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Zenix (pronounced zen-iks) is the secondary antagonist of Minecraft Diaries: The Rise Of Phoenix Drop, briefly mentioned in Minecraft Diaries: War Of The Magi, and an antagonist in Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector. He lived in Phoenix Drop and was the guard apprentice of Garroth.


Zenix's past is still relatively unknown. He was found as a young boy by Garroth, shortly after the old Lord of Phoenix Drop disappeared. Garroth took him in and raised him, later taking him on as his apprentice.

Upon Aphmau's arrival, he was one of the first people to greet her when she came to Phoenix Drop. Later on, when Garroth was finally getting over the disappearance of the old Lord, he assigned Zenix and Brendan to demolish the old lord's home in the forest. It was then Vylad, who shot an arrow at Zenix, only for Zenix to pull Brendan in front of him at the last second, resulting in Brendan being shot.

While Brendan recovered, Garroth and Zenix went into the forest to find the archer. While they were out, Zenix turned on Garroth and shot him through the heart with an arrow, then disappeared for many episodes.

When Aphmau was seeking out Lord Burt, she entered the holding cell where the lord was and where Zenix was guarding. He attempted to fight her, but she knocked him unconscious during the battle and Vylad came in afterwards to unexpectedly save him.

Much later, Aphmau came across a man in the forest who introduced himself as Kain, which was actually Zenix in disguise. Kain gave Aphmau a Wyvern staff and instructed her to go to the Wyvern realm and collect sacred wood logs for him. However, when Aphmau returned with the news she hadn't collected anything due to the Wyvern Elder telling her not to give it to Kain, Zenix broke out of character in anger and attacked her. This is when Aphmau discovered that Zenix had become a Shadow Knight.
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After nearly killing Aphmau, he disappeared once more, although Matilda revealed Zenix was the one keeping her prisoner in Scaleswind. When Aphmau returned to Phoenix Drop, Dale told her that Zenix had attacked the village in desperate search of Levin and had destroyed most of the town. In the battle, he got into a clash with Garroth, which left Garroth's helmet badly damaged.

As it was revealed over time by various characters that Zenix had ended up betraying the Shadow Lord by slaughtering the Shadow Knight army he was assigned to and went out on his own. This made him a traitor to both Phoenix Drop and the Shadow Knights.

In Season 2, 15 years later, it is found out through Sasha that Zenix has gone completely mad, opened a portal to the Nether and starting "absorbing" or killing the Shadow Knight army. It had gotten so bad that Sasha came to Phoenix Drop asking for help, even though Sasha had attempted to kill Aphmau once before.

Sasha also revealed that Zenix had already been a Shadow Knight prior to the events of Season 1, and even before Garroth met him. She went on to say Zenix didn't get along well with Gene and often rivaled him for the position of leader of the army before he was exiled.

In Season 3, he was briefly shown during Episode 3, where he had fought Gene, who had run away. He also talked with Laurence, and had helped a rebellion against Shad, after most likely battling against each other, where Laurence obviously won.



Zenix has fairly tanned skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. In Season 1 he wore a grey suit of armor, likely made out of metal and chain-mail, with golden-trims.

As of Season 2 and 3, he now had a slight change with a red and black armor suit, and red eyes.


Zenix at first came off as an introverted young man who struck Aphmau as mysterious and odd, though he originally showed no malicious intent. He also seemed weak and not the best at combat, but it turned out that it was all a facade.

However, after his reveal to be a Shadow Knight, he turned out to be very manipulative and power-hungry, though this might have been caused by simply being a Shadow Knight rather than his true personality. He showed great resentment towards Lords in general because of Guards always put their life on the line for them and Lords very rarely died, though this twisted perspective could have simply been the Shadow Knight darkness corrupting his perception of things.

He's now shown as a dare-devil man, that isn't as horrible as before. Zenix is now more of a friend, though still hostile when threatened.


Don't you get it Aphmau? I cannot die, not as long as I remain a Shadow Knight for the King.

Zenix, Minecraft Diaries S1, Episode 35 (Mask Revealed)

If I were you..... I'd run.

Zenix, Minecraft Diaries S1, Episode 35 (Mask Revealed)


  • Zenix had a pet pig named Sir Pigglesworth when he was disguised as "Elder Kain" in episode 33 and episode 35 . When he revealed himself, Sir Pigglesworth is also revealed to be an Undead Horse, though still named Sir Pigglesworth.(that photo is sir pigglesworth)
    • It's possible Zenix still has him, since a horse could is useful for traveling faster. This could explain how he managed to reach and attack Phoenix Drop in the time it took for Aphmau to traveled from Phoenix Drop to Scaleswind and back (though half of which was done by walking).
  • Zenix, along with Gale, are the only characters in Season 1 to have female skins despite being male.
    • Since the skin wore a full-helmet that covers everything except the eyes, and parts of the face, no one could noticed that the skin's head texture had an intended female appearance unless they looked into the mod's skin file. Aphmau might've noticed this early on because in the Season 1 thumbnails Zenix appears in, his skin doesn't use the same face texture as GuardF2, and as of now, his appearance in Mystreet and Diaries Season 2 show that the skin's head texture has completely changed, disregarding the previously covered female head texture from Season 1.
  • His Season 1 design is the Minecraft skin GuardF2 from the Minecraft Comes Alive mod.


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