Zenix and Garroth's "Thank You"
Season 1, Episode 3
Post Date

March 15th, 2015



Written by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

Directed by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

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"Zenix and Garroth's 'Thank You'" is the third episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 1, and was uploaded on March 15th, 2015. It runs for 17 minutes and 14 seconds.

Blurb Edit

"Zenix and Garroth seem to know more than they lead on. However my concern is with the village and seeing it grow! Let's get a good source of food going!"

Summary Edit

There's a flashback about the mysterious man from episode 1 and 2 seemingly preparing to put fire to a house filled with people.

Between episode 2 and 3, Aphmau has been upgrading the town and mining off camera and while live streaming. Aphmau discovers the source of a mysterious, horrible sound - a goat! It exists because of the More Creatures Mod.

She explains that she plans on expanding a few of the small buildings. Then she runs into Garroth, who tells her to talk to Zenix. But Aphmau is still explaining how everything's changed, including there being a new addition to the town - Donna! She changed the entrance to the library so it comes from the side instead of the front.

She finally talks to Zenix, who thanks her for additions to the town. Aphmau says she's doing it for a survival series, which makes Zenix confused. Zenix then warns her that she might not want to become a Lord. But something distracts Aphmau - Zombies are attacking the Babe House!

Aphmau starts talking about how dysfunctional the farming system is in town and explains that she's going to be messing around with mods. The seasons mods actually damaged the crops, so she decided to throw it out.

She then gets a female goat and she names her Billy... and another female named Billina. She remembers seeing a black goat and decides to chase it down, but after wandering around for a while she almost gives up until she finds it - a male! She then realizes there are male and female goats and she can't name him Billy because she already has one named Billy. So she names him Yawn.

She then showcases the mine, still explaining what she's going to do. She comes across a couple of zombies and accidentally hits Zenix! He chases her down halfway across town before giving up the chase and going back to his original position. She comes across rat and kills it. Raw rat. Yum.

She decides to do more farming... after breeding the chickens. Apparently, kissing creates babies.

Then she mentions hoes. Minecraft is very dirty.

Aphmau then tries to talk to Emmalyn and Emmalyn is in a good mood. Aphmau decides to break some bread. Then she decides to make an iron hoe. She cooks up some rats and eat them.

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While farming, she freaks out because a creeper is watching. Then it runs towards the Babe House! She puts more torches around the Babe House to make it safer. She then decides to talk to Garroth, but her OCD kicks in and she gets distracted again... Then a creeper explodes on the farm space. Yay.

Garroth makes a joke about the fourth wall, then he says something really weird. If Aphmau keeps working on the town, people around her might start to become more... "aware". And it doesn't seem like this is an entirely good thing. But in order to get more answers, Aphmau will have to go to the old Lord's home.

Trivia Edit

  • The thumbnail for this video features Aphmau.
  • First appearance of Billy.
  • First appearance of Billina.
  • First appearance of Yawn.
  • First appearance of Matilda. (Flashforward)
  • Donna arrived in Phoenix Drop between episode 2 and 3, when Aphmau was live streaming. She then became a resident of the Babe house.

Video Edit

Zenix and Garroth's "Thank You" Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep

Zenix and Garroth's "Thank You" Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep.3 Roleplay Survival Adventure!