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Zenix MyStreet Season 3









Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color
  • Dark Red (Contacts)
  • Brown
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop High

Previous Occupation(s)

Phoenix Drop High Student

Previous Team

Shadow Knights

Personal Status



Zenix (Diaries)

First Appearance
Voice Actor

Jason Lord (HEYSUEZO)

 Zenix is a character in MyStreet and a former Shadow Knight


In Phoenix Drop High, Zenix became the Shadow Knight leader after Gene graduated high school in Phoenix Drop High Season One. In Phoenix Drop High Season 2 he became a leader of the clique. He also makes appearances in the MyStreet side stories


Zenix has hickory-colored hair and is usually seen wearing dark red eye contacts, though his eyes are naturally brown as seen in Phoenix Drop High Season One.

In MyStreet, he is shown wearing a black jacket, a gray and red shirt, navy pants with a belt, and brown shoes. In Phoenix Drop High he is simply shown wearing the Phoenix Drop High uniform.


Zenix is anti-social, hot-headed, and often comes across as violent, although it is unlikely he engages in physical encounters as he has often been shown to be lazy and out of shape. He's all bark and no bite, but his loud, abrasive yelling was usually all it took to scare someone away throughout most of his high school career. However, during his senior year, after Gene had graduated and the Shadow Knights' reputation faltered, he was viewed as harmless and immature by most of the student body.

Zenix is the least laid-back of the Shadow Knights, the quickest to start panicking, and the hardest to calm down. He is easily embarrassed and surprisingly insecure.


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Trivia Edit

  • Zenix has never appeared in a scene without Sasha.
  • Zenix was banned from the mall's Macy's for an unknown reason. Aphmau joked that they banned him because he's always stomping around and yelling.
  • Zenix's favorite color appears to be red, but it is implied that it may actually be pink.
  • Zenix is terrified of spiders.
  • Zenix's only friends are Gene and Sasha, but in the murder minigame "Gene's Game," he also got along with Aphmau.
  • Much like his MCD counterpart, he is implied to be lgbt. He has shown jealousy towards Sasha for flirting with Gene and has been shown no romantic interest for women. But this could also just mean he could be ace too! but it's fun to think about
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