason 3 Premiere.
  • Zane, Aphmau, Travis, Nicole, and Kawaii~Chan are the same age. This is proven in the prequell series MyStreet Phoenix Drop High.
  • Zane is blind in the right eye.
    • Confirmed afterwards to be due to the iceball Garroth threw at his right eye when they were kids.
  • It's heavily implied that Zane is a fat character, though it's unfortunately mostly played for laughs. In the Love~Love Paradise episode "Aphmau in Trouble", Aphmau calls Zane a "fat little nugget". In a side stories episode titled "Zane's Rock Hard Abs", Garroth bullies Zane into exercising because "he's got some tub on him" and Aphmau responds saying "thick boys are nice". There are also multiple minigames where Zane is mentioned to be fat or chubby.
  • Aphmau gave a present to Zane in Episode 11 of Minecraft MyStreet, which was a drawing as her as a cat and Zane next to her.
    • Aphmau gave Zane a kiss on the cheek in the same episode.
  • According to Pixel Painters, Zane's favorite sweets are cupcakes, which is also Aphmau's.
  • One of Zane's female names, Zanna, is similar to his mother's name, Zianna
  • Zane might be genderfluid. In the Guess Who titled "Travlyn vs Aarmau", Zane's gender is debated and he is referred to using male, female, and gender-neutral terminology.
    • they’re also consistently portrayed to be comfortable in traditionally feminine clothing and has multiple feminine alter-egos (Zanna, Zara, Zanerina), and only ever shows discomfort and hesitation when they are mocked, or believe they will be mocked
  • Zane currently has the 2nd most outfits in the series.
  • According to the episode of "Prop Hunt" titled "Vylad's House", Zane is asthmatic and needs to use an inhaler. This may be a reason as to why he is reluctant to participate in sports.
    • He doesn't like for people to know that he has asthma, as he seemed very embarrassed when his family mentions it.
  • According to the episode of "Prop Hunt" titled "Katelyn's Best Man", Zane gifted Aphmau a demon pony that attacked Katelyn. Jeffrey commented that it seemed like the kind of gift Zane would give.
  • In "Love~Love Paradise!", Zane seems to be getting closer to Garroth as they are seen talking to each other.
    • Their relationship becomes even stronger after Emerald Secret when Zane expresses his anger at being in Garroth's shadow.
  • Zane occasionally shops at Hot Topic.
  • Zane, alongside Lucinda, Garroth, and Katelyn, are the only characters who are seen with their weapon of choice.
  • His favorite character in Undertale is Flowey. He shares this with Vylad.
  • Zane reveals that he likes his baked potato with barbecue pork. He named this creation "Porktato".
  • His favorite Pokémon is Rapidash.
  • In Love~Love Paradise, Zane's mask is taken off by Aphmau to avoid Katelyn's virus. Without his mask, Zane has marks on his face. These were revealed to be freckles in a guess who episode called "A Zane~y Game!". Zane's reason for hiding them is because he thinks they look stupid.
    • This is confirmed canon in "Living With Aphmau" from Lover's Lane that his mask covers his freckles.
  • According to Garroth, Zane can't keep a job for over a week.
  • Zane can do a very good Markiplier impression.
  • Zane is sort of Aphmau's "dad friend". This is shown at the end of the episode "Valentine's Disaster" when Zane comes out of Aphmau's house wearing a fake mustache and berating Aphmau for "being out past curfew" and in general being a dad. Also, in the episode "Cooking Competition!", where Zane pulls out his 'business card', which states that he is Aphmau's dad friend and will fight you.
  • His favorite character from My Little Horsie is Pinkie Cake.
  • Zane and Garroth bonded a lot in Emerald Secret, with Zane even willingly hugging Garroth.
  • Zane has sensitive skin, so he is often found under the shade.
  • He owns a magenta pajama shirt that has Aphmau's face on it and it says "SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND!".
  • Back in highschool, his voice had a high-pitched tone.
  • It is stated in both MCD and MyStreet that Zane acts like Vylad doesn't exist.
  • Zane has an allergy towards sea bunnies.
  • Jessica has said that people underestimate him quite frequently in one of her live streams.
  • He is voiced by Kestin Howard.
    • Zane also shares the same voice actor with Dante and Eric.
  • Zane loves flapjacks.
  • In the episode Babes Hit On Aaron, Zane talks about how he’s had people hit on him, specifically a lot of goths while back in High school.
  • Zane yells and pouts when he’s not sure how to express his emotions.



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