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Full Name

Zoey Taltatheil[1]



  • Elf
  • Fairy (Original Plot)

Barrier Magicks




Lighly Tanned

Hair Color
  • Golden Blonde (Formerly)
  • Platinum Blonde
Eye Color


Professional Status
  • Yggdrasil Forest
  • Phoenix Drop Alliance

Caretaker of Aphmau's Children

Personal Status


First Appearance

"Village BOOM!"

Voice Actor

Corinne Sudberg


Zoey came from The Yggdrasil Forest and specializes in Barrier Magicks. She had a husband and son there but was exiled for using said magicks. It is also known that she dabbles in potion making.

Zoey lived in an unnamed village sometime after leaving the Yggdrasil Forest and moved into Phoenix Drop with the rest of its inhabitants, originally appearing as a craftswoman selling fairy lights in the plaza of Phoenix Drop.

Zoey is said to be over 900 years old, as she was 10 years old when Lady Irene was around. Zoey looked after Levin and Malachi, even and especially after Aphmau disappeared for fifteen years. She was asked to bring all of the children to safety in a boat just before the battle began.

She is also currently the only known elf character in Minecraft Diaries, although is is speculated by some that Matilda, Levin's birth mother, is an elf due to her seemingly pointed ears.

In Season 3, Zoey had sent a fairy to tell Aphmau news about the Heart of Darkness and that it made a faint heartbeat before it stops and that several days ago it took form and is looking for Irene. She later met them at the Yggdrasil Forest where she brought them to the elven village where she is accused of bringing Aphmau and the gang to the village and the cause for the forest kidnapping one of its residents.


Season One[]

During Season One, Zoey had golden blonde hair that draped over her shoulders, which was held out of her face with what appears to be a crown made out of grass, sky blue eyes, a green off-shoulder top with a pattern of faint green moss, with brown shorts that met her knee and black sandals. Her ears were, and still are, considerably more pointed than those of a human, and she has a mild olive complexion.

Season Two[]

In Season Two, it is stated that Zoey gave up her immortality in order to open the portal to the Irene Dimension to so that Aphmau and her accomplices could escape. It is shown that she has aged considerably. Zoey has whitish cream hair, slightly sprinkled with strands of pale pink, held in a low ponytail, with loose portions of her hair draping over her shoulders, and wears a brown headband. She wears a pistachio colored, long sleeved, shirt with a brown bodice and brown fingerless gloves. Her trousers are grey in color, and held up with a black belt with a golden buckle. At Emmalyn and Kenmur's wedding, she wears a dress that's plain white at the top with pink and white chevron at the bottom. It's fastened by a brown belt.


Zoey is kind and wants the best for everyone. She shows her likeness for Aphmau by giving up her immortality so she could break the realm barrier to get Aphmau, and the other people that disappeared into Irene's Dimension out of the dimension where every minute is a year in the overworld. She acted like a mother to Levin and Malachi whilst Aphmau disappeared.

In "Old Friends, New Village", Malachi and Levin reveal to Aphmau that Zoey has been depressed for the past months, mostly staying inside her home and avoiding the two. Every time Malachi and Levin approach her, she appears to be distracted with something on her mind. Upon meeting Aphmau at the docks, she expresses that she has been feeling down lately due to Malachi's and Levin's maturity. Upon meeting Lilith, her caring and cheerful tendency sparked once more as she happily volunteered to take care of her while Aphmau does her duties.


Laurance! You're a sight for sore eyes!

-Zoey, Season 2 Episode 72

Hm? Hi! My name is Zoey. I'm a fairy that used to inhabit the village you took all the people from.

Zoey, Season 1 Episode 14

How much work is needed to be done to get the village functional?

-Zoey, Season 2 Episode 72

.........I-It's you...... it's REALLY YOU!

-Zoey, Season 2 Episode 1

Babies are indeed a blessing... It's a shame I'll never... No. Nothing.

Zoey, Season 1 Episode 24


  • Zoey is a name of Greek origin meaning "life". From early times it was adopted by Hellenized Jews as a translation of the name Eve. It was used by two early Christian saints, one martyred (executed) under Emperor Hadrian, the other martyred under Emperor Diocletian. The name was common in the Byzantine Empire, being borne by a ruling empress of the 11th century.
  • Zoey had a crush on Garroth, and it's unclear if she still does, but not likely.
  • In season 1 episode 44, Zoey is revealed to Aphmau have had a son. She mentioned this again to Aphmau, Cadenza, and Katelyn in season 2 episode 97. In episode 24 of season 1, she most likely was hinting at her own child.
  • In the MyStreet episode "We Laughed..." while Aphmau is practicing her healing magicks, it is shown that one of her books History of Healing was written by Zoey, possibly hinting a MyStreet counterpart.
  • Due to her raising a family with Aphmau and having a close relationship with her, many fans interpret her as being Sapphic in some way.